Chapter 63:Hong Kong Comprehensive World Champion

Restaurant/tea house


Half an hour later, at the entrance of Rose Restaurant, a white-skinned ghost cursed and walked into the restaurant unwillingly.

Zhuang Shikai took Ami by the hand, and while walking into the restaurant, he cursed in his mouth: "It's really bad luck."

The two waiters at the door bowed and bent over, brought in the two guests with their front and back feet, and walked to the two adjacent tables.


Inspector Zhuang did not expect that he had just been promoted in the afternoon, and someone would dare to come to the trouble at night!

TMD! He parked the Pingzhi sports car at the entrance of the restaurant, just when the ghost was driving the Mazda back.

Because the white ghost was reversing too fast, an abnormal noise suddenly rang from the bottom of the car, and the two cars came to a halt. The white ghost's Mazda almost knocked on the headlights of the front car of Pingzhi.

After that, both parties immediately opened the door and got out of the car to check the condition of the car.

After each lap, they discovered that the two cars did not collide.

The different direction coming from under the wheel is just a coke aluminum can.

The matter should have ended at this time with a polite apology from both sides, but the white-skinned ghost in a suit did not show the demeanor he should have, but stared at him with big eyes and told him to lose money! He even used a pair of dog eyes on Amei's body indiscriminately!

Both of them were specially dressed up before going out. Amei was dressed in a red dress and high heels, glamorous, and Inspector Zhuang's suit and shoes were handsome.

These two handsome men and handsome women walked on the road, and they looked like a person with an identity. I really don’t know what qualifications Guilao has to say to him.

Ordinary Chinese will be scared when they see Gui Lao. Maybe they call a traffic policeman, and the traffic police will make the Chinese lose money to Gui Lao.

I'm sorry, it's bad luck for Guilao today. The sense of national pride in the bones of Detective Zhuang is to get rid of dozens of streets with no civilized background.

Not only did he not apologize or lose money, but he also took the initiative to lift the corners of his clothes and exposed the police gun around his waist, successfully closing his mouth.

This white-skinned ghost is obviously just the ordinary management of a foreign company, maybe a little bit of money, but in the bottom of my heart, he no longer despises the Chinese, and dare not challenge a Chinese police officer in the street.

If the ghost is brave and dare to say that this is a concession, he is inferior! Zhuang Shikai smashed Guilao's mouth with a gun on the spot, and asked him to count how many front teeth and a few posterior teeth he had!

However, after the white-skinned ghost came back angrily, he felt a little unwilling.

After sitting down in the restaurant, he suddenly raised his tone and ordered loudly: "Give me a bottle of 53-year-old Bordeaux, another Australian steak, and an Iranian caviar. Please bring me a good meal and fruit."

"Thank you very much."

Gui Lao returned the menu to the waiter, turned his head to look at Zhuang Shikai, his eyes full of provocation.

Zhuang Shikai was preparing to order. He heard the voice next door. He immediately closed the menu without even looking at it. He said to the waiter: "Take the ghost at the table next door. Only one bottle of red wine is needed. All the others are double (double). ."

"Thanks a lot."

Zhuang Shikai raised his hand to return the menu, glanced back at the ghost, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

I'm sorry, you met hard stubble today. Not only is the barrel harder than your bones, but the wallet is harder than a wallet. You are not lucky enough to meet me today, so wait for you to realize what despair is.

Zhuang Shikai’s costumes are so realistic that I have never been afraid of anyone, especially in "good places" such as restaurants, bars, and golf courses.

And there is a restaurant with caviar, once he brings enough money, it will be extremely cruel to the enemy, it is not a ghost who can't bear to do it.

"Okay sir, please wait a moment." The restaurant waiter took the menu back, listened to the conversation between the two tables, and then left with the waiter at the Guilao table.

The two knew that the guests from both sides were on the bar, and rushed to inform the manager, who would serve the guests at the two tables.

As a high-end restaurant, "Rose Restaurant" is not only famous for its dishes and environment, but serious dining is also a major feature. As the saying goes, it is expensive, so the waiter in the restaurant quickly captures the relationship between the guests.

Although most of the consumers in the restaurant are ghosts, but the Chinese customer in front of him looks very uncomfortable. Don't dare to help in the restaurant, but can only find a way to serve.

Soon, the restaurant manager personally opened wine for the two tables of guests, introduced, and provided a complete beverage service...


And when Zhuang Shikai and Gui Lao disliked each other and were about to be ugly to each other.

At the entrance of the restaurant, a middle-aged killer in a jacket sat back on the wooden stool of the stall and gently put a pistol on his thigh.

"Wait for the target to come out before doing it!" The middle-aged killer wore a pair of sunglasses with a curry fish ball in front of him.

Twelve large circle help gunmen scattered on the street to disguise passers- by, scattered on both sides of the street on standby, all of which were elites in the city who received huge sums of money and were responsible for carrying out a shooting mission.

This group of people received a shooting mission three days ago. After secretly observing for a period of time, they feel that tonight is the most suitable time to do it.

But just as they were preparing to do it, the target person suddenly mixed up with the ghost, which added a lot of unnecessary risks to them.

So the killer reporter sat down again and decided to wait until the target left the restaurant before doing And the middle-aged killer just said the words for himself. Others only need to look at his movements, gestures, etc. Know what to do.

At this time, he freed up his hands, held the bowl with one hand and a spoon with the other. The process of eating curry fish ** was very natural.

He put the pistol on his lap and modified it even more smoothly.

This way of hiding the gun can save him from the action of drawing a gun.


Time goes back one week ago.

Kowloon District.

Yunlai teahouse

Yan was sitting at a tea table, reaching out and pushing a paper bag to the opposite young man, saying: "This two hundred thousand is a little bit of my heart, you can take it away."

The yellow kraft paper bag is filled with bundles of Hong Kong dollars, which amounts to exactly 200,000. Chen Tianxiong grabbed the paper bag and took a deep breath and asked, "Who killed my brother."

"Don't worry about it. I have buried the body of the killer male in the cemetery mountain. I have time to see him." Yan Tong stared at Chen Tianxiong's eyes and saw that the other party did not respond. You don’t want to be like him, don’t be miserable with this."

"You are a little young and Dangerous boy, what are you? You are qualified to talk so much? You are not qualified to be an opponent! It is better not to know some things!"

Zhuang Shikai only knew that the real name of "Killer Xiong" was "Chen Zhixiong", but he didn't know that "Chen Zhixiong" had a younger brother called "Chen Tianxiong".

However, "Chen Tianxiong" is not so bad compared to his brother who is a security officer. He is still an unknown boy of Dongxing and can't help him on stage at all.

If it weren't for Chen Zhixiong to help Yan Tong to do things for many years, and forge a little bit of incense, affection and face, Yan Tong would not come and personally give Chen Tianxiong the settlement fee, let alone meet Chen Tianxiong, who is a bad boy in a teahouse.

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