Chapter 1245:I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo

Su Zhan is already dead!

Frightened in their hearts, those Heavenly God Realm powerhouses tried their best to escape.


Su Zhan's eyes swept over the fleeing Heavenly God Realm powerhouses, and with a flip of his palm, the Tuji Mountain appeared in the palm of his left hand.

Divine lines on the surface of Tuji Mountain flashed, and a phantom shadow smashed into the ground below.

The next moment, with Su Zhan as the center, a powerful pulling force erupted in a radius of hundreds of miles!

Flying at a low altitude, the three Heavenly God Realm powerhouses who wanted to use the terrain to block Su Zhan's sight and increase the chance of escape were pulled.

make their speed drop suddenly.

And when they reacted and wanted to raise their heights and get out of the range of the earth-bound magical powers, several sword qi slashed down, slashing them together with the surrounding stone mountains into two sections!

After beheading the few people who fled on the ground, Su Zhan put away the Tuji Mountain and turned to look at the other fleeing people.

"The wind is coming!"

He pointed to a person far away.

The next moment, the law of the wind attribute was mastered, and a terrifying astral wind was born between the heavens and the earth, besieging the creatures in that area!


Su Zhan pointed at another person.

The sky above that person immediately condensed a terrifying thundercloud!

The thunder slammed down, making it have to avoid it again and again, and the speed was greatly reduced!

"The mighty power of heaven and earth! How can you control the mighty power of heaven and earth so easily!"

The Heavenly God Realm powerhouse who was trapped by Gangfeng just rushed out of Gangfeng when he saw that Su Zhan had come before him. In desperation, he shouted unwillingly.


Su Zhan threw a punch, killing him, and then threw a little thunder.

It turned into a huge thunder sword with a length of 100 meters, and killed the other person.

At this point, all those who wanted to kill him have all fallen, and Su Zhan also put away all the magical powers, and glanced at the corpses of those strong in the gods. There was not much joy on his face.

In this battle, he lost fifteen hairs!

Body surface trauma, that's even more—

Su Zhangang wanted to count how many wounds he had on his body.

But I found that I did not know when it had all healed, not to mention the wound, not even a scratch could be found.

So he shook his head a little embarrassedly.

In any case, this battle is indeed a heavy loss!

Fortunately, justice has triumphed over evil.

Fighting with this broken body, I also killed these devils one by one!

Justice has been served again!


Thinking of something, Su Zhan looked at the sky and whispered, "Clear sky!"

next moment.

The gloomy sky with the thunder and the dark clouds gathers the clouds and clouds, the sun is pleasant, and the sky is clear!

This is the special ability of the new ** body.

After condensing the new divine body, for some reason, Su Zhan felt that he already had a special connection with heaven and earth.

It seems that the wind and thunder of heaven and earth, the law of all things, have an affinity for him.

In this state, he can easily communicate with the world with divine power and the laws he controls, so as to achieve an effect similar to speaking out of the way.

Not only communication between heaven and earth, in terms of cultivation, compared to the previous divine body, the speed is also much faster!

Even cultivating various law powers is extremely easy!

The Heavenly Dao Body is indeed one of the strongest divine bodies in the God Realm!

Su Zhan sighed in his heart, and a smile appeared on his face. Before entering the realm of awakening gods, he had also read many books about gods.

Naturally understands the new divine body that he has condensed.

However, those classics seem to be a little too conservative.

It is said that although the Heavenly Dao Body is strong, it is not strong in combat, but in cultivation.

It is said that the Heavenly Dao Body can only communicate with the world and call the wind and call the rain if it accompanies the practitioner for at least ten thousand years.

It is even said that most of the powers of the heavens and the earth controlled by the Heavenly Dao Body are relatively simple, far from the level of heaven and earth that can affect powerful practitioners.

But now it seems.

These words are complete bullshit!

If you don't believe me, let the guys who wrote the book come over and try it. I'll just let the thunder strike you for three days and three nights to see if it can affect you!

Muttering in his heart, Su Zhan collected all the relics of those who were in the Heavenly God Realm, and then swept his gaze across the surrounding area.

Dozens of awakening pills not only allowed him to achieve the Heavenly Dao Body, but also increased his cultivation a lot.

It is now approaching the middle stage of the Heavenly God Realm.

He simply found a quiet place to practice for a few days, and improved his cultivation.

Anyway, the most precious thing in the awakening pill world is the awakening pill, and he is useless now.

As for the Heavenly God Cauldron with the Rejuvenating Pill, it really doesn't look like a mortal thing, but now there is no way to really drive it, so it can only be put aside for now.

With these thoughts in mind, Su Zhan chose a direction, threw the osseous chariot obtained from Saint Son Lie Yuan, and left the place under the action of four huge bone horses.


ten days later.

Beixuan God Territory, True Yang Divine Kingdom, above Xushan Square.

"Sect Master, I have successfully awakened the Linglong Divine Body!"

A woman in the ** realm rushed out of the realm of awakening gods and said with joy.


The Divine Sovereign of the Heavenly Puppet Sect smiled and nodded in praise. At the same time, he also glanced at the other Divine Sovereigns, feeling a little complacent.

Obviously, the disciple under the sect successfully awakened the divine body, which made his face a little brighter.

The other gods also glanced at the woman, then withdrew their gazes and continued to look at the space passage above the virtual mountain.

Although he was a little displeased with the pride of the Heavenly Puppet Sect Master.

But at this moment, only the people from the Heavenly Puppet Sect came out, and they also awakened the divine body, and they didn't say much.

Can only continue to wait for the channel.

Soon, a cultivator of the Heavenly God Realm appeared outside the passage.

Most of them were injured, their faces were pale, and their momentum was decadent.

Only a small number of people got the awakening pill, successfully awakened the divine body, and returned to the square proudly.

"Master, I got three Awakening Pills in the Awakening Pill Realm. The Great Wilderness Divine Body has been sublimated to the limit, and within three thousand years, I may break into the realm of the gods!"

Above the Void Mountain, Shan Wuming erupted with the divine power of the Great Wilderness Divine Body, with dazzling golden light, bowed towards the Heavenly Sacred Divine Sovereign from afar, and said loudly with pride.

"Ah, very good."

There was a smile on the corner of Tiansheng Divine Monarch's mouth, and he beckoned to let Shan Wuming come back.

The other gods looked at Shan Wuming with even more attention.

In three thousand years into the gods.

Obviously, the weight of this sentence is not small!

After Shan Wuming came out, Holy Son Lie Yuan also appeared outside the space passage.


Lie Yuan Shengzi's face was pale, his breath was sluggish, and he seemed to be seriously injured.

"Saint Lie Yuan, what's wrong with you?"

Shan Wuming saw Holy Son Lie Yuan flying over, and quickly asked, "Could it be that he was injured by Su Zhan?"


Holy Son Lie Yuan's face was gloomy and he responded.


Shan Wuming panicked a little: "That guy is so terrifying, you are not even a match for Holy Son Lie Yuan?!"

"Of course it's impossible!"

Lie Yuan Shengzi felt a little embarrassed, and said coldly: "I was just attacked by him!"

"Sneak attack?"

Shan Wuming said doubtfully: "No, I can't understand it a little bit, didn't you plant a tracking spirit for Su Zhan, Holy Son Lie Yuan?

He is in the dark, you are in the dark, and if you want to attack him, you will attack him!

How could he let him sneak-"

Before he could finish speaking, Shan Wuming's eyelids jumped when he saw Saint Son Lie Yuan's eyes as if he was about to kill someone, and he hurriedly said, "I mean, does Su Zhan have any special means.

You noticed Lie Yuan Shengzi's secret tracking technique in advance, so you succeeded in sneak attack? "

"Then I don't know, maybe!"

Holy Son Lie Yuan nodded, then sneered: "But even if Su Zhan is insidious and despicable, it is still this Holy Son who will win in the end!"

"Then Lie Yuan Shengzi, your injury..."


Although I was injured, Su Zhan..."

Saint Son Lie Yuan clenched his fist slightly, looking at the space passage leading to the world of awakening spirit pills, he was certain that Su Zhan was trapped in the rippling space, he paused word by word, and said firmly:

"But he's already dead!!"

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