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Seeing the man approaching in front of him, Xiao Muling held his breath, but couldn’t remove the eyes that were fascinated by beauty.

“His Royal Highness, this is not good…”

“Ai Concubine didn’t say that yesterday.”

A long, long time later, she heard a anger in the house, “Vixie!”… She Xiao Muling is arrogant and arrogant, and everyone is a real Shura who flees after hearing the wind!

Once I opened my eyes, I woke up on a trash body. She was obviously a daughter of the family, with a noble status, but she had been framed by cousin Bai Lianhua, and was finally killed by a scumbag!

Oh shit! If there is no revenge, how can we let this pair of scums live in peace again!

Cousin Bai Lianhua, take back everything she stole! Play her a little bit more!

Bullshit man, destroy all he has! Let him die again!

As for those who deceived her and insulted her, she will not let them go!

And she, cultivating supreme spirit art, summoning ancient gods and beasts, cultivating peerless god pill, running across the sky, arrogant for nine days!

She is a trash, there is still a genius in this world! ?

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