Chapter 3631:I Have a Random New System Daily

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Ye Tianyi returned to Bodhi Peak.

The Undead Venerable sat there leisurely basking in the sun, drinking tea.

"Yo, are you back?"

He glanced at Ye Tianyi and said lightly.

"I'm back, Master is so leisurely."

Ye Tianyi smiled and said.

"Isn't this what life is all about?" said the Immortal Venerable.

"Yeah, the disciples are also very envious."

The Immortal Venerable laughed, then waved his hand, and a wine glass flew in front of Ye Tianyi.

"Are you envious? Actually, you don't need to be envious."

Afterwards, Venerable Immortal said: "As a teacher, it is possible to do this because in this world, being a teacher has nothing to worry about, no relatives, no lover, and no friends worthy of special confidance. Are you still envious? "

Ye Tianyi sat in front of the Undead Venerable.

"What Master said is that sometimes people still need to know how to be content. Although I can't be as carefree as Master, I want to work hard to become stronger because I have so many people who care about me."


The Immortal Venerable smiled and said: "So, don't look at others for everything. Maybe others are better than you in many aspects, but you must also be better than him, or you really are not better than him. Nice place, but you must have a lot better off than the rest of the population."

Ye Tianyi nodded.


Then he looked at Venerable Immortal and asked, "Master, is it true that you don't intend to advance to the Immemorial God King Realm?"

The Immortal Venerable shook his head: "Since ancient times, how many people have fallen while advancing to the Immemorial God King Realm? As a teacher, I don't want to take this risk."

"However, the Divine Realm is the Divine Realm after all, and the Primordial Divine King Realm can increase the lifespan for so many years. Isn't Master not tempted?"

The Immortal Venerable said: "Wait until the teacher's life is approaching, and there is really no way to advance to the Primordial God King Realm. Now, there is no need for this at all. Think about it, as a teacher, there is no one to protect. As a teacher, I will not make enemies, let alone provoke others, and what's more, as a teacher is now the leader of the peak of the Moon God Palace, what do you think can happen to a teacher?"

Ye Tianyi rubbed his chin: "That's the truth, but Master, it's really not that dangerous to advance to the Immemorial God King Realm."


Venerable Immortal said hurriedly.

"Master, this promotion to the Immemorial God King Realm is nothing more than a point that needs to be paid attention to, that is Tianlei, right?"


The Immortal Venerable nodded.

"The disciple has a way to help the master resist the thunder. It can guarantee the promotion of the thunder of heaven's punishment to the ancient * king realm. Master, if you can advance to the ancient * king realm, it's better to advance. Others can't advance. And Master, you were able to advance but did not advance, and I heard that Master was able to advance hundreds of years ago, which is really a pity."

"Stinky boy, you have your own considerations as a teacher, so you don't have to worry about being a teacher."

"This disciple just thinks it's too much of a pity. Master isn't even in the Immemorial God King Realm, but he has already made a name for himself in the mainland. As far as I know, it's not just the Moon God Palace. This time I went to the site of the strong. I have already heard the name of Master from many people, so if Master has a high realm, wouldn't he be even more invincible?"

Ye Tianyi really felt that it was too pity.

The main reason is that when someone treats him well, he wants to think for others.

"Hahaha, it's okay, I understand what you mean as a teacher, but let's consider this matter for the teacher."

Ye Tianyi didn't say anything.

"By the way, how did you go to the Holy Maiden Peak this time?"

The Undead Venerable asked.

Ye Tianyi said: "It's okay, Venerable Frost Moon's poison has been cured."


The Undead Venerable was still extremely surprised.

"You figured it out?"

Ye Tianyi nodded: "It just so happens that I have some opinions on this."

"It seems that you are more powerful than the teacher imagined."

The Immortal Venerable sighed in admiration.

"Master is too honored."

"You don't have to be humble, what are your plans in the future? Have you seen him?"

Ye Tianyi nodded, and then said: "I plan to develop well in Moon God Palace, I don't want their reward."

"Well, it's a good choice. Do you want Luna Palace to train you well?"


Ye Tianyi nodded.


"The vision is very far-sighted. That's right. As a teacher, there is no problem. At that time, it doesn't matter whether you stay at Bodhi Peak or go anywhere."

Ye Tianyi said: "I would rather stay at Bodhi Peak. Bodhi Peak is clean and free from so many constraints. Moreover, I also want Master to advance to the Immemorial God King Realm."

"You boy, why are you so focused on letting the old man advance?"

Ye Tianyi said: "The disciple definitely hopes that the master will advance. In the next free time, the disciple will prepare everything until the master thinks that the promotion is safe."

The Immortal Venerable smiled and said: "You should honestly put your mind on cultivation, well, it's getting late, go to rest or practice."

"Yes, the disciple will leave."

Ye Tianyi then walked away.

In fact, it is very easy for the Undead Venerable to advance.

His talent is not weak.

It can even be said that the talent of the Undead Venerable is extremely strong.

He seems to be less than a thousand years old, and he seems to be able to advance to the Immemorial God King Realm hundreds of years ago.

This talent is simply awesome.

So for him, his desire to advance to the Immemorial God King Realm is just a matter of his own willingness or not.

Moreover, it is estimated that his advancement is not the first level of the Immemorial God King Realm, it may be the second level, or the third level.

After all, he has suppressed his strength for too many years.

The problem now is that he is afraid of the powerful sky thunder that advances to the Immemorial God King Realm.

Indeed, there are indeed many people who advanced to the Immemorial God King Realm and fell!

But for the Immemorial God King Realm, this is only a small part.

However, the chances of this small part may be quite high.

After all, this thunder is too powerful.

As for Ye Tianyi, he didn't have to be afraid of this at all.

Because he has the Thunder God Orb!

So, now Ye Tianyi plans to use the Thunder God Orb as the main force to see if he can create an absolutely safe area for the Undead Venerable.

After all, Ye Tianyi respected the Undead Venerable.

Without Venerable Undead's original recommendation, UU reading www. Ye Tianyi really didn't know how to get to the Moon God Palace.

But this time Venerable Frost Moon is an opportunity!

But who knew there would be such an opportunity?

Maybe Ye Tianyi panicked before that, and even chose to do some other things, which might even attract the attention of Luna Palace!

Now this situation is very good.

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