Chapter 4344:I Am In Charge of Myriad Realms Bank

Chen Fan VS God Mother-in-law!

"Gambling doesn't have to be in a casino."

Chen Fan said.


Hearing this, the mother-in-law raised her brows: "What do you mean?"

"The meaning is very simple."

Chen Fan stared at the mother-in-law and said, "In this city of death, find a battlefield at will! You and I will bet: who wins and who loses, how?"

"It's a novel way to play."

The mother-in-law commented impartially: "Also, it's much more advanced than the ones I played before!"

The chaotic creatures and gray shadows in the underground casino also nodded, feeling that this gameplay is indeed very novel.

Fair enough too!

"You people from Wanjie Qianzhuang have very innovative gameplay."

The mother-in-law said, "Are you worried about me cheating?"

"That's right."

Chen Fan didn't hide it, he said, "No one is more familiar with this place than you."

"Here, you are God."

"If I'm not mistaken, this underground casino should be a godhead, right?"


Hearing this, Jiang Rongyu and Shui Hibiscus changed their expressions.


Are we in the Godhead? !

Isn't this the equivalent of being inside the Wanjie Bank system?

Brother Fan (owner) is a ** in the Wanjie Bank system!

"That's right."

The mother-in-law raised her brows, obviously a little surprised. I didn't expect Chen Fan to have such eyesight. She nodded her head in admiration and said, "As expected of the heir chosen by the Chaos Godhead."

"You are very good."

"This first game, the old woman will bet with you!"


Immediately, she left the underground casino straight away!


Seeing this, Chen Fan couldn't help but feel a little surprised. He didn't expect that the mother-in-law would actually let him leave the underground casino and leave the home court that belonged to the mother-in-law.


Since you let me go, why should I be polite?

Chen Fan left with Jiang Rongyu and Shui Furong.


Immediately, the two sides walked in the air, looking for a battlefield in the city of death, looking for a battlefield suitable for betting.

With the strength of both sides, it is not difficult to block the mysterious pressure from the air.

"I understand."

At a certain moment, Chen Fan suddenly understood and said, "Mother-in-law, the reason why you are willing to let me leave the underground casino is because you feel that even in the underground casino, you can't keep me."

"Just get out of there."


"Yes and no."

The mother-in-law smiled faintly, with mystery surging in the bottom of her eyes, and said, "The old woman liked to gamble when she was young, but when she is old, she has no other ability, so she can only use the gambling skills she trained in her youth to open a casino. "

"Earn some resources."

"If you blow yourself up in my casino, the old woman's hard-working casino will be destroyed."

"If the casino is destroyed, the old woman's status in the city of death will plummet."


"The old woman doesn't need to force you."

"Also, your gameplay is really advanced, and the old woman really wants to gamble."

"Why tell me this?"

Chen Fan asked with a frown, and he couldn't understand the attitude of the mother-in-law more and more.

"Want to know?"

"One more bet with me, and I'll tell you if I win."

The mother-in-law's eyes fell on a battle and said, "That's it!"

"The old woman bet these ** kings will die!"

"Showing their bodies at night, and they don't have too much strength, they will surely die, and the old woman can't think of how they will live."

"People, the potential is endless."

Chen Fan looked at the battlefield below, especially when he saw one of the * kings, his eyes flashed, and a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, and said: "I bet, these * kings can live!"


"Unless a miracle occurs."

The mother-in-law shook her head, just suspended in the air, silently.


Chen Fan said lightly: "I am familiar with these two words."

"If someone calls it 'miracle', our relationship should be good."

"You talk much more interesting than Chaos God."

The mother-in-law looked at the battlefield below and said distractedly.

"Have you seen Lord Chaos God?"

Chen Fan raised his brows and asked.

"I have seen."

The mother-in-law said, "So far, the only creature that the old woman admires."

"none of them!"

Hearing this, Chen Fan was surprised.

This evaluation is very high, but...why is there such an evaluation?

Obviously, there must be some story between the ** mother-in-law and the Chaos God.

"No need to ask."

The mother-in-law shook her head and said, "There is nothing more to say."

"It's time to decide the winner."

Saying that, she bluntly shifted the topic to the battlefield below.

Chen Fan did not ask any further questions, but also turned his attention to the battlefield below.

"Lord Water God, run away!"

"Our Queen!"

"No! You go! I'm coming to the Queen! I have the ability to protect myself, you don't! Once you stay, you will die!"


"Come on!"

"Lord Water God, you must survive! We will follow you in the future!"

"Lord Water God, after this matter, my life, Lao Yu, will belong to you!"



Soon, the kings of gods on the battlefield were divided into two waves.

The Water God and her heirs and henchmen!

The god-kings who cooperated turned around and ran away. They spoke nicely, but they acted decisively and did not hold back at all.




They cut a ** path abruptly.


Seeing this, the mother-in-law shook her head and said, "Divided and fought, you will die faster."

"The surrounding chaotic creatures and gray shadows have formed a new encirclement."

"These fleeing ** kings can't escape!"


Chen Fan said: "Not only can it not run away, but it will attract more attention and strength."

"They are dead."

Hearing this, the mother-in-law couldn't help but glance at Chen Fan, what do you mean?

How do you feel that there is something in Chen Fan's words?

"If they can blow themselves up, that's even better."

Chen Fan continued: "It will neither affect the water god, but it will also kill chaotic creatures and gray shadows on a large scale. It can also attract more sight and power, making the water ** less stressed."


The mother-in-law rolled her eyes, and instantly understood what Chen Fan meant: "Do you suspect that this water ** is behind the temple on purpose?"

"That's right."

Chen Fan did not deny it.

"Maybe she did it on purpose, but how did she know that those ** kings would blow themselves up?"

"If these fleeing * kings don't blow themselves up, then... this water * can't escape either."

The mother-in-law shook her head, not believing Chen Fan's speculation: "The human heart is the most difficult to predict."


"The human heart is the hardest to predict."

Chen Fan said: "In this world, the most difficult thing to study is not cultivation, but people's hearts."

"However, once the research is thorough..."


Suddenly, a self-destruction sounded.

Immediately after...




Serial explosion!

The serial self-destruction of seventeen ** kings.

Its scale and destructive power can be imagined!

Even the battlefield where the water * and other * kings are located is affected!


The mother-in-law's pupils shrank, and she had a bad premonition.

Did those ** kings who escaped really blew themselves up?

It's ok!

Even if they blew themselves up, this water ** might not be able to escape!

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