Chapter 4343:I Am In Charge of Myriad Realms Bank

Another win!


"What's not to dare!"

The two accused gamblers immediately stood up.

"its not right!"

"Isn't it enough to choose one? How to choose two? How does this play?"

Gamblers questioned.

"I'm not playing."

Shui Furong said, "Betting with you at another table!"


Everyone was stunned.

What do you mean?

play with us?

"They bet on them!"

"We bet ours!"

Shui Furong spoke amazingly again, staring at the God of Gamblers.

"What the ** do you mean?"

the Gambler asked.

"Let's bet who they win!"

Shui Hibiscus smiled mysteriously and said, "They share life and death, and we also share life and death."

"The loser among them surrenders all resources!"

"The loser among us must also hand over all resources!"

"This will prevent cheating!"


Everyone was stagnant, shocked by Shui Hibiscus's gameplay.

So fresh.

never played.

Bet on other people's winning or losing, and bind others' life and death!


Do women play like this?


The God of Gamblers frowned, feeling that things were not easy.

"Dare to gamble?"

Where would Shui Furong give him time to think, he asked directly urgingly.


The God of Gamblers, out of an abundance of caution, thought he had better refuse.

At this moment, the mother-in-law on the side said, "God of Gamblers, if you beat him, I can grant you one wish."

"Any wish."

"If you reject her, I will kill you."


The Gambler's mouth twitched.

Can he refuse?

"I bet!"

He gritted his teeth sharply and decided to gamble.

Although his gambling skills are amazing, how can he win at the gambling table?

do not be afraid!




Jiang Rongyu asked, "Why do you have to choose God of Gamblers?"

"Although he is not strong enough, his gambling skills are great!"

"At the gambling table, he is a strong man!"

"Two reasons."

Shui Furong secretly said: "First, the ** of gambling kills his father, kills his mother, kills his wife and kills his son. This kind of person must die! It's fine if I don't know. Now that I know, I must not let him go!"

"Second, the gambling skill of the Gambler is amazing. If I win him, I will kill him. Next, when the village owner and the godmother are gambling, the pressure on the village owner will be less."


Hearing this, Jiang Rongyu's beautiful eyes flashed and she nodded.

As expected of his eldest apprentice, he is thoughtful.

"let's start!"

The mother-in-law spoke.

The two designated gamblers will bet immediately.

They are all chaotic creatures with equal status and status. They don't want to die, and they are hostile to each other. They both want each other to die, so...

"big big big!"

"Small! Small! Small!"

The two sides frantically shook the dice in their hands and shouted loudly, and the atmosphere instantly became warm.

What I thought in my mind was: "I must kill you!"

"Take this opportunity to take revenge!"

The moment the bet was opened, Shui Furong said, "I bet on him to win!"

Said, she pointed to one of the chaotic creatures with a tail, and directly stated the result.

Everyone: "???"

As soon as it started, did it come to fruition?

The long-tailed chaotic creature's expression changed, and it was tense.

He didn't think it was a lucky thing to be favored by Shui Furong, but he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

However, he did not give up!

Do your best to survive!


The God of Gamblers did not judge for a while, his gambling skills were basically ineffective in the face of this latest gameplay.

How to guess?

"And you?"

Shui Furong looked at the God of Gamblers and urged.


"Since you bet on him to win, I bet on the other to win!"

Suddenly, the mother-in-law secretly transmitted a voice, and the Gambler's eyes lit up, and she said with confidence.

Soon, the two chaotic creatures shaking the dice stopped moving.

The dice are still rolling.

This kind of dice and dice cup are specially made, and there is no means to interfere with the result.


There are so many ways to cheat.

For example, you can work from a table where dice and dice cups are placed!


The mother-in-law worked secretly, seeing that the dice were about to stop turning, and the chaotic creatures with tails were going to lose.


At this moment, Chen Fan suddenly released an astonishing killing intent, directly targeting the mother-in-law.


The mother-in-law was so frightened that her pupils shrank, and she took precautions wholeheartedly.


The dice stop rolling!


The tailed chaotic creature and its opponent open their cups at the same time!

Chen Fan put away the killing intent.

"My big!"


"Ha ha…"

"I actually won!"

The chaotic creature with a tail was surprised and jumped up excitedly.

The mother-in-law's face sank.

The Gambler's face changed horribly, and he looked at the mother-in-law abruptly and asked, "Why?"

"This this…"

"Did not you say…"


Before his words were spoken, the mother-in-law directly slapped it out.


God of Gamblers, die!

The surrounding chaotic creatures and gray shadows were completely stunned.

It all happened so fast, who could have guessed?


Shui Furong and Jiang Rongyu hugged each other fiercely, and both breathed a sigh of relief.

Although Shui Furong is very confident in her natal magic, but...

With the mother-in-law around, she has no idea in her heart!

Jiang Rongyu thought so even more!


"Hurry up and rest!"

Jiang Rongyu felt that the breath of Shui Hibiscus had weakened a lot, and hurriedly said.

"it is good."

Shui Furong knew that she would contribute to the village owner next, and after putting away the resources of the God of Gamblers, she hurriedly rested.

"Master Chen, it's your turn!"

At this moment, the mother-in-law looked at Chen Fan and said directly: "If I win, I will tear Wang Dabao's mouth apart! At the same time, I want 10 people outside of you to die!"


Jiang Rongyu was suddenly unhappy: "Mother-in-law, didn't you say you want to tear Wang Dabao's mouth apart? Why has the bet changed again?"

"Before the bet is opened, any bet can be changed." The mother-in-law asked, "You don't understand the rules?"


"Just right!"

Chen Fan's eyes flashed, he pulled Jiang Rongyu behind him, and said, "If I win."

"Release the Hidden God! Tell me, what is special about my body in the Shenxu!"

As long as you don't lose, you won't die!

He must win!


Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law directly shook her head and said domineeringly: "If you win, I can only release the hidden god!"

"If you want to know what's special about your body in the Shenxu, you have to gamble with me again!"


Chen Fan frowned.

"Gamble or not?"

"Don't bet, I'll kill Hidden God now!"

The mother-in-law directly threatened!

Extremely domineering!

"it is good!"

Chen Fan's eyes sank, and he said, "I bet!"

"However, I will decide how to play!"


The mother-in-law nodded and asked, "How are you going to gamble?"

Whether she wins or loses, she has nothing to lose, so why is she unhappy?

Under the watchful eyes of the public, Chen Fan opened his mouth and said...

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