Chapter 62:Hong Kong Comprehensive World Champion

Causeway Bay Street

Zhuang Shikai guessed that the superpowers might be the ability to see through, scan, or fly to escape, stealth resurrection and so on. No need for a storage space! This is the legendary super power!

He really did not expect that super powers would develop in some strange direction...

A bullet that can never be shot no matter how you fire!

Isn’t this "infinite bullet" a must-have magical skill for the protagonist of a Hong Kong movie?

There are always only supporting characters in Hong Kong movies who want to change bullets, and the protagonist definitely does not need to change the magazine!

But Zhuang Shikai doesn't live in the movie, he doesn't have this kind of magical talent. Every time he exchanges fire with criminals, he needs to change the magazines, and he has to fight with people with the number of bullets.

How upset do you say this?

There are few scenes of the young and Dangerous scaring the police with the crowd!

One of their favorite words is "You only have six bullets, how many people do I have"!

throw! Zhuang Shikai was only topped by "Big Eye Ming" last time! Had it not been for Cai Yuanqi and others to support him at that time! He really can't find a place back!

Infinite Bullets is really awesome!

Think about it, there are only 6 rounds of ammunition in one point 38, and there is no extra magazine in normal times. You can bring up to three sets in action. Counting and counting, the top match is only twenty-four bullets.

Taking into account the power of "Point 38", how strong can the twenty-four rounds of bullets be? Also bully the young and Dangerous boy with a machete! If you are besieged by gunmen, a short burst of fire will "point 38" and become scrap.

When a wide range of firefights are fired, various terrains and positions must also be considered. Even if Zhuang Shikai is a "spear god", it is impossible to guarantee that every bullet will be hit.

At this time, the importance of "infinite bullets" is reflected. It is equivalent to infinitely magnifying the combat capability of "Point 38"! Let Zhuang Shikai become a "battlefield fanatic"!

Who dare to bet there are no bullets in his gun?

Using sniper rifles, submachine guns and other large firepower weapons, you will surprise the enemy alone!

According to the system description, this superpower is not limited to the bullet model, the type of firearm, and the bullet cannot be tested for ballistics...

only has no effect on missiles, grenades, and grenade.

And the extra bullets are like "super power" watches. They clearly exist, but they won't attract anyone's attention. As if it should exist, no one will additionally investigate the number and source of bullets, which has a natural and reasonable effect.

This is really reasonable!

Of course, other details, I have not used it before and have no say, he wants to find a bad guy as soon as possible to try the feel first!


in the afternoon.

The silver sports car stopped at a traffic light.

Zhuang Shikai drove home, deliberately driving the sports car across Causeway Bay.

Like a lion that has just come to power, he began to take the initiative to patrol his territory.

He looked at the bustling street outside the window, lowered the window, lit a cigarette, put his hand on the window, and said: "From today! I cover it here!"

He exhaled smoke leisurely, speaking in a very small but powerful voice.

He said this to himself.

no need for others to hear.

Boom boom.

The green light is on.

The sports car left.

It is still the afternoon, and the streets of Causeway Bay are intertwined with people and shadows, passers-by come and go, as if it is a street that will not stand still, it is so prosperous 24 hours a day.


Causeway Bay is located in the heart of Hong Kong Island, with developed commerce and transportation. It is a concentrated area of ​​commercial and entertainment venues in Central. It is a well-known oil and water area in the mouth of the big guys.

just collects tens of millions of protection fees for bars, shops, and massage rooms in the streets of the jurisdiction.

Although Causeway Bay is only a small sub-district in name, its status and income are high enough. Every Causeway Bay inspector is a famous person and Luo Ge's confidant.

Zhuang Shikai knew that he had done something to help Luo Ge before, and it seemed to be a bit of credit, but this credit was far from enough to be the inspector of the jurisdiction.

He was stepping on the wind, just when Luo Ge and Yan Tong were fighting, and when he met Luo Ge to employ people, he was able to take the position quickly.

This is also Zhuang Shikai's good luck, and the point in time when he got out of position is exactly the key to Lei Luo and Yan Tong's fight. Moreover, I just ran into Yan Jiu before, coupled with multiple factors such as identity and background, just like Ma Zi who naturally stood next to Luo Ge, naturally standing on the opposite side of Yan Tong.

Coupled with several events that he has done well, he has also proved his ability to Luo Ge, and Luo Ge will be relieved to use him boldly.

Otherwise, catch a few criminals and help Luo Ge make some money, wanting to be the district inspector?

Being a little brother next to Luo Ge for four or five years, let's talk about it, and then it depends on whether Luo Ge will give him a chance.

So Luo Ge would praise him, and it has a lot to do with Yan Tong! He can be regarded as working with Yan Tong!

Now that he has killed Yan Jiu and Killer Xiong one after another, Yan Tong will definitely turn his target to him!

The strength of a Causeway Inspector, Yan Tong's subordinates can no longer deal with it, Yan Tong can only arrange for him personally and find a way to kill him.

Zhuang Shikai used to be afraid that Yan Tong would pay for the gunman. When the time comes, the opponent's firepower will be more and more fierce, and his bullets are small and few, so he may not be able to deal with it.

Now that unlimited bullets can be unlocked, what's the fear?

Yantong’s plainclothes are point 38. If you send a killer, you can use Black Star and AK at most.

Greater firepower? That is not a struggle for power! That's the KB member's trouble! Don't worry about it yet.

This kind of small firepower can't handle him with the number of people.

Yan Tong wanted to hit him, so he took it.

Yan Tong won't come to him to fight?

He is also looking for a chance to kill Yan Tong!

Because Luo Ge holds him in the top position, it is used to beat Yan Tong!

At the level of Luo Ge, he fought against others and led the soldiers off the field himself. It was not in line with the style and it was also very dangerous. The best way is to erect a turret, let the turret beat people for him, and let the turret attract firepower.

At this moment, advance can be attacked, retreat can be defended, and he is a big boss.

Yan Tong style is not high enough.

can't do this step, they can only end the layout in person.

Zhuang Shikai knew clearly that he had to beat Yan Tong to the ground! Only qualified to become one of the big bosses!

If it works well, then there may be a chance to take a step forward and replace the position of the senior inspector of Yantong Kowloon Region!

The next achievement goal, UU reading is to become a senior detective.

Killing Yan Tong is good for him and Luo Ge.

He wanted to try what it was like to be a senior inspector.

What will be the next superpower?



"Rose Restaurant at night."

Zhuang Shikai returned home in the afternoon, it was almost a restaurant.

He entered the door with his front foot, then he waved and shouted with his back foot, his face was full of triumphant breeze.

"Rose Restaurant" is a translated name. It is actually a western restaurant opened by a ghost in Central. It is located in Causeway Bay and you can see it just now on the road.

This restaurant is very famous in Hong Kong, and the environment is in line with later generations. Most of them are consumed by ghosts and wealthy Chinese. It is a luxury place that is expensive and expensive.

I heard that the Iranian imported caviar in this restaurant is the most expensive and most famous.

Zhuang Shikai has made up his mind to bring enough banknotes to consume a handful and taste the taste of caviar.

Besides, the promotion celebration is to be generous, otherwise, what is the difference between being promoted and not being promoted?

A large group of people celebrated that it’s okay to go to a restaurant. It’s good for a young couple to go to a western restaurant to create an atmosphere. A dead straight man can’t find a pretty girl.

Now, he has a natural affection for Causeway Bay, and he inexplicably likes to play in his own territory.

"Okay, I'll change my clothes first."

Seeing Zhuang Shikai’s suit and leather shoes, Ami thought about it and took out a brand new red dress from the closet.

The two have not lived together yet.

Zhuang Shikai also doesn't like living together in a small rental house.

But Ami has already brought some clothes from home and bought some daily necessities. As long as Zhuangzi said hello, she would come over to accompany her boyfriend.

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