Chapter 61:Hong Kong Comprehensive World Champion

Achievement reached

The next day.


Ami did not come to work.

Manager Choi probably understands.

The third day.


Ami did not come to work again.

Manager Choi and the shop assistants all understand.

Everyone chose not to talk very tacitly, as if there was no such thing, they wrote "I don't know anything" all on their faces.

Occasionally, everybody exchanges glances with gossip and envy in their eyes.


The third day, noon.

Lard Boy called Zhuang Shikai’s house: "Hello, Zhuangzi?"

Zhuang Shikai answered the phone, heard a familiar voice, and smiled on his face.

"it's me."

"Brother Zai."

Lard’s tone was ridiculous: "I heard that you recently hung a new horse? No, right? I heard that you bought a new car recently?"

In the eyes of Lard Boy and others, a woman is a horse. Hanging a horse and buying a new car are both conceptual things.

Zhuang Shikai knew that he probably guessed the purpose of the lard boy's call. It might be that he didn't hide the matter of buying a car to pick up girls. Luo brother will arrange him to ** before the agreed one week.

After all, a week is just to raise money for him. When Luo Ge saw that this kid had money to buy a luxury car, how could he wait any longer? Just take the lead!

Zhuang Shikai looked at Amei who was asleep on the bed and said, "Yes, Brother Zi."

"I recently found my girlfriend and bought a car."

"Hehehe, see you in the Guilao district of Central, Queens Road East at 3 o'clock this afternoon."

In the 1950s, the Guilao and the Chinese lived separately, and the basic circle was the place where the first class and the second class lived. Among them, the ghosts live in the core area of ​​the Central District, while the Chinese can only live in Kowloon and the New Territories.

After a big turmoil in the 1960s, Gui Lao had to let go of the enclosure restrictions, allowing some wealthy Chinese businessmen and senior executives to live in luxury houses in the Central District. However, due to the low level of social mobility and the corresponding divisions are still maintained on the whole, everyone knows where they are as long as they say the "Ghost District" and it is easy to find.

"No problem." Zhuang Shikai had already prepared money, and at the moment he agreed without hesitation. The sooner you are in position, the better for him. What is there to worry about if you have the confidence?

Lard said the address, and said with a grin on his face: "Inspector Zhuang, you should pay attention to your body when you just got promoted. Don't work day and night."

"Oh, brother, you laughed."

"I can hold it physically."

Zhuang Shikai's tone revealed self-confidence, because he had verified it.

"That's OK, see you this afternoon."

After the lard hung up the phone, his face was a little unhappy. I don't know why. Whenever he heard someone showing off this convenient function, he was envious and admired, and wanted to learn materials.


Zhuang Shikai saw that Amei had been woken up by the phone, and she was sitting on the bed cleverly, and climbed onto the bed vigorously again, and said, "Baby, I'm going out this afternoon."

"Your man is going to be promoted to inspector."

"Find a better restaurant in the evening and have a couple of drinks to celebrate."


Ami nodded, suddenly plunged into Zhuang Shikai’s arms, looked up at him with wide eyes, "Is it dangerous to be an inspector?"

She had heard of the name of the inspector and knew that the inspector had a high status, but most of them had no good reputation, so the worries in her heart outweighed her joy, and she was afraid that Zhuang Shikai was in danger.

She doesn't care how high Zhuang Shikai is or how much money, she just doesn't want her man to be safe.

"No." Zhuang Shikai touched her head in a very gentle tone.

He only used to bear the risks and distresses at work. Even if there were any dangers, he would resist them, so that they would not hurt his own woman.

The two got up late, after a while of comfort and talk, he began to tidy up his clothes, and took out a set of prepared customized suits from the cupboard.


Three o'clock in the afternoon.

Zhuang Shikai drove to the door of a bungalow in Central, wearing a suit and got out of the car.

"Money ready?" Lard asked, leaning on the ** of a nearby car.

Zhuang Shikai took out a black suitcase from the co-pilot, which contained 500,000 Hong Kong dollars.

He patted the suitcase and preached: "Ready."

"OK, let's go in." Lard nodded, and did not step forward to lead the way, but continued to smoke a cigar by leaning on the bottom of the car.

Today is not his home court, nor is it Luo Ge's home court, but the day when Zhuang Tsai was in power. The protagonist is Zhuangzi, he just accompanies Luo Ge to take a look, don't Zhuangzi don't have enough money, just call Zhuangzi back in advance, and another person will come to send the money.

Damn, if you have money to buy a car, you don’t have money to cover the number? If Zhuangzi was so ignorant, Lard Boy would look down on Zhuangzi.

No way. At present, Lei Luo and Lard are still not sure about the profit of the A goods store. Seeing Zhuang Shikai buying a sports car, they are afraid that this guy is ignorant and spends money. This is deliberately reserved. Fortunately, Zhuang Shikai's expression is very good. With enough money, there is nothing to worry about.

"Thank you Brother Zai." Zhuang Shikai nodded and thanked him, and stood at the door of the bungalow to tidy up his clothes, then took the suitcase and walked into the door of the bungalow neatly.

At this time, Luo Ge had already eaten lunch with Superintendent Ghost of the Causeway Bay Police Station in the bungalow, and said at lunch that he would introduce someone to him.

Luo Ge is paving the way for Zhuang Shikai’s appearance, and Superintendent Guiluo received an application for the appointment of Causeway Bay Inspector a week ago. He also knows how the former Causeway Bay Inspector died, so he knows everything well and knows himself. Soon I got money again.

As for the life and death and alternation of a Chinese detective, he was not taken seriously by Superintendent Guilao. In the eyes of the money-collecting ghosts, the more people die, the faster they die, but the better.

Zhuang Shikai walked into the room under the leadership of the servant and shouted, "Brother Luo! Superintendent William!"

" Lei Luo is wearing a suit, holding a cigar and his legs upright.

He sat on the sofa with Superintendent Guilao. After Zhuang Shikai stood up, he preached to Superintendent Guilao: "William, this is the talent I recommend to you."

"He is very suitable for the position of Inspector of Causeway Bay."

"Oh?" Superintendent Ghost chuckled lightly, arrogantly noncommittal.

Zhuang Shikai stepped forward and put the suitcase on the table, snapped twice, and opened the button on the suitcase.

Ghost spit out a mouthful of smoke and preached with a smile on his face: "Luo! I have always believed in your eyes!"

"You! Go to Causeway Bay on Monday!" Superintendent Ghost said with a cigar between his fingers, pointing to Zhuang Shikai.

Zhuang Shikai stood at a table with him across a table, standing in front of a box of Hong Kong dollars and saluting: "thankyou, sir!"

"Achievement reached: Inspector of Hong Kong Island!"

"Unlock Super Power: Unlimited Bullets!"

"Introduction: The firearms you hold will have endless bullets!"

"A new achievement goal is born: Senior Inspector!"

"You can unlock achievement rewards if you upgrade from a small inspector to a senior inspector in one of the four major regions."

"Remarks: In 1977, the police force was reorganized and the position of inspector was in charge. The achievement was not achieved before 77, and the goal was declared a failure."

Zhuang Shikai's heart jumped. He didn't read the system prompts for the time being. He waited until he left before starting to check the super power effects of "Infinite Bullets".

In addition, Luo Ge and Gui Lao didn't want to leave him to finish the meal. After the matter was finalized, they waved to make him flash.

He can rest for a few more days, and use these few days to go to Central to pack up his things, and he can take office easily on Monday.

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