Chapter 1:I Am In Charge of Myriad Realms Bank

I am in charge of Wanjie Bank


"Activate the Wanjie Bank System."

When Chen Fan looked at the magnificent hall in front of him, he was taken aback for a moment, and then he showed ecstasy!

"I finally got a gold finger!"

He is a traveler. Daqin, who came to the eastern region of Lingyun Continent a month ago, became a domestic slave of the Chen family in Yancheng.

As a traverser, he is naturally unwilling to be ordinary, and he desperately understands the world, and even tries his best to obtain the Chen family's exercises, ready to show his ambitions and embark on a journey of cultivation against the sky.

As a result, he accidentally saw Miss Chen's family and a man, and was slapped to death by Miss Chen's family.


Very frustrated!

"I am ashamed of the traveler!"

This is Chen Fan's only thought before his death. No, he still has another thought: "If I had a system like other traversers, it would be fine."

Then, he never expected that he really got the system!

"It's just... he, I'm dead, what's the use of getting the system?"

Chen Fan yelled.

In the next instant, a lot of information about the system flooded into my mind.

"Host: Chen Fan."

"Identity: Soul repair."

"Cultivation base: the first level of cultivation of the ghost."

"Resources: two ghost puppets [click to view details], three ten thousand world tokens [click to view details], and several debt contracts [click to view details]."

Among them, the four lines of information at the top made Chen Fan's eyes shine brightly.

The ghost is an extremely rare existence in this world.

Only when a person is dead, the soul has not disappeared, and it can exist for a long time, can it be called a ghost.

There is no power in the world who can do this.

He is naturally not powerful, and being able to become a ghost is obviously a function of the system.

"Next, I only need to use the power of the system to continuously grow the Ten Thousand Realms Bank, improve the cultivation of the ghosts, and one day be able to rebirth and even reshape the flesh!"

"And now..."

"I have two ghost puppets. This is a puppet body specially made for ghost practitioners. I can enter the puppet body and walk in the world as a human again."


Chen Fan's character, not willing to be locked in the system all the time, immediately clicked to view the details of the two ghost puppets.

Immediately, two puppet models appeared in front of them.

"A male puppet and a female puppet?"

He didn't expect that there was a female puppet, and it was not the kind of stiff robot-like puppet at all. Apart from the hollow eyes, it was almost indistinguishable from a normal living person.

Just... let him enter a female puppet?

Isn't this a transformation?

It always feels weird!


"There seems to be some expectations."

Chen Fan saw this female ghost puppet with a stunning face and a fiery figure, his eyes flashed and he was eager to try.

Just do it, and his ghost immediately got into this female puppet.

I saw that this female puppet's originally hollow eyes instantly became flexible, even extremely strange, completely like a living person!

"Sure enough, it's not as good as I thought."

"I can only stay between her eyebrows!"

"Moreover, if you want to control a puppet to fight, you need a lot of spirit stones!"

After spitting out for a while, Chen Fan then entered the male ghost puppet for a try.

"Male ghost puppets have the strength of the ninth rank in the spiritual cultivation realm, and female ghost puppets have the strength of the late spiritual profound realm!"

"If you want to urge any puppet to make an all-out effort, you need a lot of spiritual stones."

"The point is, I'm just a ghost now, where can I get the spirit stone?"

Frowning his brows, Chen Fan cast his sights on the "three Ten Thousand Realms tokens" and "several debt contracts."

"This cheating system of Ten Thousand Worlds Banks sounds very powerful, but there is no money on the account! There are no resources in the treasury either!"

"If you want to get a spirit stone to motivate a puppet, you can only rely on these ten thousand world tokens and debt contracts!"

According to the information he obtained, the role of Wanjie Token is to find customers. Through Wanjie Token, customers can directly come to the trading hall of Wanjie Qianzhuang to discuss loan matters with themselves.

As for these debt contracts, it is Chen Fan's top priority!

He immediately clicked to view details:

"Golden Eye Demon Sovereign, borrow a pair of Golden Eyes from Ten Thousand Realms Bank, and return it after a thousand years. If it expires, it will pay off with his life."

"Fairy Lingmei, he borrowed a face from Ten Thousand Realms Bank, and returned it after ten thousand years, and remained a slave for life after the deadline."

"The ** of war, Lei Tian, ​​borrowed the ten thousand years of life in the Ten Thousand Realms Bank, and will return it after one hundred thousand years. It will be returned a hundred times overdue."

Looking at the contract in his hand, Chen Fan was stunned.

"Golden Eye Demon Venerable, the famous powerhouse of the Nine Heavens, and the Nine Heavens, rare opponents!"

"A pair of golden pupils can see through everything, see through all lies, and shock the mind!"

"Unexpectedly, the golden pupil on which it became famous was actually borrowed?"

"There is also the Lingmei Fairy! She is the number one beauty in the fairy world, and she is even more superb with her charm. I don't know how many strong people are willing to worship her pomegranate skirt!"

"Unexpectedly, her face was actually borrowed!"

"So... what is her true face?"

"It's better to call a plastic surgery fairy!"

"Lei Tian, ​​the ancient ** of war! According to legend, one of the ten powerhouses in the God Realm! Unexpectedly, he also owes the Ten Thousand Realms Bank of Ten Thousand Years of life!"

"and also…"

"He's meow, all these people didn't pay it back overdue!"

"The task given to me by the system is to settle all these debts!"

Chen Fan was very excited when he thought that Fairy Lingmei might become his slave girl.

He is now the owner of the Ten Thousand Worlds Bank System, able to sign debt contracts at will, and is the creditor of countless strong men and beauties!

As long as he takes back all the things borrowed from these systems, he is definitely the strongest man in the world!

The richest man!


"It's just that my current strength is too weak, so let's find some good guys to get debts first!"

"Also, it's best to be nearby!"

Chen Fan was still very calm. He didn't get complacent. He continued to search for the debt contract, and finally found one:

"Xiao Sheng, the governor of Lingyun County, borrowed a female puppet from the Wanjie Bank to be his wife, and returned it one year later. For every year overdue, the 10-year lifespan will be charged!"

"And he is now ten years overdue!"

"In other words, Xiao Sheng owes me 100 years of life for the interest alone?!"

"In the past few years, he was just a mid-level master of the spiritual realm, but he suddenly married a wife, and then with the help of his wife, he succeeded in gaining a foothold in Lingyun County, under the command of the Qin army of one hundred thousand and awe-inspiring. "

"Envied by the world!"

"Unexpectedly, Xiao Sheng's wife is a puppet!"

"And... his wife turned out to be mine!"

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