Chapter 59:Hong Kong Comprehensive World Champion

Male gods appear

"Three hundred thousand for a tire is about the same." A clerk couldn't help muttering when he saw the huge difference in cash from the price.

The boss of the car dealership heard a stern look at him, and immediately turned his head to apologize to Zhuang Shikai: "Sorry, sorry, boss, buddy just came to be ignorant."

"300,000 can not choose 280, you can also look at other Heiji models, let me introduce it to you?"

300,000 to buy a tire is definitely a joke, but the 280SE, as a luxury sports car of this era, will cost more than one million Hong Kong dollars to win.

The tariff is a lump sum, and the purchase price is a lump sum, 300,000 Hong Kong dollars. It is certainly not possible to pick up an S-class sports car.

After all, this sports car can be regarded as the originator of the Heiji S-Class Coupe, and is synonymous with arrogance.

"Ha ha."

Zhuang Shikai chuckled lightly, glanced at the clerk, and closed the cash box with "Pata", and most of his thoughts of buying a car at Baoli Auto were extinguished.

This clerk can’t be said to be inferior to others, but it’s true that it’s impolite. You owe you too much to be a salesman, so you’re a fart?

It's no wonder that one can be a boss and the other is just a wage earner.

However, because the owner of the car dealership did have something, he went on shopping with the boss for a few new cars.

It's just that now, regardless of what the boss said, his mind is calm and he doesn't feel at all.

If the boss can't bring out any new good things enough to attract him to start, even if he buys an ordinary Crown car, he won't buy it at this dealership.

Actually, Baoli Auto has a small reputation, and many celebrities and wealthy people buy cars here. Zhuang Shikai, under the name Luo Ge, might be able to mix some discounts.

But he never thought that he would have to carry Luo Ge's sign to buy a car, and he would directly enter the store with the cash box.

The boss is also very accurate, and it really suits his appetite to introduce this car to Zhuang Shikai.

Because he is not a person who likes to pretend to be mature.

The official car is not suitable for him. On the contrary, this kind of two- door sports car with a sense of the times fits his temperament very much, which makes him especially fond of it.

What's more, Pingzhi's brand is not only good enough to set off his identity, but also a level lower than Logo Rolls-Royce. Most detectives are open Pingzhi, and he is also more inclined to Pingzhi.

Of course, the car is a means of transportation after all. What if you can't afford it? There will be no less meat.

He plans to buy an ordinary Pingzhi at other car dealers and drive it for two years. In the future, it will be easy to deal with whether it is given away or resold.

The boss of the car dealership has a piercing look. He sees Zhuang Shikai's mind and knows that a customer is about to run away.

He scolded the clerk for bad things in his heart, and planned to drive this guy out tomorrow.

But now this business can't be let go, so after a little thought, he stepped closer to Zhuang Shikai and said, "Boss, you can actually buy 280 for 300,000 yuan."

"Huh?" Zhuang Shikai was taken aback for a moment, and then looked at him in horror: "Are you so dark?"

The boss of the car dealership used to say that 280 would cost more than one million, but now he says he can take 300,000. The difference between the two is too big, right?

What can make a car make such a huge price difference? No second-hand car is possible! Zhuang Shikai reacted quickly and raised his brows and asked, "Waterwheel?"

The boss of the car dealership did not deny it, but said in a stretched tone: "If you have a car, it depends on whether you have the ability to drive."

Zhuang Shikai didn't say a word, and threw the cash box to the owner of the car dealer: "Take the car!"

He opened his jacket and made a one-handed pocket movement.

The boss of the car dealer saw the light of the gun handle exposed from the corner of his clothes, and immediately knew the background of Zhuang Shikai.

There are actually many such customer car shops. They are the most suitable group of people to buy water tankers and the easiest to get through the procedures.

However, it often takes a few old drivers to lead the way before the dealership boss will give them parallel imports. Zhuang Shikai was an old driver himself, and he didn't want anyone to lead the way, so the dealer of the car dealer couldn't help but confess to him.

Since I saw "Dian 38" appear on stage, what are you afraid of? As soon as the owner of the car dealer collected the money, he led the way, took Zhuang Shikai into a car, and drove all the way to the warehouse on the outskirts of Tuen Mun.

In the warehouse, there are dozens of sports cars of various colors covered with gray cloth and dust.

"Wow." The owner of the car dealer lifted a piece of gray cloth, revealing the gray to fill a new shiny silver two-door coupe.

"Police officer, this car is yours." The boss threw out a key very happily, and Zhuang Shikai also took it very happily: "Thank you for the sun!"

"Boom boom." Zhuang Shikai opened the car door and sat in the cab, touched the wooden console, inserted the key into the starter, and the sports car made a roar.

Sure enough... No matter what era, the sound of sports cars is so exciting.

The silver sports car rushed out of the warehouse and flicked into the suburban road.

The sound of the wind slid in along the half-open car window, blowing the ends of his hair obliquely, making people excited and happy.

Generally speaking, "water trucks", which are smuggled vehicles, can be transported into the island in two ways. One is to take the entire car on the cruise ship, and the other is to disassemble the car and enter the customs, and then assemble it after entering the customs.

Both methods are very common in this era. It is not very difficult to just need to clean the water. The "waterwheel" is also an important piece of income for major societies.

However, the dismantled water tanker entering the customs has to go through the process of dismantling and reloading, and it is not as safe as smuggling the whole car.

There may also be parts exchange, used cars, and accident cars.

Fortunately, Baoli Motor Company has a big business, and all water trucks are imported. This may be because they only smuggle luxury cars, and the customers are powerful and powerful, so they dare not use the assembled goods to get the customers.

Go up to Luo Ge, all the rich and powerful, down to Zhuang Shikai, ordinary one who dares to buy a waterwheel or drive a waterwheel can be bothered by the owner of the car dealership.

After that, Zhuang Shikai drove towards Central and went to the traffic team to go through formal procedures.

Ordinary people want to go through a set of procedures for the waterwheel, they need money, contacts, and time.

Zhuang Shikai is so convenient as a plainclothes policeman.

All you need to do is to find someone to drink a cup of tea, and send tens of thousands of yuan in benefits, and it will be done soon.

Excluding the newly proposed 800,000 yuan, Zhuang Shikai still has tens of thousands of dollars in deposits, and he can complete the waterwheel procedures in just a few This waterwheel has been transformed and soon Become a legally imported, licensed luxury car.

Sometimes one identity is enough to do a lot of things and save a lot of money.

How can you buy a new car without talking to girls?


That night.

Zhuang Shikai drove out.

The silver sports car attracted countless eyes along the way and attracted all kinds of envy. Finally, it squeaked and stopped on the side of Tong Choi Street.

Zhuang Shikai opened the door and walked into the shop, only to see that the eyes of the shop assistants were shining.

The emotions of admiration, admiration, and surprise were extremely obvious, and they turned into “rays” of electric eyes, shooting from the inside of the store to the outside, closely following him and moving.

No matter what kind of car is on Hong Kong Island, being able to drive in a car is a proof of wealthy people.

Besides, Zhuang Shikai still drives a two-door sports car?

Although the shop assistants all know that the boss is rich, he is usually simple, not overly high-profile and extravagant, so the shop assistants don’t know how rich the boss is!

And driving a sports car and sitting in a bus, there are totally two situations.

He used to be handsome, but he could only rely on his appearance, and his damage was not enough to kill a Hong Kong girl in seconds. But now? Now Zhuang Shikai has evolved into a top "male god" figure in the eyes of ordinary Hong Kong women.

You don’t need to see your face, the appearance screen is enough to kill Hong Kong girls in seconds.

As for the rich and rich like Luo Ge, it is not the ordinary woman who can see it at all, so I will not discuss the scope.

So, don’t look at Zhuang Shikai’s current career, but his damage to women has reached the top level.

There is a big difference between "Gao Shuai" and "Gao Fu Shuai" in the eyes of women. Those who are willing to spend money are better than those who are not willing to spend money.

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