Chapter 3630:I Have a Random New System Daily


The latest website: The third elder seems to be calm in heart, but in fact it is definitely not the case.

You know, how many powerful doctors are there in Luna Palace?

Basically, the top doctors on the mainland have already tried this matter.

It's not that there is no way, but that they may need time!

But what about Ye Tianyi?

It hasn't been a day since he came here, is the poison detoxified?

How can this make people not surprised?

"Are you a disciple of the Moon God Palace?"

The third elder asked faintly as he walked forward.

"Yes, the disciple is exactly the disciple of the Immortal Venerable at Bodhi Peak in Shengyue Palace."

"The Immortal Venerable himself knows."

The reputation of the Undead Venerable is still great.

Although his realm is not that high, his reputation is not low.

He is not an unknown person.

Not only the Moon God Palace, but also many powerful sects know him.

"Your medical skills should be learned from other strong people, right?"

Ye Tianyi nodded: "Yes."


The third elder didn't ask any more questions.

Then she changed the subject and said, "Now I will take you to get the promised reward."

The Moon God Palace summoned the most powerful physicians in the world to detoxify Venerable Frost Moon, so naturally it could not be without benefits.

Naturally, they also listed the benefits, that's why so many people came here even if they just had a try or even a fluke mentality.

Ye Tianyi said, "Senior, I don't need these things."


She paused and turned to look at Ye Tianyi.

Those things are not some ordinary treasures!

Even for the Primordial God-King Realm, or even the demigods, they are extremely tempting top-level treasures and spiritual objects of heaven and earth, and there are even some pills.

"Then what do you want?"

The third elder asked.

Ye Tianyi said: "I also came to the Moon God Palace not long ago."


The third elder nodded.

Although she didn't know much about it, she could guess it.

After all, the Immortal Venerable seems to be the Moon God Palace who just came some time ago, so it is impossible for this kid in front of him to be an old man from the Moon God Palace.

"That's how it is. Although these things are precious, there will always be a day when they will be used up. Maybe some of them are not so useful to me now. I want to be trained by the Moon God Palace, is that okay?"

The third elder thought for a while.

"Sit down first."

She then took Ye Tianyi to the side and sat down.

"This matter cannot be decided by the deity alone. You have to be clear that it takes a long time to cultivate a genius, and the energy, manpower and resources consumed during this period will actually be far greater than those given to you. , so, you are quite smart."

Ye Tianyi smiled and said, "After all, this is the Moon God Palace."


The third elder pondered; "You are a disciple of the Undead Venerable, so your resources should not be too bad, but according to you, you also have greater ambitions and a longer-term vision."


She looked at Ye Tianyi and said, "It's impossible for my Luna Palace to support idlers. The Luna Palace can give you these things and make friends with you at the same time. Since you don't want it, you want to choose to go long-term to catch big fish, theoretically." There is such an opportunity in the world, but the key depends on you."

"Please tell me, senior."

The third elder said: "Even if it is as strong as the Moon God Palace, there are not many people who really train them. The thirty-six palaces and hundreds of peaks, there are only a few hundred people who are the most important ones to train. Those who really spend effort to train are no more Thirty or so, one in each house."

This amount seems to sound quite a lot, but don't forget, this is the Luna Palace!

So, it's too voluminous here!

You may be the Son of God in other sects, but here, you may not even be the most important person to be cultivated in one of the palaces.

She continued: "Luna Palace will naturally make decisions according to the actual situation, so you must have the qualifications that can make Luna Palace willing to train you in this way."

"I'm on the leaderboard." Ye Tianyi said.

The third elder smiled and said: "In the entire Luna Palace, there are no less than a thousand people who have entered the ranking list, and many of them have no special status in the Luna Palace. Of course, they are not too bad, but Probably not to the extent you want."

Ye Tianyi nodded: "What about my medical skills?"

"That is naturally your capital."

The third elder continued: "Your medical skills are indeed the most outstanding thing I can see so far, so please tell me how high your medical skills can reach."

Ye Tianyi said: "In the entire Moon God Palace, I think my medical skills can beat a dozen."

"Oh?" Ye Tianyi's words made her also stunned.

"Are you so confident?"

Ye Tianyi said: "Moon God Palace can test me at will."


The third elder nodded; "Since you said that, the deity will keep this matter in mind. Since you have made your choice, then you should go back to Shengyue Palace first. If there is anything, someone will come to Shengyue Palace to invite you." .”

Ye Tianyi hugged her with a fist; "Then I would like to thank the third elder."

"No need."

"Disciple farewell."


Then Ye Tianyi left.

Although he still wanted to see Ye Xian'er again.

But it is a bit too deliberate, and it needs to attract their attention.

The third elder looked at Ye Tianyi's back and nodded slightly.

"It's not easy."

She groaned.

His medical skills really caught her attention.

Or, no one won't notice, right?

There are so many top doctors in the whole continent, even the powerful doctors in Luna Palace can't help one thing, he can help solve it in less than a day.

This already shows the strength of his medical skills.

Yes, it can be considered that his medical skills are not that great, but he just happens to be a professional counterpart.

However, Ye Tianyi's self-confidence made her feel very real.

This is not blind arrogance.

He really did what he said before he said it.

If such a young person, his medical skills have reached more than 99.9%, the future of this person is limitless!

Even if he may not be so talented in martial arts, UU Reading But in the future, in the research of medical skills, the research and development of top-level medicines, etc., I am afraid that no one can match him.

It is worth cultivating well.

"Well, it is indeed worth going to the Moon God Palace to report."

The third elder then walked away.

She felt that Ye Tianyi should not be some unknown person.

With such powerful medical skills, and he still exists in the leaderboard, it is really not easy.

If he is a person in the ranking list, even if the ranking is not high, it means that his talent in martial arts is absolutely sufficient.

At least the demigod will definitely be able to achieve it in the future.

It is worth cultivating well.

(end of this chapter)

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