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National-level actress Tan Yue, low-key and non-hype, from an early age to 30 years old, has become a fruitful kaolin flower in the entertainment industry.
She has been in hot search for two days because of a photo, but the protagonist is not her.

In the photo, her bodyguard has a rigorous uniform, long waist and thin legs, and gorgeous features. She gently stretched out her hand to support the female star who got out of the car and wore a bright red dress.

I heard Ji called a piece in the hot search.

——Bodyguard sister, I can!

-Please God grant me a bodyguard sister!

Everyone has been picking up the bodyguard sister for a long time, but there is no reason to pick it up. As Tan Yue’s Reuters is getting more and more,

The female bodyguards who have been guarding the side are getting more and more shots, and they are even on par with Tan Yue.

Until one day, a video came on a hot search. The uniformed bodyguard frowned at Tan Yue who was wearing a cool evening dress and quickly took off his coat and put it on her.

Tan Yinghou touched the beautiful side face of the bodyguard, and pulled her tie to kiss him.

Tan Yuev: It’s my girlfriend.

Kaolin Flower, a national-level actress and her loyal dog bodyguard
Some of the queens are the flowers of Gaoling in the daytime, and in the evening they slap their lips to the ascetic little bodyguard of their own home.

Some bodyguards are abstinent during the day and face like frost on the face of force. At night they hug their sister and hum and say that they don’t want to work hard.

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One sentence introduction: No one can solve the poison of loyal dogs
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