Chapter 1247:I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo

Outrageous home! (Big

"Cough, I didn't mean that..."

After being scolded by Su Zhan, Zhenguan Shenjun didn't get angry. After coughing twice to relieve the embarrassment, he stretched out his finger and pointed at Saint Son Lie Yuan and said, "It was Lie Yuan who said that you attacked him, and he killed him instead!

And you haven't come out, so I'm a little worried! "

"It hasn't come out because it's just at the critical time of breaking through the cultivation base. In order to break through to the middle stage of the gods, it took some time. As for the son of Lieyuan..."

Su Zhan said, looking at the son of Lieyuan: "You attacked me, you want to kill me, but you can't beat me and escape!

How dare you distort the facts and discredit me!

Vicious, wicked as you are—ah! "

Su Zhan was about to criticize the crime of Holy Son Lie Yuan, but he didn't expect that before he finished speaking, Holy Son Lie Yuan was already pale, and he turned around and ran away without hesitation!

Don't even let me finish!

It seems that this person's viciousness has exceeded my imagination!

It's just a sin to die for!

Su Zhan was a little annoyed, he threw the bone inflammation chariot directly, jumped onto the chariot, and poured his divine power into it.

The four-skull horse burned flames, neighed, and pulled the chariot to chase after Lie Yuan Saint Son extremely fast!

The Osteoarthritis Chariot was originally a superb artifact specially used to fly away.

In addition, Su Zhan's cultivation base was promoted to the middle stage of the gods, and the son of Lieyuan was injured again.

Under this situation, it only took a few seconds to catch up with the Holy Son of Lie Yuan.


A sword qi fell from the sky, slashing a crack in the ground in front of Holy Son Lie Yuan!

Saint Son Lie Yuan stopped abruptly, and his eyes were red as he looked at Su Zhan who was driving the bone-flaming chariot and stopped in front of him: "You can actually break through that rippling space!"

"Nonsense, if I don't come out, don't I really want to discredit you?"

After Su Zhan finished speaking, he waved his left hand and threw Lei Jishan out!


Leiji Mountain has soared to a kilometer high!

Incite the thunder to roll!

Carrying a terrifying force of repression, he suddenly smashed towards the Holy Son of Lieyuan!


Lie Yuan Shengzi put his hands up and held it up, his majestic divine power exploded, and he actually supported Leiji Mountain!

But just as he held Lei Jishan, a thunder sword flew towards him!


Holy Son Lie Yuan roared.

The divine body erupted with red flames, distorting the surrounding space!


Lei Jian Jueguang broke the flame and pierced into Lie Yuan Shengzi's chest.

But just when he was about to pierce through Saint Son Lie Yuan, a brilliant golden light erupted from Saint Son Lie Yuan's chest!


Lei Jian Jueguang was ejected and returned to Su Zhan's hands!

And Leiji Mountain was also shaken!

"What's this?"

Su Zhan was a little surprised when he looked at the holy son of Lie Yuan, whose chest was glowing with golden light, and his whole body was protected by the golden ** patterns flying at high speed.

"Su Zhan! You can't kill me!"

Holy Son Lie Yuan looked grim: "This is the 'Hidden Heart Talisman' left by Master in my heart!

A trace of the mighty power of the master is my life-saving technique!

Below the gods, no one can break it! ! "

After speaking, he glanced at the gods again: "For deceiving all the gods, Lie Yuan would like to come to the door to apologize in the future!

But this is a personal grudge between me and Su Zhan, and I hope all the gods will consider it in their hearts! "

All the gods looked at each other, and then all fell silent.

Even Zhenguan Shenjun strongly suppressed his plan to take action.

Su Zhan and Lie Yuan are both in the same realm, private grudges.

But if they, these gods, take action, it is clear that they will issue a battle book to the entire Lieyang Sect.

Although there is some desire in the heart to slap Lie Yuan Shengzi to death immediately, but as a sect god, he has many scruples, and of course it is impossible to rely on his temper.

At this time, Su Zhan also launched various attacks.

The sword energy is vertical and horizontal, and the fist force is rushing!

All kinds of treasures, magical powers are displayed.

The space around the Holy Son of Lie Yuan was about to collapse!

But Lie Yuan Saint Son is still safe and sound.

Seeing this scene, the gods who were watching all shook their heads slightly.

"The hidden heart talisman has been lost for a long time in the Beixuan God Territory. I can't believe that the leader of Lieyang would actually make this talisman!"

"The hidden heart talisman itself has no defensive power, but it can retain the power of the talisman and plant it in the heart.

Waiting for the real danger to break out.

The leader of Lieyang is a first-class powerhouse in the Beixuan God Territory. The hidden heart rune he planted is indeed unbreakable under the monarch! "

"Don't say it's Su Zhan, even if I want to break the initial realm of the gods, it will take a lot of toss!"

"Since the hidden heart talisman has come out, let me tell you, it's okay, let Lie Yuan pay Su Jianzi enough compensation!"

"Yes, yes, even though Lie Yuan is despicable and shameless, and confounds black and white, his identity... It's really not good to die here."

When the gods spoke up, they all felt that it was best to let it go. After all, Su Zhan couldn't break the defense of the Tibetan Heart Talisman, and they were not very good at interfering in the battle of the juniors.

"Master, do you want to help Holy Son Lie Yuan to clear the siege?"

Shan Wuming asked in a low voice.

Tiansheng Divine Monarch opened his eyes slightly: "Since it is a personal grievance, why should I intervene?

You can't compare to these two, it's better to die together. "

"But Master, Lieyang Divine Sect is over there..."

"As long as the Divine Sovereign level does not take action, this matter is limited to a private battle between the two juniors. Whoever lives and who dies will not affect the overall situation."

"But Master, Su Zhan's cultivation base has skyrocketed, and he is now in the middle stage of the God Realm. If this allows him to continue to grow, the consequences—"

"You want me to kill him?"

Tiansheng Divine Sovereign glanced at Shan Wuming: "They are all in the Heavenly God Realm, they are all geniuses from the younger generation of the True Yang Divine Kingdom, so you are so afraid of him?

I'm afraid he doesn't matter, but you want me to shoot...

You know, I am the leader of the cultivation world of the True Yang Divine Country, and I killed him just for the sake of the grievances between the younger generation. What kind of leader am I?

Who can obey me! "

"Master forgives the sin, the disciple is stupid!"

Shan Wuming was so frightened that he quickly knelt down and admitted his mistake.

Tiansheng Divine Sovereign was too lazy to say more, looked back, and continued to look at Su Zhan.

At this point, Su Zhan had already stopped.

"Why, do you know you can't kill me?"

Holy Son Lie Yuan sneered: "Once the hidden heart rune is activated, Master will feel it.

Don't even think about killing me.

This rune can last until the time when the master sends someone to rescue! "

"My time is precious, who is wasting it with you here."

"Oh, how can you take me?"

Holy Son Lie Yuan was not afraid at all: "I have tried the Wushou swordsmanship, the power of the flesh, and all kinds of divine tools.

What can I do!

What else do you have to kill me! "

"Su Jianzi!"

When Lord Haoyuan heard the words of Holy Son Lieyuan, he realized that if he let Lieyang Divine Sect come, things would be even more troubled, so he also persuaded: "This son of Lieyuan's hidden heart amulet was drawn by Lieyang sect master. .

Although your supernatural powers are powerful, they can't be broken.

In this case, I suggest that it is better for everyone to shake hands and make peace and let it go!

Of course, if Lie Yuan is wrong, he must leave all his treasures behind as compensation for you! "

"Leave all your treasures?"

Lie Yuan Shengzi thought for a while and felt that he was not very safe here after all.

Although Su Zhan can't break the hidden heart rune, the ghost knows whether the sect master of the Wind and Thunder Sword Sect will suddenly shoot in anger!

Moreover, he didn't know how long the Heart-Hidden Talisman could last, so he quickly nodded and agreed, "Just as the Lord Haoyuan said!

Su Zhan, if you let me go now, I am willing to give you all the divine stones, treasures, and spiritual things in my body!

You've figured it out!

If you don't let me go now, you won't be able to get a single Divine Stone when Master sends someone to rescue you!

And you have tried all kinds of methods, and you know that you can't break my hidden heart rune, why insist on it? ! "

Have you tried all means?

Su Zhan shook his head slightly: "Actually, I still have a sword."

And a sword?

I don't even know how many swords have been cut!

A sword is a fart!

Divine Monarch Haoyuan murmured in his heart, his figure flickered, his right hand stretched out, he wanted to stop Su Zhan's shot and let the matter end as soon as possible.

But just as he made his move, he felt a terrifying burst of energy bursting with stars!

The next moment!

He only felt a slight chill on the tip of his finger, and a dazzling sword light flashed away!


That swipe of sword light directly pierced through the body of Saint Son Lie Yuan, and even the area hundreds of miles behind was slashed by a sword!

At a glance, a path of sword qi that was six to seven hundred miles long appeared on the ground.

And at the starting point of this sword qi path.

Holy Son Lie Yuan was dripping with blood, and fell into the desert, his vitality was gone, and there was still a look of horror in his eyes.

It was as if he saw something extremely terrifying at the moment before he died!

"Okay, it's dangerous..."

Shenjun Haoyuan turned pale, and withdrew his outstretched right hand, wiping the fine sweat dripping from his forehead tremblingly.

It's not bad!

Fortunately, I shot a step slower!

If this happened just in time to stop that sword...

Now I am afraid that only the left hand is left to wipe the sweat!

His eyes swept across the path of sword energy that was more than 700 miles long, and felt the terrifying sword intent remaining on it, God Jun Haoyuan swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and glanced at Su Zhan with some fear.

I thought that after entering the Divine Sovereign Realm, I could ignore any threat from the Divine Sovereign Realm.

But I just found out today.

Some perverts cannot be measured by realm at all!

The sword is like a star burst!

A sword runs through seven hundred miles!

If you hadn't seen this kind of terrifying swordsmanship with your own eyes, who would believe that it actually came from a person whose cultivation was only in the middle stage of the gods?

It's just outrageous ** open the door to outrageous!

Outrageous home! !

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