Chapter 1244:I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo

I only get one punch!

The gate of heaven has dissipated, and the Taoist body of that day...

not good!

Realizing some possibilities, Elder Zhang's pupils shrank suddenly, and he waved the short knife in his hand without hesitation.

The golden sword light slashed towards Su Zhan, and at the same time, his body suddenly retreated!


The blade is broken!

In the brilliant golden light, a fair-skinned left hand suddenly sticks out!

A majestic explosion!

Elder Zhang, who had just retreated more than ten meters, rolled back!

The neck was just caught by this hand!

"Heavenly Dao Body, how could the Heavenly Dao Body condense so quickly!

It shouldn't be! ! "

Being captured by Su Zhan, Elder Zhang was full of unwillingness and said in shock.

"It's only been a long time, and I've already knocked out so much hair. If I slow down for a while, won't I really be beaten to be bald by you?"

Su Zhan slightly closed his eyes and opened them, saying angrily.


It turned out that in Su Zhan's heart, he joined forces with several Heavenly God Realm powerhouses just to make him bald?

But then again.

With this person's body even more outrageous than the monsters in the later stages of the Heavenly God Realm, it would be difficult to beat him to be bald...

Thanks to myself, I still feel that the other party has bled, which means that there is a flaw in the defense, and maybe this person can be killed.

But now I know.

In Su Zhan's eyes, the joint attack they had high hopes for was insignificant!

Desperate in his heart, Elder Zhang also felt a little regretful.

Although he was ready to die before he woke up to the Shendan Realm.

But unless there is no way, who really wants to die?

"Su Jianzi, I would like to give you all the secrets of my net worth, please let me live!"

Knowing that he had no chance of resisting, Elder Zhang didn't care about his face and begged for mercy directly.

Seeing Su Zhan, he didn't mean to let go.

Realizing that the soft can't be done, the only option is to be hard, Elder Zhang gritted his teeth: "Su Zhan, I am the elder of Tiansheng Mountain!

There are so many people watching the scene, you can't kill me-"


Su Zhan's left hand exploded with strength, and penetrated into his body.

Directly pinched Elder Zhang's neck.

"It's not enough for you to beat me for more than ten minutes, and you have to threaten me, it's really vicious!"

Throwing down Elder Zhang's body, Su Zhan looked up at the others.

Those experts in the ** realm seemed to be frightened by the scene of Su Zhan crushing and killing Elder Zhang.

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding!

I have absolutely no intention to disadvantage Su Jianzi at all!

It's all Elder Zhang...dogs!

It was all instigated by Zhang Laogou! "

"Yes, yes, yes! Not only instigation, but also coercion!

If we don't listen to him, a catastrophe will be imminent. We are weak and not his opponents. That's why we attacked you Jianzi in desperation! "

"Zhang Laogou deserves to die for his crime! If it wasn't for Jianzi, you took the shot first, and I would have attacked him!"

"Jianzi, I am the elder of the Haoran Qizong, and the relationship between the Haoran Qizong and Fenglei Jianzong has always been good!

My Qizong God, Haoyuan God, and Zhenguan God are also close friends!

I also hope that Jianzi will spare my life on this level of affection! "


One after another begging for mercy sounded.

After seeing Su Zhan's terrifying strength to crush and kill Zhang Quan at will, all the experts in the Heavenly God Realm didn't even dare to give birth to the heart to escape!

For fear of attracting Su Zhan's attention, he would be the first to die!

"I know, I'm an honest man."

Su Zhan swept his gaze over those who were in the Heavenly God Realm and continued: "But no matter how honest people are, it doesn't mean that they can be bullied by others!

I'm cultivating well here, but if you have nothing to do, hit me up.

Can you just write off all this nonsense now?

Of course, I am a good person.

You hit me a hundred times, a thousand times!

And me, just hit you once, you stand still, let me punch you, and then you can leave! "

As soon as these words came out, those Heavenly God Realm experts looked at each other in dismay.

Several seconds passed.

An old man in the ** realm bravely stood up.

Just now, he was the most vicious of Su Zhan, and it is estimated that if he all escaped, Su Zhan would definitely be the first to chase him.

So simply take a gamble.

Moreover, he said it was in the late stage of the God Realm. If it was just a blow, it should be able to block it... not good!

In his heart, he was thinking about where to escape after blocking the next blow, and how to explain the matter to the sect * after going out. The old man in the * realm felt the power of destruction carried by the fist in front of him, his pupils shrank suddenly, subconsciously. Just want to dodge sideways.

But he just had time to make a dodging move, and the torrent of punches from Su Zhan had already penetrated him!


A mouthful of turbid blood mixed with visceral fragments spit out, and the old man in the late stage of the gods fell on the spot!

"Run! He didn't want to let us go!"

"The power of one punch is so terrifying. After this son of Su Zhan awakens the Heavenly Dao Body, his strength is probably the first under the monarch!"

"Under the God Sovereign... But why do I think this guy is more scary than the God Sovereign!"


A series of terrified voices sounded.

After seeing the end of the first old man, the other Heavenly God Realm powerhouses were horrified and fled one after another!

At this time, they finally understood why Su Zhan said that only one punch was enough.

It's a pity that they thought Su Zhan was really kind and let them go with just one punch.

But now it seems that the reason for only one punch is that the person will die immediately after this punch!

Want a second punch?

Go to hell!

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