Chapter 3629:I Have a Random New System Daily

Conversation with Ye Xian'er

Ye Tianyi was too confident in himself.

Moreover, with the existence of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, even if he is poisoned, he has no way to detoxify, and he can directly use the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl to detoxify himself!

Including the words of Venerable Frost Moon, even if Ye Tianyi couldn't detoxify her, he could forcibly detoxify her with the Wan Poison Pearl.

It's just that Ye Tianyi, Wanduzhu, naturally didn't want to be exposed easily.

Therefore, it is better for him to use his experience and the power of Wan Poison Pearl to find out the antidote.

"Don't worry, I'm fine."

Ye Tianyi looked at Ye Xian'er and said with a grin.

Ye Xian'er opened her mouth, but she really didn't know what to say.

Ye Tianyi then said in order to make her feel more at ease, "I have a treasure on me. This treasure can make me invulnerable to all poisons. Even the poison of the poison king is of no use to me."


Ye Xianer nodded.

After Ye Tianyi was poisoned, he didn't use the power of Wan Poison Pearl to detoxify, but absorbed the poison with all his heart.

It's really strong.

Afterwards, Ye Tianyi took the pill he refined.

After the elixir entered his body, Ye Tianyi felt that the elixir turned into a warm current and entered his body.


Ye Tianyi then sat down and began to feel the power of the medicine carefully.

Ye Xian'er was standing not far away.

Occasionally, she would keep staring at Ye Tianyi, and occasionally she would look away, maybe thinking of something.

After a while, Ye Tianyi stood up.

"How?" Ye Xian'er asked.

"Understood." Ye Tianyi said.

Ye Xian'er: "..."

Ye Tianyi didn't expect it to be that simple.

In fact, he reserved two days for himself, and he thought that one day was enough.

But it was a little surprising that it succeeded once.

But it's not such a strange and surprising thing.

Then Ye Tianyi took out another pill and handed it to Ye Xian'er.

"Sister, take it and give it to Venerable Frost Moon."

"Let's go together."

Ye Xian'er said.


Then the two walked out of the medicine garden together.

"Who was the third elder before?"

Ye Tianyi asked curiously.

I don't know if it's Ye Xian'er's master.

"The third elders of Shengnvfeng can be regarded as half of my master. Most of the abilities I have learned are cultivated from the elders of Shengnvfeng."

"Understood." Ye Tianyi nodded.

They came to the inner courtyard.

The three elders were still waiting there.

"How's it going?"

The third elder looked at Ye Tianyi and asked.

"It's done."


She did show a surprised expression.

Ye Xian'er took out the elixir: "Third Elder, it shouldn't be a big problem if Elder Shuangyue takes this elixir."


The third elder took the pill, and several of them walked over together.

inside the house.

The three of them walked over.

When Venerable Frost Moon saw someone coming, she also turned her head to take a look.

Her condition has become much worse than what Ye Tianyi saw just now.

It is estimated that in another day, she may be unconscious.

"Take this pill."

The third elder walked over.

Venerable Frost Moon took the elixir and took it without any hesitation.

Next, let's see the effect of this elixir.

To be honest, neither the Third Elder nor Venerable Frost Moon believed that Ye Tianyi could refine the antidote.

Not even a day has passed yet.

However, everyone has said so, and this elixir does not seem to be poisonous, so I can only try it.

At this time, several old men walked in.

"Third Elder, we probably already have some direction in the research and development of the antidote."

An old man said something.

"Well, sorry for the trouble."

The third elder said softly.

"It's okay, how is Venerable Frost Moon's condition now?"

the old man asked.

"Venerable Frost Moon has just taken the antidote, so I don't know what will happen."


Hearing this, the old men were taken aback.

None of them are from Luna Palace, but they are also well-known in the mainland.

"The third elder means that the antidote has already been refined?"

The third elder glanced at Ye Tianyi.

Those people also looked at Ye Tianyi at the same time.

"It's you?"

Seeing Ye Tianyi, they were all stunned.


Then the leading old man said: "Third Elder, you can't go to the doctor in a hurry. If something goes wrong, there may really be no solution!"

In fact, the third elder did not go to the doctor in a hurry.

Because at least Ye Xian'er was watching.

Moreover, Venerable Frost Moon's realm is very high. She doesn't believe that a non-poisonous elixir, even if it has no effect, will not have much impact on Venerable Frost Moon's current state.

Ye Tianyi stood there and said calmly: "By the time you develop the antidote, Venerable Frost Moon will have already passed away."

"You are presumptuous! What kind of thing are you? You came to the Moon God Palace in a bluff? How old are you?"

The old man pointed at Ye Tianyi and angrily reprimanded him.


Ye Tianyi glanced at him and said, "Age doesn't explain everything, does it?"

"The whole continent has nothing to do. You told the old man that you have developed the antidote? Third Elder, do you believe it?"

"All right."

At this time, Venerable Frost Moon opened his eyes and said lightly.


Everyone looked at Venerable Frost Moon.

Venerable Frost Moon looked at Ye Tianyi.

This expression was also full of surprise and disbelief.

Then she got out of the bed and hugged Ye Tianyi with a fist: "Thank you!"


Everyone around was stunned.

"My poison has been completely cured, and the rest will probably take some time to be completely cured."


They were even more shocked.

Although the third elder was plain on the surface, he couldn't help being shocked by it.

"it is good."

The third elder nodded in satisfaction.

"Your Excellency, is what you said true?"

The old man still asked in disbelief.

"I won't be joking with my own life, right?"


They looked at each other, then at Ye Tianyi.

"I don't know where my little friend is from?"

"The Immortal Venerable Bodhi Peak." Ye Tianyi said lightly.


They were surprised again.

However, UU Reading, whether it is Venerable Frost Moon or the Third Elder, they all think that this should not be the case.

At least, this Ye Tianyi's medical skills should be learned from other places.

"You come with me."

The third elder said something to Ye Tianyi, and then walked out.

Ye Tianyi glanced at Ye Xian'er and followed.

The third elder took Ye Tianyi to the distance of the Saintess Peak.

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