Chapter 1:Hong Kong Comprehensive World Champion

Money empire

Hong Kong Island, 1971.

A Boeing passenger plane headed for the Kowloon Airport.

When it swooped across the Kowloon Walled City, it was less than a hundred meters from the top of the building. The residents of the walled city seemed to be able to touch the sky with their hands up.

This is a classic picture left by the times.

Zhuang Shikai picked up the dot 38 pistol on the table, loaded six bullets into the magazine in a row, and closed the magazine with a "click" with his backhand.

This is his now!


On August 15, 1945, the Anti-French XS Alliance was victorious. The Allied Powers signed an unconditional surrender agreement, and the era of Japanese occupation on Hong Kong Island ended. The British government took over Hong Kong Island again in accordance with the "Nanjing Treaty", and Hong Kong Island ushered in a major development stage.

Although the hard ships and guns on the coastline have disappeared, the smoke in the air has not yet dissipated. The rapid development of the social environment has caused chaos in the social order on Hong Kong Island. Societies dominate the market, government and business are linked together, gambling stalls, horse stalls, smoking halls, smuggling, collection of protection fees, black and white collusion, forming a huge dark money empire.

This empire developed to its peak in the 1950s and 1970s, and the most famous figures were among the four inspectors. Among the four inspectors, the chief inspector Hua was the most famous.

On May 14, 1971, the "Prevention of Bribery Ordinance was promulgated." Anti- corruption departments were added to the police force. The greatest significance of their existence is to share more.


Zhuang Shikai lifted his shirt and inserted a pistol into his waist belt, dripping with fine sweat on his neck, his expression was obviously a little nervous, and he was about to do something big.

Cai Yuanqi patted the guy beside him on the shoulder, pretending to be relaxed and preached: "Zhuangzi, don't be nervous."

"You played six in Temple Street the day before yesterday, so you were very prestigious!"

Zhuang Shikai showed a sneer, and explained a little helplessly: "Brother Qi, uniformed policemen don’t rely on guns, but on sticks."

He exhaled a long breath, his expression became more stretched.

More than a dozen police officers in the gun room were holding guns, filling bullets, and doing the same actions as him.

Everyone seemed nervous, but most people suppressed their emotions, causing the gun room to be filled with solemn murderous aura.

Zhuang Shikai glanced at everyone with his gun, remembering everyone's appearance in his heart.

Time goes back two months ago, when he was a fat house student at a university in Guangdong Province. After watching a movie one night, he went to Hong Kong Island in the 1970s when he woke up.

His initial identity in this world was a uniformed policeman holding a wooden baton called a truncheon and was responsible for patrolling the street area.

He just passed through and heard the legend of "Lei Luo" starting dozens of times within a few days, and then he was sure that he had penetrated into the world of movies.

Next, with the help of a plug-in system, he caught the thief several times in just two months, showing his position and becoming a well-known uniformed police officer near Yau Ma Tei.

The "super power watch" on his wrist is his plug-in.

Whenever a criminal appears or the superior orders an order, the corresponding task will be issued.

Capture or kill the mission target, you will get a certain amount of experience.

Experience points can increase the level, and each level up will get an attribute point.

Attribute points can be added to a certain attribute through short practice, which greatly improves their physical fitness.

Of course, the system has strict requirements on him. The trick of finding someone to commit the crime will not work. Only the arrest of the real criminal counts.

As for whether or not the criminal was paid to buy people off afterwards, that’s not his business.

"Brother, have you found that everyone is from Chaozhou?" After Zhuang Shikai observed the surrounding situation, he heard many people communicate in private, and suddenly he said a Chaozhou dialect to Cai Yuanqi next to him.

He and Cai Yuanqi were both in military uniforms of the Yau Ma Tei Police Station. They have a good relationship. They usually patrol, eat and smoke together. When he had just crossed, he often used Cai Yuanqi's mouth to make idiots.

Besides, Cai Yuanqi is a few years older than him. He is a human being and takes good care of him at work. I saw Cai Yuanqi pressing the handle of the gun with a calm expression, glanced at him and preached: "They are all Chaozhou brothers from various jurisdictions. This time, Luo Ge may have asked us to do this."

Lei Luo is the pride of Chaozhou people. He became the four major inspectors on Hong Kong Island and is now promoted to become Chief Inspector of China. Usually they take great care of Chaozhou people, who are also known for their unity and loyalty. In addition, this is the Central Police Station of Lei Luo's site. In fact, it is not difficult for everyone to guess who is behind the scenes.

Of course, there are one generation, two generations of Chaozhou people, and even the third generation whose ancestors immigrated during the Qing Dynasty. However, the years within the three generations simply cannot erase the sense of identity from the same hometown. What's more, there are many factions in the Hong Kong Island Big Circle Gang, the Vietnam Gang, and the Fuqing Gang. There is no way to survive without a group. This makes fellow villagers a natural bond of trust, and firmly binds a group of people into a community of interests.

After Cai Yuanqi finished speaking, he lowered his voice and asked in a low voice: "Brother Zi didn't tell you that after doing this, can we all transfer to plain clothes?"

"I have said it." Zhuang Shikai pressed the gun and nodded, knowing that only Brother Luo could have such a big deal. Even now everyone is dressed in civilian clothes, armed with police guns, and is already a real plainclothes agent.

The status of the uniformed police officers of the Chinese on Hong Kong Island is low. A wooden stick is standard police equipment. Only the "Criminal Investigation Department" established by the Chinese, also known as the "plainclothes police", are eligible to be equipped with guns.

In contrast, the ghosts, Indians and other uniformed policemen have guns. However, Hong Kong Island is ultimately the Hong Kong Island of the Chinese. The Guilao police officers are only a deterrent force. If you want to manage Hong Kong Island, you must rely on the Chinese.

So the Criminal Investigation Department became a low-powered violent authority. The plainclothes captain in each jurisdiction is known as the "Detective Inspector". The largest sergeant is no more than the rank of sergeant, but he has the right to have jurisdiction over the black and white lines in a district and have the qualifications to have equal conversations with Superintendent Ghost.

is a little more realistic. With the gun in his hand, the plainclothes agent has twice as many accounts every month than the uniform group. UU reading www. For ordinary uniformed police officers in the police circle, being able to transfer from the uniform to the plainclothes team is already a promotion and fortune.

Such an opportunity for promotion and fortune is in front of us, and no one is willing to give up! Zhuang Shikai has been integrated into this world. In order to protect himself, he has to struggle in the era and fight for destiny like everyone else!

Anyway, it's here, there are plug-ins, don't get promoted to make a fortune, and live a chic and domineering life. Are you too sorry for fate? Just get a taste of the style of this era, and see what is called a money empire!

The lard boy had a black briefcase under his arm, and walked to the room to clap his hands and said: "Brothers are here! Everyone is from Chaozhou. Brother Luo would like to ask everyone to help with a big thing."

"Hahaha, everyone knows this person. If you kill him tonight, Brother Luo will not treat you badly." Lard gave a photo to the police officers to circulate. Everyone who saw the photo had a sharp face. Change, Lard explained with a simple expression: "You are all raw faces. You will do better for this thing. After you finish this thing, you will all be transferred to Luo Ge as plain clothes, and there is also a sum of money to take. , I hope everyone can help Luo Ge."

In this era of corruption, collusion between police and criminals has long been the rule. Each street has several gambling stalls, several smoking halls, how much money you pay for small stalls, and how much money you pay for the big ballroom. All are clearly marked and paid monthly. It's not the vendor who pays it to the tax bureau, but the door, and the police have to pay all the right things.

The police all listen to Luo Ge, Luo Ge will not personally collect the bills, and the person who collects the bills on behalf of Luo Ge is the lard boy. He is Luo Ge's spokesperson, and his meaning is Luo Ge's meaning.

Zhuang Shikai was the last one to read the photo. Based on the performance of the previous guys, he had already guessed who the target was.

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