Chapter 1248:I Have a Trillion Protagonist’s Halo

I want to help you!

Hao Yuan Shenjun was not the only one who was shocked by this sword.

The other gods, and even all the powerhouses in the ** realm, were staring blankly at the seven-hundred-mile-long sword qi path.

It seems that the basic cognition has been broken, and he looks stupid.

"I, I seem to be a little dazzled, I actually saw Su Zhan cut through seven hundred miles with one sword!"

"Heavenly Puppet God, you don't have dazzling eyes, because I saw it too...

One sword slashed the hidden heart talisman, one sword smashed Lie Yuan Saint Son, and one sword slashed the vast land of seven hundred miles!

This sword, I am afraid, has already crossed the sky of the gods to the gods! "

"If a ** who is proficient in kendo slashes such a sword, although I would be surprised, it is still within the acceptable range.

Can Su cut...

He is clearly in the middle stage of the Heavenly God Realm!

How to cut such a terrifying sword! ! "

"This is definitely not Wushou Kendo!

Wugou Kendo is not so fierce!

This, what kind of swordsmanship is this? ! "


All the gods couldn't hide their shock, and they all looked at Su Zhan.

Even the Heavenly Sacred Sovereign, who has been in a constant state for a long time, showed his focus for the first time, his eyes widened and he looked at Su Zhan, as if he wanted to see some of the kendo implication of the sword just now!

"Starburst Sword Art!"

Su Zhan retracted the Lei Jian Jueguang, took a deep breath, and calmed down the boiling of energy and blood caused by the detonation of the stars in his body, and then replied.

Starburst swordsmanship?

A group of gods looked at each other in dismay, apparently never heard of this kind of swordsmanship.

"Su Jianzi."

Among the ten gods, the most proficient in kendo, the ** of Haoran Jianzong couldn't help but wonder: "I asked myself to read the books of kendo.

Various lost swordsmanships have also heard names.

But I have never heard of a starburst sword technique with such terrifying power. "

"It's normal that I haven't heard of it, because I took the name."

Su Zhan replied casually, and then flew to the ground, burying his head in picking up the treasures scattered around by the Holy Son of Lie Yuan.

It's normal that you haven't heard it, because you took the name?

What does this mean \- wait!

The name was taken by Su Zhan, so this swordsmanship...

Create your own swordsmanship!

Thinking of this, the Divine Sovereign of Haoran Sword Sect suddenly widened his eyes, and his head exploded with a "bang"!

Consciousness seems to stop!

My mind is blank!

Only Su Zhan's words kept echoing!

It's not just him, in the virtual mountain square, whether it is the gods or those gods, after hearing Su Zhan's words, they all look absent-minded.

Just now, although they were shocked, they could still discuss with each other what swordsmanship Su Zhan was, but now, the square was silent.

Because it was so shocking, I couldn't even speak!

This silence lasted about five or six seconds.

"My own swordsmanship! It's my own swordsmanship!"

"It's a shame that I thought that the swordsmanship Su Zhan created was too ordinary at the Heavenly God Banquet of Ci's Family, and maybe the kendo talent was mediocre.

But only today did I know what a true peerless genius is! "

"Lie Yuan, this shameless villain, actually said what nonsense that Su Jianzi attacked him!

Look at this sword, if Su Jianzi wants to kill him, does he need a sneak attack? ! "

"Saint Lie Yuan's lie was self-defeating the moment Su Jianzi appeared!

But I really did not expect that Su Jianzi's strength has reached such a terrifying level!

I even had an illusion that even if I broke through to the late stage of the God Realm, I would not have any resistance in front of that sword! "

"Wake up, that's not an illusion!"



In the square, after the silence, it boiled.

The experts in the Heavenly God Realm spoke excitedly one by one.

The eyes that looked at Su Zhan were full of admiration!

"It turns out that my swordsmanship is not as good as a junior in the ** realm..."

The Divine Sovereign of Haoran Sword Sect was full of despair, and it seemed that his heart was hit.

"It's not just you who is inferior to him"

Haoran Qizong's Divine Sovereign Haoyuan came over and patted the Haoran Swordsman Divine Sovereign on the shoulder: "It's not just me.

Just ask the entire Beixuan God Territory, can you find a second perverted guy like Su Zhan? "


Haoran Jianzong Divine Sovereign was stunned for a moment, then forced a smile, and sighed with relief: "That's what you said too.

Since everyone can't compare, there is nothing to be depressed about. "

"That's it."

Haoyuan Shenjun nodded, and turned and left together with Haoran Sword Sect Shenjun.

at this moment.

The two gods who usually quarrel often give people a feeling of mutual support between brothers and sisters.

The other gods also sighed and felt that compared with Su Zhan's swordsmanship, the things they were proud of seemed to have become commonplace.

"Saint son Lie Yuan died in the real Yang Divine Kingdom, and I have a trace of Lie Yang Divine Religion not far from the mountain gate of Haoran Sword Sect. In order to prevent the Lie Yang Divine Religion from causing chaos, I will go back to preside over the overall situation first."

"Lie Yuan and Su Zhan are personal grievances. I think that Lie Yang's sect master will not really tear our face with us, but precautions are still essential. I will go back first."

"The space channel of the Awakening Pill Realm has been completely closed, and it is meaningless to continue to stay here. Dear gods, I will say goodbye first!"


With a tired look, the Divine Sovereign of the Haoran Sword Sect turned and left.

The other gods also left one after another.

Watching those gods leave with the gods under the door, Su Zhan suddenly remembered something, put away all the relics of the son of Lie Yuan in his hand, and then swept his toes to the square.

Without saying a word, he rushed directly in front of Shan Wuming.

"Shan Wuming, I remember you said before that you will fight me again after you come out of the Awakening Pill Realm, and now—"

"No no no no!"

Before Su Zhan finished speaking, Shan Wuming's face was already pale, and he staggered back and said, "Su, Su Zhan, I can beat you, but I can't beat you!"

"Can't beat me?"

Su Zhan was a little surprised: "You haven't fought against me now, how do you know that you can't fight?"


Shan Wuming's mouth twitched.

How do you know you can't beat it if you haven't played it?

I'm not blind!

Holy Son Lie Yuan and his hidden heart talisman were all beheaded by your sword. If I really wanted to fight you, wouldn't I be courting death? !

Feared in his heart, Shan Wuming squeezed out a smile that was uglier than crying: "I really am not Su Zhan your opponent...

I, my talent is mediocre, my strength is not good, I, me, me!

I surrender!

You win! ! "

"You admit defeat before you fight, how can you do this!"

Su Zhan raised his brows, and his right hand Lei Jian swung horizontally: "It seems that you have lost your self-confidence!

In order to help you regain your self-confidence, I decided to use this sword to help you fully stimulate your human potential!

At that time, you will definitely be able to regain your self-confidence and walk back to the pinnacle of your life! "

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