Chapter 3628:I Have a Random New System Daily

Jiedu Dan

Chapter 2832 Detoxification Pill

Although Ye Xian'er said so, Ye Tianyi's heart was still quite warm.

She is still worried about her own safety.

Ye Tianyi said: "So, you also know that it will be dangerous for me to come to the Moon God Palace? You also know that if the Moon God Palace finds out about my relationship with you, the Moon God Palace will even try to kill me. Such a place, really Is it okay?"

Ye Xian'er shook her head slightly; "There are some things that don't need to be done without objection. What's the use of you coming?"

Ye Tianyi said: "At least I can return the law of mind to you."

"It's useless for me to hold it."

Ye Tianyi said: "I'm not an ordinary martial artist with a low realm anymore. I know very well whether it is useful or not. No matter how powerful the mental and kung fu techniques are, it is impossible for the spiritual law to be useless, right? It is useful, and it will definitely be useful in a short time. Very useful, never dare I say."

Ye Xian'er stopped in her tracks and looked at Ye Tianyi: "However, the law of the mind is not safe on me. I am with countless masters all day long, and the law of the mind will be exposed one day. Once exposed, don't say anything about this thing." It's you, and I can't keep it in my hands, so it's best to keep it in your hands."

Ye Tianyi looked into her beautiful eyes and said, "Then you have to promise me that you will see me often. In this case, I can use the law of the heart to help you, and I will feel more at ease."

Ye Xian'er nodded slightly.

Then she pointed to a medicinal garden in front of her, and said, "There are all kinds of medicinal herbs and spiritual objects in it."

Ye Tianyi nodded.

Ye Xian'er then asked: "Did you just come here because you heard about Venerable Frost Moon?"

Ye Tianyi shook his head: "No."


Ye Xian'er looked at Ye Tianyi suspiciously.

Ye Tianyi said, "I came here a few months ago."

She frowned slightly.

"I am now a direct disciple of the master of Bodhi Peak in Shengyue Palace."

Ye Xian'er: "..."

"The Immortal Venerable?"

Ye Xian'er groaned.


"The Immortal Venerable is a rather special existence. His cultivation is not even in the Primordial God King Realm, but his combat power is extremely strong, but it is not that he is not talented enough, but that he has not dared to advance to the Primordial King Realm for so many years. God King Realm, he is too cautious."

Ye Tianyi nodded: "I understand."

"Well, if you want to stay in the Moon God Palace, you can do it. The treatment in the Moon God Palace is really good, but..."

She looked at Ye Tianyi with beautiful eyes and said: "I don't want you to stay in the Moon God Palace, you should go to a place that suits you better, instead of being bound in the Moon God Palace."

Ye Tianyi laughed and said, "Sister, do you think that with my ability, I might be bound in the Moon God Palace?"

"But, Mu Xiuyu will be destroyed by the forest wind, and I don't want you to attract the attention of the Moon God Palace too much. It may be possible in other places, but here...not."

Of course it wasn't because Ye Tianyi couldn't make his mark in the Moon God Palace, but because they had an unusual relationship.

Once Ye Tianyi was too dazzling to attract attention, maybe too much communication between them would also attract attention.

"If I'm not in the Moon God Palace, and you don't want the law of the mind, then how can I protect you? I don't want to, don't worry, I've also experienced countless storms and waves along the way, why haven't I seen it before?"

Ye Tianyi smiled and said.

Ye Xianer sighed inwardly.

It was precisely because she knew how difficult Ye Tianyi's journey was and how many storms he had gone through, so she couldn't bear to do so.

"Sister, there are so many ways to cultivate in this world, it is really not necessary to practice this."

Ye Xian'er shook her head.

"There are some things you can't help yourself."

Ye Tianyi frowned; "Is the Moon God Palace forcing you?"


Ye Xian'er shook her head; "You don't have to worry about this at all, they didn't force me, they even treated me very well, but I have my own choice."

Ye Tianyi sighed.

Yes, she does have her own choices.

But how could Ye Tianyi let it go?

Ye Xian'er then looked at Ye Tianyi and asked, "Can you really cure this poison?"

Because she felt that Ye Tianyi was more likely to see her, so she said that he could detoxify.

Although he can fail, but...

Ye Tianyi said: "If you can solve it, you must be able to solve it."

Ye Xian'er looked at Ye Tianyi in surprise.

Ye Tianyi smiled and said, "You still don't know me well enough, I'm going."


Then Ye Xian'er watched Ye Tianyi walk into the medicine garden.

The whole world, the huge Luna Palace, and countless top doctors, they have nothing to do now, can Tianyi detoxify?

If so, doesn't it mean that in some respects, his medical skills have surpassed almost everyone?

Ye Tianyi found a lot of medicinal materials in the medicine garden before walking out.

Ye Xian'er was waiting for him here.

"Let's refine the detoxification pill here. I may need to try many times, and it will be troublesome to go back and forth."

Ye Xianer nodded.

Afterwards, Ye Tianyi directly sacrificed the medicine cauldron and began to refine the detoxification pill.

All kinds of medicinal materials were thrown into it.

"Do you need to refine new pills?" Ye Xian'er asked.

"Yes." Ye Tianyi nodded: "According to the condition of this poison, a new elixir that can detoxify must be temporarily refined."

Ye Xianer; "..."

To be honest, it's hard just to think about it.

In itself, refining new elixir is a very, very difficult thing. If it is simple, then there will be an endless stream of elixirs on this continent.

Tian Yi is much more powerful than she imagined.

Moreover, his realm is not that high, he was already a famous existence on the leaderboard before.

Now, his realm is even higher.

Soon, Tianlei attracted.

Ye Xian'er looked up at Tianlei.

Has this been successfully refined?

When Leiyun came, it proved that the pill was successfully refined, and it only needed to block Leiyun to be completely successful.

That is to prove that the new elixir he refined was a direct success.

This is a new pill.


Before Ye Tianyi moved, UU Reading Ye Xian'er rushed directly into the void, blocking the Dan Lei for him.

Ye Tianyi looked up at her with a smile.

It's better to be a sister.

Ye Tianyi walked over to open the medicine cauldron, and then took out the medicine pill.

"I didn't expect to succeed this time." Ye Tianyi said.

"Then it's time to see if this elixir can detoxify."

"Do you want to take it and try it?"

Ye Tianyi shook his head; "Not for now."

Afterwards, Ye Tianyi took out the poison, and then directly absorbed it into his body.

Ye Xian'er's pupils shrank.

"Are you crazy?"

She frowned slightly and looked at Ye Tianyi, but she had no time to stop Ye Tianyi.

Who would have thought anyone would do this.

(end of this chapter)

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