Chapter 3674:God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand Realms


Port of Minocchi.

This is the largest seaport in the City of Seven Hills. The daily throughput of living things is countless, and the roar of various vehicles rarely stops all day long.

Here, machines operated by humans are the main theme of labor.

And only two miles away from the port of Minocchi, there is a small port.

This is the predecessor of Minocchi Port. Compared with the new port, it is barren and dilapidated. Most of the small and medium-sized fishing boats are moored. The labor force is still mainly manpower.

At this moment, more than a dozen dirty workers are carrying bags of live fish from a fishing boat and then moving them to a large truck.

The workers did it very quickly. In less than half an hour, a ship of seafood had been loaded.

The ship owner was very satisfied with the speed of his work. He stood on a broken box and waved the banknotes in his hands at a group of workers:

"All come here to get the money!"

A group of workers who had smoked and rested suddenly had their eyes brightened and surrounded them one after another.

There was only a scruffy man with a stubble face sitting motionless on a torn sack.

He lowered his head, sucking the tobacco from his hand bit by bit, until the tobacco burned out and burned to the sponge, then dropped the cigarette butt, stood up, and walked slowly toward the other side.

He walked very slowly, limping with his right foot, and he was still a lame man.

At this time, someone else had already received his pay, and the ship owner saw him coming, his eyes moved, and calmly shrank the remaining pay into his sleeve. When he took it out again, the bill, which had no thickness before, suddenly became more serious. Thin.

He slapped these banknotes into the hands of the man, and the owner of the ship said loudly:

"Listen well, the old Benny's boat will be back in the afternoon. That old guy has had a good harvest this time. If you have any acquaintances, call it together!"

After speaking, the shipowner jumped off the broken box and directly boarded the truck.

The man looked at the banknote in his hand, squeezed it blankly, and then placed it in his pocket carefully.

"Hey! Cripple, did that old fox deduct your wages again?"

A thin man with a mouthful of yellow teeth leaned in and said with a smile.

The lame did not speak, and returned to the torn sack to sit down, took out a piece of bread wrapped in a plastic bag from his pocket, and ate it one bite at a time.

The thin man rolled his eyes and winked at the other workers, and a group of people immediately surrounded the ** with a smile.

"Hey! Cripple, I heard you used to be a big man!"

The crip did not speak.

A fat man with severe baldness spoke:

"Cripple, silence is not a good habit. Tell me about your past? Old Benny said, you used to be a big man in the Nicholas family!"

"Wow! Nicholas family!"

A group of people whistled.

"That's a behemoth, lame, you really belonged to the Nicholas family in the past?"

"It doesn't look like it. What are you doing in the Nicholas family? Are you also moving fish?"

"Don't be kidding, hey, lame, you didn't steal something and got your leg broken in the end?"

"Hahaha, then you are really lucky to be alive!"

For these workers, it seems that it has become a habit to molested the lame during the break.

As for whether he was once a big man, it doesn't matter at all.

The crip didn't speak, but slowly bit the hardened bread.

His eyes were muddy and godless, like a walking dead.

Seeing that the lame was silent, a group of people molested for a long time, suddenly feeling bored, they also took out lunch and ate.

Just then.

"Boom boom boom~~~"

The roar of a car suddenly sounded from a distance.

Immediately after that, a car with a logo that looked like wings had already rushed to the port.

"Wow! Bentley?!"

"This is the first time I have seen this kind of car!"

"Too grand!"

"Which big man? How come to such a place?"

"Hey! Lame, isn't it the Nicholas family who came to pick you up?"


A group of people burst into laughter.

However, the corner of the lame's eyes trembled, one hand squeezed the bread, and the other hand slowly touched the back waist, firmly grasping a knife.

However, when he saw the strong man who was the first to get out of the car, his hand trembled and he sighed silently, then slowly retracted his hand.

That is Barr.

For such a master, nothing is superfluous.

The lame's eyes grew muddy, but he lowered his head and continued to eat his bread.

A group of workers saw the car stop, and then the door opened, and a strong man had walked down.

The sturdy man was amazing, and a group of people looked at him, only thinking that they saw a fierce tiger.

However, as soon as the man got out of the car, he trot to the back, cautiously opened the car door, and greeted a handsome young man who was as dazzling as the sun.

A group of workers were all stunned.

They looked at the young man and then at themselves, and for an instant, they had the illusion of a gem falling in a cesspool.

The young man looked around, and finally looked at the lame. Then everyone only felt a flower in front of them, and then they were shocked to discover that the young man had crossed a distance of more than ten meters and appeared in front of the lame!

The lame looked at the feet that suddenly appeared in front of him, and finally showed a trace of bitterness in his eyes. He opened his mouth and spoke in a hoarse tone:

"You guys, finally here."

The young man didn't speak, just smiled.

The crip took his last bite of bread, and stood up slowly with a sigh:

"Do it, I—"

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly widened his eyes and looked at the young man before him in disbelief!

After a long time, he tremblingly spoke:

"You, you, Jiang Fan?!"

"Hi, Dylan, long time no see!"

Jiang Fan opened his mouth with a smile on his face.


This lame man turned out to be the big figure in the city of the seven hills, the biggest backing of the Nicholas family veteran, Dylan!

Seeing Jiang Fan suddenly appeared, Dylan was shocked, but his eyes suddenly glowed with vitality!

He knew very well that if he wanted to kill himself as a waste person, he didn't need Jiang Fan to take action at all!

"Jiang, Mr., you are here for..."

Jiang Fan smiled more and more happily:

"For you!"

Dylan was completely blinded:

"For, for me?"

"Yes! Come with me and do something big together!"

Great joy filled Dylan's chest in an instant!

Following Jiang Fan, it is definitely more promising than in the Nicholas family!

But the problem is--

"But Mr. Jiang, I, I'm now abolished..."

"What does that matter? I just ask you if you want to!"


Dylan looked at the messy dock, looked at the group of workers with shocked eyes, and recalled what happened for a long time. He suddenly took a deep breath:

"I do!"

"very good!"

Jiang Fan's eyes lit up, his right hand suddenly turned over, and he threw a small bottle directly at Dylan:

"Drink it!"

Dylan barely hesitated, opened the bottle and drank the green liquid inside!

next moment!


Dylan suddenly groaned, and his whole body began to tremble violently!


Unspeakable pain!

However, as the pain struck, an indescribable ecstasy came even more!

Dylan was surprised to find that, as he drank this thing, his already broken qi core was healing at an indescribable speed!

And his own power, which would never appear again, is actually exploded out of the gas core!

In just half a minute, not only did the Qi core heal, but he also returned to the tenth level!

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