Chapter 1:God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand Realms

The system activates the world in hand

"Your order is about to time out, please deliver it as soon as possible..."

"Your order is about to time out, please deliver it as soon as possible..."

The mobile phone kept sending out the reminder that the timeout was about to expire, Jiang Fan frowned, and the little motorcycle suddenly turned into a small alley that was only one person wide, amidst the exclamation of a group of passers-by!

The two handlebars of the small motorcycle were almost half a centimeter apart to rub against the walls on both sides, but Jiang Fan's hands were as solid as a rock, and he sprinted all the way through the alleys with a slight difference!

The crowd was dumbfounded.

"You have to wipe the wall when you walk, but he didn't even touch it at all!"

"Oh my God! This person is too stable!"

"Fuck! Definitely a master!"

This shortcut can save five minutes of time. All the delivery staff know it, but Jiang Fan is the only one who dares to take this route!

It has been two years since Jiang Fan traveled to this parallel world like China. He was once the eldest son of the Jiang family, the first family in Los Angeles. Six months ago, the Jiang family was jointly attacked by the Zhou family in Beijing and other forces on the stock market. He was defeated and the family went bankrupt. , Jiang Fan has also been reduced from the former No. 1 student in Los Angeles to the point of delivering food!

Jiang Fan couldn't help sighing when he thought of this place, I was really down with blood mold. I haven't enjoyed it for long, but I just caught up with this stuff!

But it doesn't matter, there must be something extraordinary about the person who crosses!

Today’s order comes from Jindu Community. The guest asked Jiang Fan to deliver the meal in person, and it must be delivered within fifteen minutes!

Jiang Fan galloped all the way, and finally rang the doorbell of the guest's house when the order was about to arrive!

However, it was not until the order timed out that the door was opened, and a female voice full of bored voice rang: "How did you arrive? Are you a tortoise?"

The voice was very familiar. Jiang Fan looked at it and exclaimed, "Li Shanshan?"

This woman was about the same age as Jiang Fan, and she was charming and lovely, especially her figure, with unevenness, but the eyes that looked at Jiang Fan were full of disdain and contempt, full of lofty taste.

"Jiang Fan, you really didn't grow up, and you actually delivered the takeaway. Thanks to my old lady who dumped you in advance, or else I can't drink northwest wind with you now?" Li Shanshan sneered at Jiang Fan.

Li Shanshan is just the daughter of a small businessman. She knew Jiang Fan’s identity by chance when she was in college. She immediately pursued Jiang Fan. With Jiang Fan’s help, the Li family was on the same footing, but she didn’t expect that Jiang’s family had just gone bankrupt, and the woman immediately responded to Jiang Fan. Turned his face.

Jiang Fan didn't speak, but the corners of his mouth curled up, revealing a trace of contempt.

I was really blind at the beginning, how could I be attracted to this kind of stuff?

Li Shanshan saw Jiang Fan not speaking, and suddenly sneered: "The one I despise most is the unmotivated man, who can't even deliver the food. What else can I do? What a waste!"

Jiang Fan's eyes were cold, he glanced at Li Shanshan contemptuously, then turned and left.

It's just bitch, staying for a second is an insult to yourself!

At this moment a man suddenly walked out of the room: "Shanshan, is that kid here? Let me see what virtue it is!"

The man who spoke was twenty-four-five, dressed in a brand-name suit, and was even taller and handsome, but his face was all joking. He looked carefully at Jiang Fan from top to bottom, and then dismissed it with a smile: "It used to be The No. 1 youngest in Los Angeles is like this B! Forget it, force one, let him go!"

Jiang Fan's expression changed, and he looked at Li Shanshan coldly: "You deliberately let me take the order, just to show him what I look like?"

Li Shanshan said impatiently: "Nonsense, if it wasn't for Lou Shao to want to see you, who would want to see you like this kind of trash?" She said that she had embraced the Tang Lou's arm.

Jiang Fan stared at the dog and the dog, and the two men who looked angry in their eyes trembled, and they couldn't help but feel a sense of fear.

"Don't bully the youth, take turns in Feng Shui!"

Jiang Fan looked at the two coldly: "There will eventually be a day you regret!"

After saying this, Jiang Fan left here without looking back.

"Didi! You have a new takeaway order!"

As soon as he left the community, his cell phone rang, Jiang Fan looked at the address, the twenty-seventh floor of Chengyu Building.

"Okay! Keep going! The more people despise me, the more I have to cheer up! Now it's just the Longyou Shoal! My Jiangfan will finally have a day when the mad dragon enters the sea!"

Jiang Fan rallied again and headed across the road. At this moment, an Audi suddenly sprang out of the side regardless of the red light, and ran into a child in the middle of the road!

Jiang Fan didn't have time to think about it. As soon as the accelerator slammed, he reached out and pulled the child up. The next moment, the car had already hit Jiang Fan overwhelmingly!


At this moment Jiang Fan only felt severe pain all over his body, flying higher and higher!

Oh shit! I didn't expect that I would just confess it before I had time to find the couple of dogs and settle accounts!

Thinking of this in his mind, he subconsciously took the child into his arms.

At this moment, an inexplicable voice suddenly rang from his mind: "Want to survive?"

Jiang Fan opened his mouth, groaning and spit out a word: "I want to..."

"Ding! The contract is reached!"

"Ding! The Wanjie takeaway system is open, congratulations to the host for getting a newbie gift pack! The greater the host's contribution to the world, the greater the reward. Please check the system page for detailed information!"

"Ding! The host is detected to be extremely poor in physical fitness, and the conditions are fulfilled, and the title ‘Water One B’! After wearing this title, you will be completely ignored by everyone!"

"Ding! The lottery is over, the reincarnation of the world starts, the novice mission opens, and the world is being screened..."

"Ding! The choice is complete! About to enter the world-"All Very Good"!"

Jiang Fan only felt that he had put in a bowl of preserved egg and lean meat porridge plus two catties of glue in his head, and he almost didn't vomit it out because of the noise. He shook his head vigorously, and finally got up from the ground, but the sight of his eyes surprised him a little—isn’t this the community where Su Ming became a family in "Everything is Good"?

I actually wore it again!

After all, it was through once, Jiang Fan's heart quality is very good.

He tried to call the system in his heart, and there was a light blue system screen in front of him. There was a current task display, and it clearly said'all very good', and there was a row of small words at the back: please Give Su Daqiang a cup of authentic hand-ground coffee within one hour!

The TV series "Everything is Good" is about the death of Su's mother, Zhao Meilan, who has oppressed Su Daqiang for many years. The old man welcomes his freedom and starts all kinds of plug-in deaths. It is a story of pitted children and girls finally repented. To put it bluntly, it is a family ethics. The drama is not dangerous.

But thinking about Su Daqiang's virtues, Jiang Fan suddenly became big, and this old man didn't know what demon he was doing!

Jiang Fan quickly walked out of the community, waved his hand to stop a taxi, and asked the driver to take him to the nearest coffee shop.

The car arrived in less than five minutes. After Jiang Fan went in, he ordered a cup of hand-ground coffee, and then rushed to Su Ming's home with the coffee.

All the way upstairs, Jiang Fan recognized the house number and was about to knock on the door, but found that the door was actually ajar, and there was constant crying inside.

Jiang Fan took a look, and saw that the dead model Su Daqiang was lying on the ground right now, tearful, and the rest of the Su family was talking about the old man.

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