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Cultural fragments descended from outside the world of Gaem, and fate quietly changed…

As a cultural carrier, games contain immense power, abilities and talents can be obtained in the game world!

No resources, no contacts! But the game world is fair, and the coming role determines everyone’s future!

The dungeon has its own golden house, and there must be Yan Ruyu on the battlefield!

[Three years of games, five years of college entrance examination] [On how to pass the trainee practice copy] [One hundred postures for the clearance of the game doctoral copy] [Nordell Game Strategy Award]

On the eve of the college entrance examination for another year, a cultural core was discovered and a brand new game world was born!

Shen Chen,
Salted fish player, game dead house, game design programmer!

When he woke up from a dream, he came to this world, looked at the score sheet and made trouble. I was destined to miss the book, and eventually became a 996 civilian?

No, the undead team has not completely defeated me, how can the game world that comes to bear me!

what! How is the village called Beijun Village? How can talent have tenacity and blood anger? The greed of the knight? Bishop Faor, why are you ignoring me, what does indifference mean?

No, Warcraft? Alliance… Is the so-called cultural core…

Is Heishi step so strong? All parry and block? Does it mean to be impeached? see through?

Wait online! anxious! How to fight Ratman Hogg!

What is the lair of Sivana’s daughter Sivanas, watch out for the dragon’s breath!

…It turned out to be so, the game has crossed the world!

Why did cultural fragments come to this world? What is controlling all this behind?

Chaos, natural disasters, insect swarms, and groups are coming one after another!

I will cut off the black hand reaching out to this world…

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