Chapter 3671:God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand Realms

He is here, he is here again!

After talking with Lin Buhui, Jiang Fan pondered for a long time, and finally opened WeChat and made a voice call.

The bell was picked up as soon as it rang twice, and then a female voice came:

"Jiang Fan? Don't rush, give me two more days, grab the old thing and I will come back!"

This voice is from Yin Binghua!

It seems that she is still looking for the old man who snatched the "Mu Tianzi Biography Fragment" in Goryeo.

Jiang Fan smiled:

"You seem to be away from home recently?"

"Huh? How do you know?"

Yin Binghua was taken aback.

Jiang Fan didn't explain much. If Yin Binghua was in the country, it would be impossible not to know the big things he had done, he should have contacted him long ago.

"Miss Yin, did you have a clue about what I asked you to check last time?"

Before Uncle Xuan came back, he said that he was being chased by two celestial realms. Jiang Fan asked about the characteristics of the two and asked Yin Binghua to help find someone.

After the destruction of Zhou's family, one of the two people once entered the Jinghu Courtyard to kill Zhou Yandao and his son, only to be killed by Jiang Fan with props.

Hearing Jiang Fan's question, Yin Binghua suddenly said helplessly:

"You described it too broadly, my... friends are still checking, wait a minute."

Jiang Fan pondered for a moment:

"I have a photo of one of them, and some of his physical data, and I will send it to you now."

After killing the Heaven and Human Realm, Jiang Fan thought about it several times, but because he was afraid that Nangong Jinghai behind Yin Binghua had something to do with this matter, he never gave the information to Yin Binghua, but now, it doesn't matter anymore.

After the information was sent, the other side was silent for a moment, and then Yin Binghua's voice sounded:

"I've never seen this person before, but I have practiced legwork, and there are suspected ring tattoo marks on the back. How come I feel a little familiar..."

Jiang Fan speaks:

"The other party has had plastic surgery!"

"Plastic surgery?"

Yin Binghua was taken aback.

What do the super masters in the world of heaven and human do?

But then, her face changed directly.

Is the other party hiding his identity?

What is the reason that a great figure in the realm of heaven and humanity will hide his identity at the expense of plastic surgery?

"Jiang Fan..."

Yin Binghua just spoke, but was interrupted by Jiang Fan:

"Miss Yin, you still don't want to know some things."

"Joke! You asked me to help, so you have to let me know why?"

Yin Binghua's tone was obviously full of dissatisfaction, but Jiang Fan gave a wry smile:

"Trust me, you will be safe only if you don't know anything."

Yin Binghua frowned slightly:

"What do you mean?"

"It means that you are very important to me, a very important friend, and I don't want you to be surprised."

Jiang Fan's words were deep and affectionate, and there was nothing false, and Yin Binghua's heart was actually throbbing unspeakably.

After only throbbing, she faintly felt that Jiang Fan was in some kind of great trouble.

"Jiang Fan, what happened to you? Tell me!"

Jiang Fan smiled, just said:

"Investigate this person's affairs, you don't intervene, just give the information to your...friends, and then tell them that this person is probably related to the Huo Family Miemen. As for what they ask you, you must answer truthfully."

"Huo family kills the door? Jiang Fan..."

"Stop asking, do you remember everything?"

Yin Binghua's face changed slightly, and finally answered:


"Okay, also, don't go back to China anymore, pay attention to safety."


What else Yin Binghua wanted to say, but Jiang Fan had already hung up the call.

Putting down the phone, he rubbed his eyebrows vigorously.

Yin Binghua's friends are, of course, people from Nangong Jinghai's forces!

Jiang Fan gave this news to her, which is equivalent to giving the news to the forces in Nangong Jinghai!

A master of the heaven and human realm would actually go to plastic surgery to hide his identity, and it was actually related to the Huo Family's Misty Sect. The involvement behind this kind of thing is definitely not simple!

If the other person is not someone who is asked by God, endless questions will inevitably arise, and in the end, they will take the initiative to contact themselves!

And if the other party is Tianwen’s person, and even Nangong Jinghai is Tianzun himself, then...

Just come on!

Jiang Fan's eyes were indifferent, and the driver he was watching was cold all over, speeding up the car involuntarily.

Soon, the taxi stopped outside a huge manor.

The manor is extremely vast, and a towering castle in the center shows a long history.

Here, it is Nicholas Manor.

Jiang Fan got out of the car and looked at the manor, suddenly feeling overwhelmed.

Last time I came here, I still followed the crew, with Wang Yi on the left, Lu Bu on the right, and Su Lingyu beside...

When he thought of Su Lingyu, he thought of Nicholas' little master "Zhao Sier" Foou!

The little fat man was cleaned up last time, and I don't know if he has grown up now.

Jiang Fan was thinking about it!

"You! What are you dangling in front of my house? Humph, sneaky, not a good person at first sight, come here, take it for me!"

A voice was immature, but the old-fashioned voice suddenly sounded!

Jiang Fan looked sideways and saw a little fat man wearing a tuxedo with an arrogant face pointing at him!

This little guy is exactly that Nicholas Foo!

By his side, two guards heard the order and were walking quickly towards him.

When he saw Foo, Jiang Fan was immediately excited:

"Ha! Four!"

The little fat man was stunned for a moment, and when he saw Jiang Fan's appearance clearly, he was stunned!

This person is too familiar, especially those eyes, they are exactly the same as the beast that beat him up in the first place!

But I should have never seen him before!

Seeing Foou's face covered in circles, Jiang Fan suddenly remembered that when he came last time, he wore a mask most of the time. No wonder he didn't recognize himself!

Thinking of this, Jiang Fan suddenly took out the iron mask and slapped it on his face!

Foou was stunned, then suddenly widened his eyes, tremblingly pointed at Jiang Fan, and suddenly screamed:

"You, you, you, you, takeaway star?!"

The two guards were taken aback, and they all stopped.

And Jiang Fan smiled:

"Boy, it's rare that you remember me!"

The fat all over the little fat man's face was trembling. After a long time, he suddenly said "Mom", stepped up on his two little fat legs and turned his head and ran!

It looks just like Corgi, the king of buttocks!

And he wailed loudly as he ran:

"Help! Help!"

"Not good! The takeaway star is here!"

"Dad! Daddy!"

"Barr! Escort! Escort!"

Both guards were trapped.

Foo looked at the wolf rushing to the mound in amazement.

This is Master Foo!

Although he was only eight years old, his ability to be a demon was even more exaggerated than the dudes in the City of Seven Hills combined!

Even the patriarch can't control him!

But now, I was so scared by this man who appeared suddenly!

Who is this guy?

How can you have such a great ability?

Huh? and many more!

Young Master said he is a takeaway star?

This man, could it be that...

The two suddenly looked back, staring at Jiang Fan firmly!

Jiang Fan smiled and waved to the two of them:


The two guards suddenly reacted!


"It's really him!"

"That slapped Paul to death, and caused Steer to suffer depression. Even Dylan was almost beaten to death by him, takeaway star!"

"He is here! He is here again!"

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