Chapter 1:Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

I'm a pro gamer?

In early June, the weather was hot and humid, and it was drizzling outside the window.


Inside the house, the phone on the bedside table kept vibrating.

"Don't be noisy, don't be noisy, just sleep in a while and get up."

Fang Heng, who was lying on the bed, murmured, and habitually reached out to turn off the alarm clock.

Ok? Where's my alarm clock?

In a daze, Fang Heng opened his eyes.

The small room was messy. A small wooden bed and a game compartment took up about one-third of the room. The takeaway was left on the wooden table at will, and there were several empty wine bottles scattered on the ground.

There was a picture hanging on the wall, a handsome young man holding the trophy surrounded by the crowd.

There was no smile on his face, instead he was a little arrogant.

Fang Heng's body trembled, and he sat up suddenly and woke up, without the slightest sleepiness.

What the hell! This is not my home!

In an instant, countless chaotic information merged into Fang Heng's mind.

This body is called Fang Heng like me.

He committed suicide last night?

My soul has passed through?


The phone was still vibrating in his hand, Fang Heng saw the caller ID, and the words 'big trouble' were written on the note.

Fang Heng connected the phone, and a crisp female voice came from inside.

"Fang Heng! You bastard! Where have you gone? Can't find you all day? Are you ready to commit suicide?"


Facing the question on the phone, Fang Heng was silent for a while.

He could hear the anxiety in the other's tone.

"Sorry, I made you worry, what's the matter?"

On the other end of the phone, Xia Xi was stunned.

In the past, Fang Heng never said anything like 'sorry'.

"Are you really all right?"

Fang Heng realized that he seemed to have said something wrong.

In my memory, the original owner of this body had a very grumpy temper. If he did something wrong, it would be fine if he didn't get slapped. It was harder to get him to apologize than to kill him.

Fang Heng simulated the impatient tone of the original owner of the body.

"Anything else? If not, I'll go back to sleep."

"Wait, a friend of mine has opened a new online game company and is recruiting professional players. Her company is very big and the benefits are also very good." Xia Xi bit her lip, "I didn't contact you yesterday, so I'll put it first. Your resume has been sent, and the interview is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon."

game company?

For a time, pictures quickly passed in front of Fang Heng's eyes.

His eyes fell on the picture on the wall again.

The original owner of the body used to be a professional player in a certain game club. At his peak, he represented his country in the World Championships and achieved good results in the international arena.

However, the original owner was short-tempered, and he often got into trouble with his teammates in the team, and fought with his teammates several times.

Later, in order to please his girlfriend, under the encouragement of his girlfriend, he charged money to help others fight fake matches.

Soon, the club's performance plummeted, the fight was exposed on the Internet, and even the match-fixer was discovered by the club and kicked out of the club.

If Xia Xi hadn't been begging for mercy and finding ways to help him, he might even have been arrested and sent to prison because of this incident.

"The interview is settled. In short, you pack up. I'll pick you up tomorrow afternoon."

After Xia Xi finished speaking, she hung up the phone, not giving Fang Heng a chance to refuse.

Fang Heng held up the phone blankly, listening to the busy tone after hanging up.

"No wonder, I'm a professional player."

Fang Heng moved his gaze to the simulation game warehouse in the room to collect the memory of this body.

The world after traversal is highly similar to the parallel world where Fang Heng originally lived, but there is one more special thing.

The game of the Lord God!

In this world, the game for all is not an empty talk.

All human beings will be forcibly pulled into a place where the main ** space becomes a player after they reach adulthood.

In the beginning, players will have to choose one of three dangerous post- apocalyptic survival games, and will be forced to stay in the game for at least 30 days every year.

In addition, each player will awaken a talent skill after entering the game.

The former owner of the body was extremely fortunate to have obtained the highest-level talent of the S-level in the game, which also laid the foundation for him to become a professional player.

You must know that there are only a few hundred players in the entire Huaxia region who have obtained S-level talent.

Fang Heng scratched his hair.

His memory is somewhat lacking, and he has forgotten why the original owner of his body committed suicide.

However, the original owner of this body has not earned a penny since being kicked out from the game club, and the rent has not been paid for more than half a year.

Fang Heng flipped through his phone again to check, there were several reminder text messages on his phone.

No way... Could it be that he died of poverty?

Fang Heng has never had big ambitions, he doesn't seek great wealth or honor, as long as he can live his life in peace and stability.

"I have to find a way to get some money... Well, there will be an interview related to the game tomorrow afternoon... Anyway, let's go to the game to see what's going on."

[Welcome players back to the main ** space].

[Entering the primary game-'Zombie Apocalypse'].

The game world is considered another real world.

If the player dies after entering the game world, he will enter the soul state and be forcibly sent back to the main ** space.

Unless you have special props or skills, after three deaths, you will be swallowed by the main ** space forever and die completely.

Entering the game, as soon as he opened his eyes, Fang Heng saw a pale and terrifying face in front of him.

A zombie stood face to face in front of Fang Heng less than half a meter away.

"Depend on!"

Fang Heng took two steps back in fright.

Scare me!

After calming down, Fang Heng realized that this zombie was his own body.

"Right, S-rank talent!"

Fang Heng opened the character page and switched to observe the characters' talents and skills.

Talent Skill: Zombie Clone.

Talent level: S.

Talent description: You have a permanent zombie clone. The zombie clone has 39.5% of the body's full attributes and an additional body's 780% blood volume. It inherits some basic skills and passive skills of the body. After 7.8 hours from the battle, it will restore all the status, and 27.5 after death. Automatically resurrect after hours.

Additional instructions: Raising your player level can make the zombie avatar get a higher percentage attribute bonus and shorten the resurrection time.

"This S-rank talent doesn't seem to be very strong..."

Fang Heng muttered to himself and closed the game instructions.

In my memory, zombies do not have the ability to think, they only accept Fang Heng's orders, and they cannot perform fine control after leaving their sight.

Under normal circumstances, in addition to using zombie clones to fight, zombie clones can also 'hang up'.

Even after going offline, the zombie clone can faithfully execute the orders given by Fang Heng.

It's just that its brain is not very good, and it can only accept the simplest hang-up command.

Thinking about it, Fang Heng opened the game log to check.

[Your zombies begin to collect materials and investigate].

[Your zombies enter Route 102].

[What did your zombie notice?]

[Your zombies picked up ordinary waste on the side of the road*1].

[Your zombies continue to move forward].

[Your zombie met a group of zombies oncoming].

[Your zombies continue to explore forward].

[Your zombies pass by the zombies].

[Your zombies are picking up wood by the roadside*1].

[Your zombies are picking up wood by the roadside*1].

[Your zombie found an abandoned junk pile on the side of the road].

[Your zombie is trying to search the junk pile...].

【Search failed】!

[Your zombies obtained contaminated bottled water*1 in the search].

[Your zombie backpack is full and you are returning to the shelter].

[Your zombies have completed 20 collections of supplies, UU reading www.uukanshu. com is waiting for a new command].

Fang Heng quickly judged the "hanging up" income this time.

Some basic building materials, water, food.

There is no doubt that these materials and foods are extremely useful in the doomsday survival environment.

"But can this skill really be considered an S-rank?"

This is the so-called strongest S-rank talent? How weak is the talent of other players?

Fang Heng pouted and couldn't help but want to complain.

Just as he was about to stroll around the shelter to see how much property the previous owner had left to him, a reminder sounded suddenly in his ear.

[Hint: Exception detected].

[Hint: A new player has been detected to join the game...]

Ok? new player?

Could it be that my soul crossing has been detected?

Fang Heng's face changed slightly.

[Tips: A conflict is detected, and the current player is determined to be a newcomer. 】


[All your current skills are forgotten. 】

[All current points are cleared, and the backpack is cleared. 】

[The level is cleared, the initial number of rebirths is reset, and the current number of remaining rebirths: 3. 】

What's the meaning?

Clear account data?

No way! Wouldn't it be so pitiful!

Fang Heng felt more and more bad.

[Tips: Clearing is complete. 】

[Welcome to the main ** game, new players can get innate skills].

[Hint: Since you already have a talent skill, please make a choice]

[One: Get a new talent, you will have two talents at the same time. 】

[Two: Upgrade your talent. 】


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