Chapter 3672:God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand Realms

You can't keep your gas money!

The two guards screamed and ran after Foo!

Jiang Fan is a bit dumb.

Is your image so bad in these people's minds?

Your uncle's, your Nicholas family can be regarded as the light of this uncle, okay!

Had it not been for Lao Tzu, you idiots would have been eaten up by the veterans!

With a cold snort, Jiang Fan strode into the manor.

Here Foo's screams have attracted the attention of the entire manor, and countless guards are like mice that have blown up their nests, rushing out of the castle.

"what happened?"

"Master? What's wrong with you?"

"Asshole! Who is it that scared our young master into such a forceful way!"

"Catch that guy!"

Seeing a large number of guards rushing out, Foou suddenly became bold!

"It's a takeaway star! Go ahead, stop him all for me!"

"Okay-takeaway star?!"

A group of guards looked at Jiang Fan at the same time, and the next moment, a group of people suddenly stopped!


"It's really him! He is back!"

"How did the young master offend him again?"

"It has nothing to do with us! Don't forget that he did it last time, the patriarch didn't dare to control it!"

"Master, ask for more blessings! Withdraw!"


At the most time, a group of guards ran into the castle again!

Foou was stunned!

Jiang Fan had already walked to the gate of the old castle with a smile, grabbed the little fat man by the collar and lifted him up.

"Si'er, miss me?"


The little fat man was forced to panic and stammered:

"This, this is my home, I warn you, don't go too far, I have been exercising every day, and I have run to eighty-nine seconds in 100 meters! You can do three push-ups in one breath! You dare to hit me again, beware that I fight back !"


Jiang Fan laughed weirdly:

"You fight back!"

The little fat man was trembling:

"You, don't force me, let me tell you, I am very strong now, I will kill my hands if I do it! Let go of me!"

"Really? I don't believe it!"

Jiang Fan directly bounced his head on Little Fatty's head.

The little fat man suddenly looked aggrieved, curled his lips, and cried with a "wow"!

"Wow~~ What are you doing, didn't I just offend you once? Are you so vengeful?"

"Uuuuu... it's been two months! Two months will not let me go!"

"I just pretended to be a force in front of you!"

"If you chase me like this, you won't be able to pay for the gas for a round trip!"


This little fat man crying is a pitiful one.

Jiang Fan didn't expect that the impression he had left on this little guy before was so terrifying, and his face blushed.

at this time!

"Mr. Water?"

A voice full of surprises suddenly sounded!

Jiang Fan looked up and saw that a man who looked like a little fat man was coming out of the castle. It was Foo's father, the patriarch of the Nicholas family, Coppola!

Behind Coppola, there is a burly man who is the tenth-level master of the Nicholas family, Baal!

"Mr. Coppola, Barr, how are you!"

Jiang Fan took off his mask, smiled at the two of them, and put the little fat man down.

The little fat man broke away from Jiang Fan's claws, his face was immediately happy, and he ran behind Barr like a smoke.

He didn't dare to find his father to get ahead. After being beaten up by Jiang Fan the last time, the little fat man wanted to find his father to support him, but he was beaten by Coppola again!

He really wanted to understand, in front of Jiang Fan, no one can rely on it!

Coppola glared at the little fat man, then smiled and looked at Jiang Fan:

"Mr. Water, no, Mr. Jiang, when did you come? Why didn't you tell us in advance? Come on, please come in!"

For Jiang Fan, Coppola is still very grateful.

If Jiang Fan had not killed Paul and his son last time, and severely injured Dylan, the tenth-level subordinate of the Grand Elder, it would be impossible for him to reclaim the rights of the Senate.

In the past two months, the power of the Nicholas family has grown by leaps and bounds. In the final analysis, it is Jiang Fan's credit!

After Jiang Fan wiped out the Zhou family's global industry, the Nicholas family also helped a lot. At that time, they knew that the star of takeaway was Jiang Fan!

A few people walked into the castle and came to the lobby, Coppola immediately ordered the people to prepare drinks.

"Mr. Jiang, isn't Miss Su with you?"

Several people were seated, Coppola asked immediately.

"No, this time I came suddenly, no one brought it."

"That's really a pity. You didn't have a good reception last time. Now the Senate has been leveled by me. Let Barr accompany you for a good stroll during this time."

"Okay, it just so happens that I have to be familiar with this place, and this time I come here, in fact, there is one more thing to ask Chief Coppola."

"You are too polite. If it wasn't you last time, it would never be so easy to reclaim family rights. If you have anything, please tell me."

Coppola smiled.

Jiang Fan nodded and asked suddenly:

"How powerful is the Nicholas family's control over the City of Seven Hills now?"

Barr took the initiative:

"Except for the industry of the Bright Council, and several underground forces, we are basically in control!"

"Okay! I need you to mobilize all your manpower and keep an eye on anyone from China within these two days!"


Coppola frowned slightly. The City of Seven Hills is an international metropolis. There are as many guests as the crucian carp who crosses the river every day. China is also the world's most populous country. This task is indeed a bit difficult.

"Mr. Jiang, we have no intention to shirk, but this kind of workload is really not something our family can complete, or can you narrow the scope a bit?"

Jiang Fan also knew that this matter was indeed a bit difficult, otherwise he would not come in person.

He pondered:

"People who have been here before can all be marked out. In addition, on the underground side, I will also ask them to help out."

Coppola breathed a sigh of relief:

"If this is the case, it will be much easier, don't worry, this matter will be handed over to us!"


"You are so kind!"

Several people chatted a few more words, Jiang Fan suddenly remembered one thing:

"Right, where is Dylan?"

In the City of Seven Hills, Jiang Fan had a battle with Dylan. This time, he had a real understanding of the tenth level. By the way, he owed Dylan a favor.

But when he mentioned Dylan, Coppola's face changed slightly.

Jiang Fan frowned slightly:

"what happened?"

Barr hesitated to speak:

"When eradicating the Senate, Dylan and I had a hands-on. He was already injured by you at that time, and he has been injured even more after doing hands with me..."

Jiang Fan's mood didn't fluctuate. The fight for power was so cruel. Dylan stood on the wrong team and had such an end, which was also expected.

"Is he dead?"

"That's not... Mr. Jiang, you and Dylan have nothing to do with you, right?"

Barr asked cautiously.

In fact, he knew that Dylan and Jiang Fan had done it. After Jiang Fan didn't kill him, Barr kept an eye on him. At that time, he could have killed Dylan, but because he didn't do it, he let Dylan go.

It now appears that it is clearly right.

Jiang Fan smiled:

"It doesn't matter, but others are okay. I'm going to bring him back to China... Don't worry, as long as he is in his life, I won't let him do anything unfavorable to you."

Jiang Fan is now alone and urgently needs to train a subordinate. Dylan has a good character and is currently the best candidate.

The two of Coppola were obviously relieved.

But Barr's face is a bit complicated:

"Mr. Jiang, about Dylan, I actually have to tell you one more thing. He was injured too badly. People, people are already dead."

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