Chapter 1:I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo

Million billion protagonist halo!

"Spirit world? Eastern Wasteland, Xia Guoqingcheng?"

"What the ** are these?"

Suddenly a lot of memory fragments appeared in his mind, Su Zhan held his forehead and glanced around with a puzzled face.

The place where he is now is in an antique room.

Su Zhan's head was dizzy and walked to the big mirror in the room.

The boy in the mirror looks only fifteen or sixteen years old, with fair complexion and handsome eyebrows. With this face, he can probably make me feel ashamed of not knowing how many people in the entertainment industry are!

However, this is not his face!

Su Zhan's eyes suddenly widened, and he reached out a hand in fear and touched his cheek.

At this moment, the memory fragments in his mind have also merged with his memory.

At this time, he finally understood what was going on.

"I turned out to be crossing!"

"Furthermore, what is going through is a fantasy world. Through cultivation, you can become a strong man, fly to the sky and escape, and live forever!"

"The place where I am now is the Eastern Wasteland of the Spirit World, Qingcheng of Liangzhou in Xia Guo!"

"The identity is very good! He is the son of the Su Family Patriarch, one of the four major families in Qingcheng!"

Damn it! Rich second generation, this is!

Su Zhan was a little excited.

But soon, the memory from behind emerged, and his excitement paused for a while.

It is the rich second generation, but at the same time, it is also the famous waste of the Su family!

The meridians are blocked, absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, but only refining a very small part of it. He has been practicing at the age of six. It has been ten years since he was still in the first martial art realm. They are already above the sixth stage of Kaimai!

The most outstanding genius has even reached the ninth stage of Kaimai!

The gap is too big!

If other people encounter this situation, they will be desperate.

But Su Zhan was even more excited.

As a young man in the 21st century who has read many novels about the horse breaking the sky, he is familiar with the plot!

"It stands to reason that next, a woman should come to divorce me, and then I said,'Thirty years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi, don't bully the young and poor.' Then, a grandpa came out of the ring and asked me: "Young man, do you want to become stronger?" And so on, from then on, I married Bai Fumei with my golden finger and embarked on the pinnacle of life!"

Standard protagonist!

Su Zhan laughed and looked at his fingers.

Well, there is no mystery ring that lives with the old man?

Probably because the plot hasn't arrived yet?

After retiring, maybe you can pick up something like the remnant soul of a peerless powerhouse!

Su Zhan secretly guessed, and tried to run the True Qi cultivation.

The former'Su Zhan' was a waste, but now he is a traverser after all. Who knows if the physique has changed due to traversing?

It's better to give it a try!

ten minutes later.

Su Zhan stopped practicing, his expression depressed.

According to the standard of general cultivation talent, he can only absorb one-tenth of the heaven and earth aura of general talent.

Then, in this one-tenth of the heaven and earth aura, he refined into his own body's true energy, and only one-tenth.

As for general talent, at least 30% can be refined!

In other words, an ordinary warrior's cultivation for one day can be worth his cultivation for one month!

What a hammer!

If it weren't for the fact that there is a Patriarch, the spirit medicine, and the spirit pill, I am afraid that even the four-fold realm of opening the pulse is a luxury!


At this moment, there was a knock on the door.


The words have not been finished, the door has been pushed open.

Su Zhan's eyes fell on the servant at the door, a little unhappy.

"I haven't finished speaking yet, who told you to push the door in?"

"Sorry Master Su Zhan, I was anxious for a while, the Patriarch asked me to tell you to go to the living room, there are important people who want to see you!"

The servant said sorry, but his expression was not very respectful, and even a little gloating.

Hearing this, Su Zhan's eyes lit up?

Could it be that the divorce came?

Although there is no marriage contract in memory, this kind of baby kiss should be a matter of the previous generation, and it is normal that Su Zhan didn't know before.

Thinking like this, Su Zhan asked towards the servant: "What's the matter?"

The servant chuckled, yin and yang said with a strange aura: "There are three days left for the young master's birthday. No, the three major families have sent out the masters of the Qihai Realm to celebrate you in advance with the young master!"

One way of martial arts, first open the pulse of nine layers, and then condense the sea of ​​energy.

Qihai is already the top master of Qingcheng. The relationship between the three major families and the Su family has always been at odds. How could they send such a master to celebrate their junior birthday?

Or three days in advance?

Obviously, this is a problem.

Su Zhan frowned. Unexpectedly, the divorcee didn't come, but he was in trouble directly.

I don't know, I told them that 30 years in Hedong, 30 years in Hexi, and then settle accounts after three years, can they agree?

Don't just do it! Wouldn't it be overwhelming with this body at that time!

"Master Su, do you know you are afraid?"

Seeing Su Zhan frowning, the servant sneered: "Master, what kind of talent do you have? You still dare to compete with the geniuses of the three major families for opportunities, even if you eat that towering lotus? Can't be refined!"

It turned out to be for this!

Su Zhan suddenly realized.

Three days ago, the four major families of Qingcheng went to Lingshan outside the city to worship the mountain gods. A towering lotus in the mountain matured and released thousands of lights, attracting the four major families to compete.

But in the end, the towering lotus that had been psychic actually flew towards Su Zhan in a panic. Su Zhan was naturally ecstatic at the time and swallowed it without hesitation.

But how powerful is the medicinal power of Santianlian?

Those medicinal powers impacted the body, and instead caused his internal organs and blood vessels to be destroyed, and he was unable to refining, and he was finally killed.

And the three big families are also very unwilling. Coming today, it is estimated to see if he is still alive, and then make the Ye Family pay a large amount of gold coins as an excuse.

Wonders of heaven and earth, those who are predestined will get them.

Su Zhan swallowed the towering lotus under their noses, and with the protection of the Su Family Patriarch, they naturally had no choice.

But if Su Zhan couldn't refine the medicine power at all, it would be a waste of waste, and the three major families have reason to put pressure on the Su family!

"My talent, it's not your turn to be a dog slave to make irresponsible remarks!"

Su Zhan said coldly.

He also knew this servant, relying on being the close entourage of Su Heng, the first genius of the Su family, and the weak character of the previous Su Zhan, so he became even more unscrupulous.

Being reprimanded to the face, the servant felt angry, but soon, he suppressed his anger and said in a deep voice, "The servant knows."

Even though he looked down on Su Zhan again, his identity was there. If he really hardened himself, wouldn't he be a servant looking for death!

"Master Su Zhan, let's go, people from the three major families are waiting!"

After saying something, the servant turned his back with a cold smile on his face.

See how long you can be arrogant, people from the three major families come together to ask for trouble, and you are a good waste!

"Ding! Congratulations to the host, activate the protagonist's halo system!"

Just when Su Zhan stood up and was about to take a step, a mechanized voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

A light curtain appeared in front of my eyes, and on the light curtain were the names of the protagonists' auras.

"The system! Finally came, I will really be over if I don't come again!"

Su Zhan was overjoyed, his eyes fixed on the light curtain.

"The protagonist cultivates the halo, the protagonist's perceptual halo, the protagonist's amorous encounter halo..."

After watching for a full minute, he was a little confused.

"System, tell me, how many protagonist auras do I have?"

"Ding! Host, you have a hundred billion protagonist halo!"

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