Chapter 1246:I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo

Are you not dead?

"Su beheaded?!"

Shan Wuming was stunned for a moment, and then he said in disbelief, "Saint Lie Yuan, are you serious?"

"Nonsense, is it necessary for this saint to lie to you?!"

"I didn't mean that, just, just..."

After considering the words for a while, Shan Wuming continued: "It's just that although Su Zhan is despicable, his strength is indeed very strong!

Moreover, his physical body is extremely strong. Under normal circumstances, even if he is defeated, it is difficult to die. What method did you use to kill him, Holy Son Lie Yuan? "

"Su Zhan... is very strong."

Holy Son Lie Yuan said coldly: "But his strength is relative to you!

For me, it's not too bad!

I want to kill him, why do I need any method!

It only takes three to five minutes to kill him with a frontal supernatural power, and there is no bones left! "

"Good! Great!"

After confirming once again that Su Zhan was really dead, Shan Wuming finally couldn't help laughing: "Despicable villain, let you humiliate me at the Celestial Banquet!

Now I finally got my retribution haha! "

"Brother Shan, I helped you kill him, how are you going to thank me?"

Holy Son Lie Yuan said lightly.

"Su Zhan is not only my enemy, but has also offended Master many times. Holy Son, you have helped us Tiansheng Mountain. After returning, Master will definitely thank him!"

Shan Wuming said, his eyes turned to Tiansheng Divine Sovereign.

Tiansheng Divine Sovereign closed his eyes slightly, never opened his eyes, but nodded gently.

Obviously, in response to Shan Wuming's words.

"Thank you Heavenly Holy God!"

Holy Son Lie Yuan cupped his hands towards Heavenly Sacred Sovereign with a smile on his face.

In the realm of awakening gods, he was considered to have lost his wife and lost his army.

Now that I have gained a favor from the Heavenly Sacred Mountain for nothing, it can be considered a little bit of money back.

After I go back, I have an explanation for the leader of the Lieyang God Sect!

After a while.

The space channel above the virtual mountain has not been out for seven or eight minutes, and the entire space channel has begun to shrink, and it seems that it will be completely closed soon.

Seeing that Su Zhan hadn't appeared yet, the breath in Shan Wuming's heart was finally completely relieved.

Although Lie Yuan Shengzi said it before.

But he didn't really believe it.

After all, Saint Son Lie Yuan didn't take out even a single item of Su Zhan, and he was fooled by "no bones left".

But now it seems that Holy Son Lie Yuan did not lie to him!

Think about it too!

If Su Zhan really didn't die, he would have come out long ago!

Why is there no one there yet?

It seems that Su Zhan is indeed dead!

With these thoughts in mind, Shan Wuming caught a glimpse of Fenglei Jianzong's Zhenguan Divine Monarch looking anxiously and asked the elders who came out one by one. Guessing the content of the conversation, he put on a look of regret and said loudly: "Originally He also intends to have a hearty battle with Su Zhan after awakening the Great Wilderness Divine Body!

Unexpectedly, Brother Su, he actually fell into the world of awakening gods!



What a pity! "

"What did you say!"

As soon as these words came out, Zhenguan Shenjun immediately looked at Xiangshan Wuming, and the power of the gods broke out.

Shan Wuming's face changed slightly, and he took a step back: "Shenjun Zhenguan, I didn't kill Su Zhan!

It is the son of Lie Yuan!

It has nothing to do with me! "

This bastard!

Lie Yuan Shengzi glared at Shan Wuming, obviously not expecting this guy to be stupid enough to say such a thing on the spot.

But now all the gods have looked at him, and it is difficult to ride a tiger, so he can only bite the bullet and say: "Su Zhan, it is indeed in my hands!

But it wasn't that I wanted to kill him, but he took the initiative to shoot at me!

He wants to kill me, of course I will kill him!

Divine Sovereigns, please tell me, if I was attacked by someone in the Awakening Pill Realm, and then killed him, is this wrong? ! "

"If it's what you said, it's true!"

"My generation of cultivators, fighting for good fortune, will inevitably get killed and injured, not to mention killing them in the case of a sneak attack!

Although I don't like this son of Lie Yuan, the truth is still the same! "

"Su Zhan didn't show up, it's just his own words, of course what he says!"

"But Su Zhan hasn't walked out of the Awakening Pill Realm, isn't it just to verify that what he said is true?"

One ** after another argued.

Although there are different opinions, they basically agree with what Saint Son Lie Yuan said.

Just some doubts.

Zhenguan Shenjun said with a gloomy face: "Fuck your mother!

I don't know what strength Su Zhan has?

Even if his cultivation is two small realms, it is absolutely impossible for you to kill him! "

"Shen Guan Shenjun, what you said is somewhat contradictory."

Lie Yuan Shengzi said: "Since you also know that I am two small realms higher than him, isn't it normal for me to kill him?

In the final analysis, it is only the initial stage of the ** realm...


Don't say one, even if there are ten, in front of me, they are all turkeys, vulnerable to a single blow! "

"court death!"

Hearing that his little uncle was said to be so vulnerable, Zhenguan Shenjun was furious, and he didn't even think about the consequences. One hand suddenly stuck out, and if he didn't say a word, he was a void. according to!

"Shen Guan Shenjun, don't be impulsive."

With a wave of the Heavenly Sage Divine Monarch, he neutralized the attack of the Zhenguan Divine Monarch, and said slowly: "Since we pride ourselves on the right way, we must be reasonable.

If it is unreasonable to directly oppress the younger generation, I am afraid that it will damage the demeanor. "

"I can talk about style, but if Shizu and his old man learned that Su Zhan was dead, it would be difficult for him to talk about it!"

After Zhenguan Shenjun finished speaking, he turned his head and continued to look at the space channel.

Another three minutes passed.

Those gods who thought Lie Yuan Shengzi lied had already shook their heads and sighed.

"It seems that Lie Yuan didn't lie, Su Zhan really died..."

"I can't think that Su Zhan, such a rare genius, would fall like this."

"Su Zhan is too proud. Of course, his talent is higher than that of Holy Son Lie Yuan, but his realm is still too low. How can he be the opponent of Holy Son Lie Yuan?"

"It's fine if it's a normal late stage of the Heavenly God Realm, but this son of Lie Yuan... alas!

What a pity! "

"The fall of Su Zhan is not only the loss of the Wind and Thunder Sword Sect, but also the entire cultivation world of the True Yang Divine Kingdom—huh?"

A group of gods were sighing that Su Zhan's generation of Tianjiao had fallen, and suddenly they saw Su Zhan appearing in front of the space passage, and they were stunned.

Su Zhan is not dead?

"Su Zhan!"

Zhenguan Shenjun was overjoyed, and he rushed up directly, grabbing Su Zhan's shoulders and shaking: "You are not dead?!

Ha ha ha ha! "

"Jianzifu has a great life!"

"I knew that little uncle, his old man, didn't die so easily!"

"Lie Yuan, this bastard, actually wants to lie to us!"

Several elders of Fenglei Jianzong who came out alive from the Shenshen Pill Realm also showed joy and spoke one after another.

"No, Sect Master, what are you talking about?!"

Su Zhan was a little displeased: "What do you mean I'm not dead?

Sovereign, are you confused?

Isn't it normal that I didn't die so young?

It's you, my lord.

People who are tens of thousands of years old should find a good place as soon as possible to avoid being buried in the future! "

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