Chapter 3675:God-level Delivery Man from Ten Thousand Realms

What can you do to me?

Dylan was shocked, looking at his hands in disbelief!

He can feel that he is not only returning to the top, but the whole person is like being cut and washed, and reborn!

Compared with the recovery of strength, the whole person's background has increased and more than several times!

With a move of his mind, a silver-white vindictive spirit has suddenly erupted, and it directly rises three feet high in his hand!

A group of workers were all stunned!

Barr was even more stunned!

What did Jiang Fan drink for Dylan?

In an instant, let a dead person recover?

This miraculous medicine is simply unheard of!

In fact, what Jiang Fan gave Dylan to drink was indeed the real magical medicine!

directly drink it to increase one hundred years of life!

Jiang Fan gave Dylan only half a bottle, and he kept the other half for the dust!

"Mr. Jiang..."

Dylan looked at Jiang Fan with gratitude, and after a long time, suddenly fell on one knee:

"Mr. Jiang, Dylan's life will be yours from now on!"

For any strong person, the ability to be abolished is definitely more terrifying than death!

Jiang Fan's recovery of his strength is tantamount to regenerating his parents!

What's more, the things you drink are definitely rare treasures!

This affection can only be made up with life!

"I will be my own in the future, you are welcome!"

Jiang Fan hooked his finger, and Dylan was lifted up by a puff of indignation.

He patted Dylan on the shoulder:

"Let's go, take care of it, there are still things to do these few days!"

Seeing Jiang Fan and others leave, a group of workers reacted!


"Cripple, no, Dylan, he was really a big man before?"

"Who is he? That young man is!"

"This guy has developed this time!"

"Damn it, why didn't I have such good luck?"

A group of people thumped their chests, but remembered that they had molested Dylan before, but they were afraid for a while.


As the car drove smoothly on the highway, Dylan looked at the scenery on both sides, really feeling like a world away.

"Mr. Jiang, where are we going?"

Barr preemptively said:

"Go to Nicholas Manor, Dylan, what happened before, huh..."

Jiang Fan not only brought Dylan back to his subordinates, but also recasted his peak, using his ** to know that the future of Dylan is definitely boundless!

You have to seize the opportunity and try to repair this relationship, otherwise you may have a sad time in the future.

However, Dylan was originally a broad-minded person. After the big ups and downs, not only was his cultivation level about to break through vaguely, his xinxing went even further.

"Don't worry, everything before is their own masters. Now I have allegiance to Mr. Jiang, and I have nothing to do with the Nicholas family anymore."

Dylan said with a smile.

"That's good, I will offer you a few glasses of wine and apologize later when I go back. Huaxia didn't have a word, called a smile and a grudge, we will be friends in the future!"

Barr breathed a sigh of relief, but at this moment, Jiang Fan, who had not spoken, suddenly spoke:


Barr froze, and then immediately braked!

Fortunately, the car shook abruptly and stopped abruptly amidst the "creak".

When Barr looked up again, he was surprised to find that there was an extra person in the front end of the car!

As soon as they saw this person, Barr and Dylan sitting in front all had their pupils shrunk!

The man was wrapped in a windbreaker, with a pair of silver metal boots on his feet, and a pair of white gloves on his exposed hands.

His appearance is not outstanding, but he has an overwhelming aura. Just standing there makes Barr and Dylan have an urge to worship.

"Mr. Jiang..."

Dylan looked solemn and looked back at Jiang Fan.

However, seeing Jiang Fan's state, he was taken aback.

At this moment, Jiang Fan's mouth was faintly with a sneer smile, and the eyes of the man looked like a hungry wolf staring at a rabbit!

"Knights of Glory...hehe, I still want to go to you after eating, it's a lot easier now!"

Knights of Glory? !

Both Barr and Dylan's expressions suddenly changed!

The two looked at the man again, and finally remembered who he was!

The Knights of Glory, under the command of the commander Gustav, one of the three knight commanders, the strength is as high as nineteenth, Herbert!

Both of them gasped!

For the two of them, the grandmaster is already a legendary character, not to mention, it is Herbert who has reached the pinnacle of the grandmaster!

"Mr. Jiang, from the Knights of Glory, how, how could..."

Before the two had finished speaking, Jiang Fan had already opened the car door with a sneer and strode down!

Gabriel's death was unclear, he was the only witness, and the Knights of Glory originally needed him to explain clearly.

Later, at the airport, he injured Keane in public, and the Glory Knights that he had engaged in had no face. If the other party didn't come to him, it would be impossible to justify!

Seeing Jiang Fan coming out, Herbert finally stared at him coldly:

"Jiang Fan, return to the Knights of Glory with me!"

Jiang Fan lazily smiled:

"Sorry, no time!"

Herbert's expression remained unchanged, and he looked Jiang Fan up and down before continuing to speak:

"Jiang Fan, I'm not discussing with you, this is... an order!"


Jiang Fan laughed:

"What qualifications do you have to order me? Mr. Herbert, I am not from your Knights of Glory!"

Herbert's face gradually became gloomy:

"You think you are going to be baptized by your majesty, so you think I dare not do anything to you, right?"

The waves of Jiang Fan's laughter rise:

"That's too right! I have your majesty as a backer, what can you do to me?"

Herbert's eyes were fierce, and his right hand was suddenly raised!

But at this moment!

"Mr. Herbert, don't be impulsive! I have already said that I have your majesty as a backer. You and I will do it now, then you will not give your majesty, you have to think about it!"

Herbert trembled all over.

But immediately, he sneered:

"That's right, then...Keep you alive!"

As soon as Herbert's voice fell, the whole person suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Fan, and blasted him in the stomach with a punch!

However, seeing that his fist was about to hit Zhong Jiang Fan's stomach, at this moment, Jiang Fan suddenly bent his knees and raised his legs.


Herbert seemed to have been bombarded by Italian artillery, and the windbreaker on her body suddenly exploded, revealing a silver armor underneath!

At the same time, his whole body snorted, and he suddenly flew out more than ten meters, and fell into the green belt on the side of the road!

Barr and Dylan in the car looked dumbfounded!

The two only saw Herbert suddenly approach Jiang Fan, and then suddenly flew out. The whole process was like a movie being cut!

Herbert fell into the green belt, and now he is still blinded!

He didn't even figure out what was going on, so he was kicked by Jiang Fan!

But immediately, an uncontrollable anger and shame filled his chest!

He, the majestic knight, was kicked by Jiang Fan!

Bastard, bastard! !

"Jiang Fan!!!"

Herbert could no longer maintain his high-cold image, and suddenly roared, rose into the air, and suddenly rushed towards Jiang Fan!

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