Chapter 4340:I Am In Charge of Myriad Realms Bank

who is the dirtiest


The moment you enter the underground casino.

The noisy sound is pouring into the ears!

"Come! Come! Buy and leave!"

"Big! Big! Big! What the hell! It's small again! You are cheating! I don't play anymore!"

"What's the matter with luck today? I don't play dice anymore, bet on something else!"


"Don't chop off my hand! Please! Give me another chance!"

"I'm willing to admit defeat! Since you bet on your own hand, you should take your hand when you lose!"




"Don't take my godhead! Please! You... if you dare to force me, I will blow myself up!"

"Come on! Give it a try! If you succeed, you won't need to open an underground casino in the future! Who are you scaring with the goddess here? Be honest!"

"Dare to struggle, right? Lord Shenku, this guy has lost the bet and is unwilling to pay the price!"


Immediately afterwards, Chen Fan, Jiang Rongyu and Shui Furong saw the blood, mania and violence that filled the casino;

A chaotic creature's arm is being chopped off!

A god-king's godhead is being forcibly deprived!


The picture is very impactful.

It caused everyone's pupils to shrink slightly, unable to adapt for a while.

"God mother-in-law!"

I don't know who shouted, the next moment, the underground casino was silent.

All gamblers have their sights set on the entrance... Granny God!

"God mother-in-law!"

They shouted respectfully with fear.

"You guys continue."

The mother-in-law nodded.

"Mother-in-law, this little tender skin was brought in by you personally, what is his identity?"

A well-dressed evil spirit leaned on the chair, looked at Chen Fan recklessly, and asked with disdain.

"Chen Fan, the owner of Wanjie Qianzhuang!"

The mother-in-law introduced.

"do not know!"

The gorgeously dressed evil spirit sneered.

"The godhead of the Chaos God is on him."

The mother-in-law added.


In an instant, this gorgeously dressed evil spirit became interested.

Other chaotic creatures and gray shadows also came to be interested.

Chaos God!

The terrifying existence that slaughtered the Quartet in the City of Death at the beginning left a deep shadow in the hearts of countless chaotic creatures and gray shadows.

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting warmer, the mother-in-law immediately looked at Chen Fan and asked, "What are you going to play?"


Chen Fan felt the gazes of the gamblers, looked at their rebellious and irritable demeanor, and said calmly.

"it is good!"

"Who's going to play with Master Chen?"

asked the mother-in-law.


"I come!"

"Don't rob me of anyone!"

"How capable can this little tender skin be? Come on! Bet!"


A group of gamblers stepped forward one after another, excited.

No one was afraid of Chen Fan!

"Brother Fan."

Jiang Rongyu said, "They want to win resources from you."

"For example, Xiaoqing!"



"I don't feel any fear in their hearts."


Chen Fan nodded and said, "For gamblers, there is nothing to fear."

"If you are afraid, you will lose."

"How to do?"

Jiang Rongyu asked.

The next moment, before Chen Fan could speak, the mother-in-law said, "How is it? Have we negotiated it? Who will go to the gambling table first?"

"A friendly reminder: according to the rules of the underground casino, the three of you must go to the gambling table when you come in!"

"Everyone has to go to the gambling table!"


Hearing this, Shui Furong frowned.


Jiang Rongyu was not afraid at all, but took a step forward and said, "I'll come first!"

"Little fish, you..."

Chen Fan immediately wanted to stop it, but Jiang Rongyu smiled sweetly and said, "Brother Fan, believe me!"

"Don't be careless."

Chen Fan reminded.


Jiang Rongyu nodded, looked at the mother-in-law, and asked, "I choose my opponent at will?"


"It's the rule."

The mother-in-law nodded, then looked at Jiang Rongyu and said.

"Little girl, bet with this evil spirit!"

"This evil spirit wants to ravage you! Haha..."

Just now, the gorgeously dressed evil spirit jumped out first and provocatively said.

"Betting with Lao Tzu!"

"I want you to take off your bellyband!"

"Ha ha……"

Other chaotic creatures and gray shadows shouted: "Little Niangpi, have the ability to bet with Laozi!"

The Gambler's eyes flashed, but instead of making a sound, he shrank back.

Although he won 29 games in a row, he was not at the top.

Since the last time he was tricked, he has calmed down a lot at the gambling table, instead of recklessly relying on his gambling skills and natal magic, he has been much more cautious.

Jiang Rongyu's natal magic is very strange.

Some people speculate that: All souls recover!

Some people guess it is: mind reading!

Some guess it is: silence!

No one knows what her natal magic is!

Leaving aside what Jiang Rongyu's natal magic is, if she shows her mind- reading ability again, then... what should I do?

This is simply a big killer at the gambling table!

"I bet you!"

At this moment, Jiang Rong raised her jade finger and pointed at the gorgeously dressed evil spirit just now.


The flamboyantly dressed evil spirit was excited.

Seeing this, the mother-in-law's eyes flashed, she was quite surprised, and the other chaotic creatures and gray shadows shouted excitedly: "Shao Hua, you love gambling and beauties the most."

"It's good this time!"

"It's so cool to gamble with a beautiful woman at the gambling table!"


"Few flowers?"

Jiang Rongyu stared at the gorgeously dressed evil spirit in front of him and asked.

"Everyone likes nicknames."

Hua Shao shrugged: "You have to call me Hua Shao, there is no way, I..."

"Let's play a trick."

Jiang Rongyu interrupted it directly and said.


"How would you like to play?"

Hua Shao crossed his arms and asked with interest.

"I heard that you have a way of guessing people's hearts?"

Jiang Rongyu asked.

"What's the stake?"

Hearing this, Hua Shao sneered and asked.

Other chaotic creatures and gray shadows also looked at Jiang Rongyu as if they were fools.

Doesn't Jiang Rongyu know that Hua Shao's natal magic is an illusion?

Everything you see is an illusion!

As long as he glances at each other, he can let the other person say what he thinks!

Betting on this with him is courting death!

"I want your life and all your resources."

Jiang Rongyu said without hesitation.

"strong enough!"


"Ha ha……"

Hua Shao laughed and said, "I thought you would bet on something boring!"

"I bet!"

"If you lose, I want you to get naked and lie on the gambling table, and then I'm going to ravage you in front of your man!"

Saying that, he glanced at Chen Fan provocatively.

Chen Fan's eyes froze, and the killing intent in his heart instantly became extremely intense.

"Cough cough."

The mother-in-law was very interested in this bet, and decided to go off to host in person. She cleared her throat and pointed at the two chaotic creatures, a gray shadow and the God of Gamblers on the side, and said...

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