Chapter 60:Hong Kong Comprehensive World Champion

Fortune cookie

"Zhuang Sheng."

"Zhuang Sheng."

Shop manager Cui stepped on high heels to greet him.

The attitude of the shop assistants towards the boss is more enthusiastic than usual.

"Hello everyone." Zhuang Shikai strode into the discount store, nodded at them, and then came to Amei without evasiveness and shouted: "May, let's go eat together."

His words instantly made Ami the focus of the shop.

Ami nodded in a daze, "Okay."

Even if her personality is as simple as Ami, she feels that the expressions of the shop assistants are not right, which inevitably makes her feel a little stressed.

But her boyfriend came to see her for dinner, what reason does she have to refuse? Moreover, Zhuang Shikai has been busy in Stanley Prison for half a month, and the two have not seen each other for half a month. A May remembers A Kai every day and did not rush to give a hug. A May has tried to restrain himself.

"Are things done?" At last, Ami's concern became a simple greeting.

Zhuang Shikai nodded and replied: "It's done."

He shook the car key in his hand: "I bought a new car and accompany me out for a drive."

"Hmm, wait for me to change my clothes." Ami nodded and trot into the dressing room in the backstage.

During this period, Zhuang Shikai turned his head and smiled at the shop assistants, and took the initiative to clarify: "This is not a misunderstanding, we are dating."

"Wow." The clerk suddenly didn't know what to say. After a while, a clerk shouted, "Congratulations."

The shop assistants realized something was wrong after they said it. The two of them had just dated and they were still far away from their marriage. What congratulations?

However, her words made Zhuang Shikai and the shop assistants laugh out loud, making the slightly rigid scene a lot more comfortable.

In fact, Zhuang Shikai knew that such a blatantly provocative relationship would directly affect the position of "Ami" in the store, and probably would make Ami the "boss lady" in the eyes of the shop assistants.

But Amei is now his real girlfriend, and the two of them are officially dating, and they must be treated to Amei's corresponding girlfriend.

Let Ami rise in the store's position, and it is not too much to get preferential treatment.

As long as Ami is his woman, the preferential treatment will continue to be maintained, more and more, and all that should be given.

Besides, Ami has a simple personality, so she probably wouldn't use her role as a clerk to intervene in the store manager's affairs.

Store Manager Cui, as an experienced and sensible young woman, must know how to deal with it.

"Sure enough!" When the manager Cui saw the owner Zhuang admitted frankly, he said in his heart, he also knew how to treat Ami next.

As long as Ami doesn't put on airs and does not deliberately make things difficult, she will definitely enjoy the princess treatment in the shop next. If Ami deliberately intervenes in work, she can only ask Zhuang boss to resign, and Zhuang Shikai will make the choice.

Store Manager Choi believes that he has a good eye for people, and Amei’s soft and weak personality will not have a negative impact on the store.



The two came to a familiar Chinese restaurant.

Ami ate a little more this time. When she put down her chopsticks, a waiter held a tray and put two small biscuits on their table.

"Two guests, these are fortune cookies we prepared, which can be used as desserts."

"There is a lucky note in the cookie, you can tell the fate for a period of time in the future." After explaining, the waiter blinked at Zhuang Shikai vaguely, and Zhuang Shikai made an "OK" gesture under the table with his hand.

Hong Kong Island Chinese Restaurant is a famous garbage service! But the more delicious the waiter in the restaurant, the less caring he is! These are all routines that Zhuang Shikai arranged in advance.

Ami picked up the biscuits and asked with interest in her eyes: "Have you eaten it last time?"

There are some doubts in her words, but the doubts turn to doubts. She has no doubts at all. Instead, she likes and is curious about fortune cookies, especially wanting to know what is written in the cookie in her hand.

Zhuang Shikai replied with the winning ticket in his hand: "Maybe the restaurant's new service."

"Ah." Ami opened the fortune cookie, took out a note from the inside, and covered her small mouth in surprise after reading it.

Zhuang Shikai ate the biscuits and asked, "May, what do you write on it?"

When he saw Amei’s performance, he knew that the evening was arranged.

Ami's face was flushed, she had just drunk fruit juice, but her head was more dizzy than drinking wine.

This proves that the most intoxicating thing in the world is not wine, but love.

The sentence written on the note completely hit her heart and made her heart beat wildly.

But Ami pinched the note, and did not answer Zhuang Shikai head-on, but instead asked, "What is written on your note?"

Zhuang Shikai smirked and finished all the biscuits, and replied solemnly: "It says I will meet a loved one."

"I think it's right!"

"Boom boom boom!" Ami's heart was about to jump out.

This divination is correct.

Because Zhuang Shikai meets many beloved people every day.

His heart had been broken into flowers after the kindergarten's love-lost love, floating on the beautiful girls around the world, expecting him to find it back slowly.

As long as the quality is high enough! Pretty enough! There is no problem. UU Reading

Serious about meeting women! Frank! Treating it with your heart is OK.

The most important thing is that two people enjoy the time together, and he will not treat any woman with him badly.

In addition, polygamy is not practiced on Hong Kong Island now. Is there any problem with him following the law? Biologically speaking, men who breathe are lustful.

Honestly admit that there is a problem with lust?

no problem!

When Ami heard Zhuang Shikai’s answer, she happily replied: "I wrote on it... It said I would meet... I met a pig!"

Zhuang Shikai's expression became very exciting in an instant, he immediately got up to pay the bill, and made a decision: "I will let you see how pigs do cabbage at night."

When the two left the restaurant, Ami put the paper back into the cookie bag, wrapped the cookie with a paper towel, and put the cookie in the bag, and got up and left.

Zhuang Shikai drove Amy on the coastal road, parked the car on the side of the road, and walked along the road.

It wasn't until he walked back and forth three times along the coast. When it was dead at night, he raised his watch and pretended to be annoyed and preached: "Oh, it's too late."

"It's not safe for you to go home. Go to my house to sleep at night."

The sea breeze blew Ami’s hair. She lifted the tips of her hair behind her ears, raised her head and said with a smile: "Okay."

In Amei’s heart, she is already Zhuang Shikai’s woman, and it is only natural for Zhuang Shikai to ask him to sleep at home.

The lights in the rental house in Mong Kok went out early that night, and the clothes were scattered all over the floor from the door to the sofa.

The primary school student next door was urged to go to bed early by his parents to do his homework. The spider in the corner downstairs was shaken to the ground. The spider tried several times to crawl back to the web without success.

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