Chapter 1:I Have a Random New System Daily

Scum, Ye Tianyi

There are many stars in the sky, moonlight and starlight illuminate the darkness, and shine through the thin curtains into a huge room.

The room is a girl’s boudoir, all kinds of cosmetics, feminine pink walls, and pink soft beds.

Ok? ?

Why are there toilet papers and messy clothes scattered all over the floor and crumpled up?

Damn! Whose hood belongs to? Whose hood fell to the ground?


A man suddenly kicked open the bedroom door, and the scene before him made him tremble with anger.

"Ye Tianyi, your special mother is not good to die!"

The man roared.


At this moment, a man lying on the bed like a dead pig suddenly opened his eyes, then sat up, scratched his head, and looked at the angry man at the door with bewildered and confused eyes.

who am I?

where am I?

What am I doing?

The classic three consecutive questions popped up in Ye Tianyi's mind.


suddenly sat up next to a girl.

"Old...husband, listen to my explanation, I...we are...we are doing push-ups, it's too...too hot, so it's just too hot."

The girl looked at him in a panic and said.

" guys!"

The man pointed at them angrily, tears falling.

Ye Tianyi then glanced around.

On the earth a second ago, he and his childhood sweetheart Fengya were forced to Burial Heart Cliff by more than a dozen ancient clan powerhouses. In the end, they had no way to escape and jumped down to Burial Heart Cliff. They were dead and no life, but why did he appear here? ?

Could it be... I crossed it?

Foggy grass?

O...Oli here!

Ye Tianyi then showed a surprised expression!

Then he came back to his senses and watched this scene, a memory flooded into his mind, and then he... completely confused.

This is not the earth, it is a place called the Sky Blue Star, and the owner of this body is also called Ye Tianyi, a...a real scum!

In this sky blue star, everyone who can practice is called a martial artist, and Ye Tianyi is a waste with extremely poor talent, but fortunately, the family is rich and powerful. Ye Tianyi is the legendary dude who is proficient in eating, drinking, and gambling. What I like most is to shui other people's wives.

In the entire Tianshui Holy City, in his memory, he has given out hats to dozens of honest people.

His aim is that I can't beat you, but you must not mess with me, or I will give you a hat.

No, this is the case now.

The man at the door was Lin Yang. He humiliated Ye Tianyi in public at a banquet two days ago. Two days later, that is, two hours ago, Ye Tianyi put on him a beautiful hat with a square glowing green light.

"Niu...Niu batch!"

Ye Tianyi couldn't help but exclaimed in his heart.

Just two days? What else can he say besides Niubi? Although the master of this body is a waste of cultivation, he is quite accomplished in this respect.

Isn’t life alive just to achieve a result? This is considered to be there,

It's just that he just seemed to suddenly die, which is why Ye Tianyi on the earth can pass through him.


What should I do now?

Ye Tianyi roared inwardly.

"Ye Tianyi, dare to sleep with my girlfriend, you die for me!"

Lin Yang's eyes were blood red, and a raging flame burned around his body.

"and many more!"

Ye Tianyi stretched out his hand, then walked out of the bed pretendingly and put on his clothes on the ground.

"I bet you dare not kill me."

Ye Tianyi put on his clothes and looked at him and said.

"I won't kill you? Ye Tianyi, you deceived people too much, I swear not to be a man if I don't kill you!"

was very angry, but he really didn't dare to kill. There were too many people who wanted to kill him, but no one dared. Although Ye Tianyi is a trash, his sister...

But he abolished his head office, right?

"Oh? Then you wait a minute!"

Ye Tianyi then took out his mobile phone, edited a circle of friends, and mumbled the content while typing.

"I gave Lin Yang's girlfriend Chen Mengyao to Shuhui tonight, but Lin Yang suddenly came back, and now he is in front of me, what should I do? Waiting online, it's very anxious."

Lin Yang:? ? ?

Then Ye Tianyi smiled and shook his phone and said, "If you kill me, I will post it. My circle of friends is full of young masters in the holy city of Tianshui, the eldest daughter, if they know, Can you Lin Yang still raise your head to be a man?"

Damn! This is not him! Why can he be so shameless? But he could only do this, and he couldn't fight, he could only solve this matter in accordance with the style of the original owner of the body.


Lin Yang pointed at Ye Tianyi angrily.

Ye Tianyi then swaggered past him, and when he passed by, Ye Tianyi said slightly: "Tell you a secret, as it is your reward for not killing me."

Then Ye Tianyi gently leaned into Lin Yang's ear, who was shaking with rage, and whispered:

"Your wife is awesome."


In the next instant, Ye Tianyi rushed out the door.

You have to boast after using other people's things, and give a good comment to be polite.

"Ah! Ye Tianyi! Asshole!"

Lin Yang roared angrily.

Typical incompetent rage, wanting to kill, not dare.


"What the ** is this TMD."

Ye Tianyi was walking on the streets of Tianshui Holy City at night. The autumn wind rustled him a little bit coldly.

This picture is really weak. UU reading is inherently weaker, and he basically doesn't practice much, eating and drinking, drinking, drinking, and indulgence, so he is even weaker.

Ye Tianyi on the road is familiar with the world based on the memory of the original owner of this body.

Sky Blue Star, the Sky Blue Continent, there are hundreds of empires. The empires are mostly incompatible with the empires, and there are frequent wars. The Tianshui Empire is a small and medium empire, and the situation is not good!

It has the same technology as the earth, mobile phones, computers, sports cars, high-rise buildings and so on. The difference is that this is a world where strength is respected. As long as you have a little talent, you can practice. As for how far you can go I don't know.

There are countless powerful monsters threatening human life outside every city.

"Fun Ya and I fell down to the cliff of Burial Heart, and if I can be reborn, does it mean that Feng Ya has also come to this world?"

Ye Tianyi suddenly thought of this possibility.

One move, one move, he can fight, and he is not weak. He is a martial artist on earth, so he can accept the cultivation system Ye Tianyi in this world.

Walking along, Ye Tianyi followed the memory and came to his residence, which is a relatively luxurious community.


Ye Tianyi opened the door and walked in.

It's dark in the room.

"came back?"

A girl who didn't have much emotion, was a little cold, but came over with a little caring voice for Ye Tianyi.

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