Chapter 1:I Married a Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating

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"Wanwan, are you okay, your face is so ugly?" The soft voice in the ear became clearer and clearer, and a gentle voice called Mu Wanwan's name again and again, timidly, so she couldn't even ignore it.

The skull was so painful as if it was hit by an awl, something was rushing into it frantically, and her knees hit the wall without knowing whether it was so painful that she was almost out of breath.

"Uncomfortable." Mu Wanwan couldn't help shouting, but suddenly woke up in the next instant. Her voice shouldn't be so hoarse.

Mu Wanwan opened his eyes vigorously, and faced a pure face like a lotus flower...

The person in front of him has a pair of affectionate peach eyes, is dressed in white silk and satin, his black hair is tied with a transparent hosta, his lips are red, and his face comes with three shyness.

Behind the girl, there were bright lights that lit up, and under the dim light, Mu Wanwan could clearly see the several golden tablets placed on the mahogany countertop.

At this moment, the text in the little fugitive wife that I read before going to bed last night somehow, just so clear and terrible came to her mind...

"That ancestral hall is also unique. Although the lighting is warm, there are several golden tablets in the magnificent state, and the ground is slippery. Bai Shuiyao felt cold when he glanced at it, but Mu Wanwan had to kneel for a whole week. Although Mu Wanwan Wanwan is stupid, but after all she is Bai Shuiyao's nominal lady, Bai Shuiyao still feels a little distressed."

This large and magnificent hall, this cold and slippery floor, these several golden tablets, isn't this, isn't this the ancestral hall where the female partner was punished for kneeling in the novel?

Did she wear the book? How could this be possible, she obviously lay at home sleeping! But the scene in front of me is so real, and the face of the person in my ear is no different from that described in the novel.

Mu Wanwan felt her head dizzy and she was in a trance. The pain in her knees made her kneel and fell to the ground.

She remembered a book that suddenly appeared on her temporary shelf at a mysterious green station before going to bed last night...

During the crackdown period, when I discovered the exaggerated cover of this book, my eyes brightened evilly, and I clicked on the details. There was only one label: Robbery!

With a little expectation that she might be able to eat meat, she clicked on the book. I didn’t want to read it for a long time. Instead of eating meat, she saw the cannon fodder girl with the same name and surname because she indulged her dowry maid. That is to say, the heroine Bai Shuiyao's repeated deaths, and was finally poked into mud...

At the beginning of the story, on the day of their wedding, the two met the ugly disabled and seriously injured tyrant who couldn't maintain his human form. They cried on the spot and were punished by Ao Qin who came to preside over the wedding of a friend to kneel in the ancestral hall.

But because the heroine was so pitiful and beautiful, she was spared, and only the silly woman knelt on and off for seven days.

And now, she is unfortunately dressed as the cannon fodder female partner who is about to become fleshy.

Mu Wanwan pinched herself over and over again, closed her eyes, and opened her eyes again when she felt the pain, hoping to return to her warm bed in the 21st century and wake up from this nightmare.

Because after reading an unfinished and logically moving novel, and seeing the miserable experience of the female partner, I can’t help but curse a damn, do I have to encounter this kind of social beating?

Although she has no car or house, and the death of both parents in the 21st century, it can be said that she has nothing to worry about, but it does not mean that she is willing to wear a book of misunderstandings as cannon fodder!

Mu Wanwan's eyes were straight and he was dull. Bai Shuiyao couldn't bear to see him, "Wanwan, what's wrong with you?"

Mu Wanwan subconsciously said, "Bai Shuiyao?"

"It's me." Bai Shuiyao frowned slightly, a little dissatisfied, "Why do you suddenly call me by name instead of Yaoyao?"

"Wanwan, are you scared stupid? Or, or let's run away tonight!" Bai Shuiyao cried, "It's terrible here."

"I never want to see that tyrant again."

Mu Wanwan silently rubbed his red and swollen knees, and was silent for a moment, trying to straighten his kneeling legs that were so painful for too long to lose consciousness, and said dullly, "I'm not running anymore."

Bai Shuiyao blinked a few times before reacting, "Huh? Wanwan what do you say? Don't you want to leave here?"

She looked a little angry, "But Wanwan, didn't you just agree to me, and look at what life we ​​spent in the Tyrant’s Mansion these past two days, I’m lucky that I didn’t suffer much, but you see, you I was punished to kneel in the ancestral hall as soon as I got married and my knees were swollen...

As she said, she couldn't help crying again, her eyes were red, and she seemed to have so much real feelings.

Mu Wanwan was mocking in her heart, even if she only read a little novel, it was enough to make her understand that Bai Shuiyao was not a good show at all.

Bai Shuiyao is the illegitimate daughter of the shepherd. She has been raised by her side since she was a child. She is said to be her maid, but in fact she is commensurate with her original sisters at home. She looks good, and she is very Bailian. She has always disliked the original body. This time they were punished, Bai Shuiyao never said a word for the original body.

And... Mu Wanwan glanced expressionlessly at the cushion under Bai Shuiyao's knee.

If she really cares about the original body, she won't be alone in occupying the cushion that can completely kneel down for two people.

"Wanwan, I am also for you." Bai Shuiyao sobbed, "I don't have anything to do with myself. Anyway, I'm just a dowry maid..."

Bai Shuiyao said intermittently, and finally showed a pitiful and horrified expression, "That tyrant looks like this, and I heard that he is also disabled. This tyrant mansion may not be lonely in two years, you really don’t want to. go?"

Mu Wanwan saw the tears flickering in her eyes, and there was no fluctuation in her heart. Even if Bai Shuiyao cried into tears in front of her today, she would not agree to run with her.

According to her shallow memory of the novel last night, Bai Shuiyao is the heroine and has the halo of the heroine. She escaped without incident. Even if she was discovered, she was kissed by Ao Qin at most. But she, that would be poked into flesh.

She didn't want to die yet, besides, Bai Shuiyao encouraged herself to escape because she looked down on the disabled tyrant, and she didn't want to stay in this tyrant mansion that seemed to be defeated sooner or later.

Mu Wanwan's brain hurts a lot. She didn't have the energy to pay attention to her. She just said coldly, "I said, I won't run."

Bai Shuiyao cried for a moment, and saw that Mu Wanwan was really not going to talk to her, so she choked and stopped crying, sat on one side with her knees in a daze, and the ancestral hall fell silent for a while.

Mu Wanwan closed his eyes and sorted out the memories in his mind, thinking about the future, when he opened his eyes again, Bai Shuiyao was no longer in the ancestral hall.

Mu Wanwan looked for it and found that she had also taken the cushion away. He glanced at the closed gate of the ancestral hall and couldn't help sighing. According to the memory of the previous few days, this is the sixth day of the original body kneeling in the ancestral hall. According to the original plot development, she and Bai Shuiyao will run away tomorrow night.

Fortunately, she came early, and if she came through a little later, wouldn't she have to experience the pleasure of being stabbed to death on the spot.

"Madam, it's time, you can go back to the room and rest." A slightly cold voice came from outside the door, and the maid who was in charge of monitoring her, Fuliu.

Although the original body was punished, it was about twelve o'clock in the night, and he still needed to return to the tyrant's palace to sleep with him.

Thinking of the terrifying picture in his mind, Mu Wanwan felt sweaty in his palms.

The ugly and disabled tyrant really had to face such a man, and she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

"Madam, hurry up." Impatient, Fu Liu opened the door of the ancestral hall.

Fuliu was dressed in tender green silk and satin. Although she wore a maid's hair in a bun, she was wearing a hairpin. Look at yourself again, the plain- colored gown with a little earthy gray, there is no decoration on the head, and she believes she is a maid!

"What are you doing? Let's go." Fuliu stared at her dissatisfiedly. If it weren't for this ecstatic lady, she wouldn't have to go to the tyrant's palace every midnight, even though tyrants used to be very grown-ups. Handsome and capable, but now, like him, she doesn't want to go.

"Huh, don't kneel and break your leg." Fuliu muttered softly, and Bai Muwan gave a glance.

Mu Wanwan suddenly wore a book and was dressed as a female cannon fodder. She was not in a very sunny mood. This Fuliu and a maid treated her like this, and she couldn't bear it, "Fuliu, if I never go to the bedroom, what will you do? kind?"

Fu Liu choked, obviously he didn't expect the cowardly wife to say such things, her face was a bit ugly.

Now Lord Lord is unconscious, and the entire Tyrant Mansion is under Lord Aoqin's management. Although Lord Aoqin may die in the future, this lady is not to be afraid, but Lord Aoqin still treats Lord Lord well if Mu Wanwan If she doesn't go to the bedroom all the time, she will definitely be punished if she can't do errands.

Fu Liu swallowed and recovered his low eyebrows pleasingly, "Ma'am, I'm sorry, it's all Fu Liu's fault, please forgive me, Madam."

Of course Mu Wanwan knew she was pretending, but he didn't hold on to it anymore, and followed Fu Liu out of the ancestral hall.

The road from the ancestral hall to the palace of the tyrant was very long, and it took them about a quarter of an hour to get there.

Fu Liu led her into the sleeping hall. Before she reached the room, a rancid smell came from the tip of Mu Wanwan's nose.

"Madam, please take good care of your Lord." Fu Liu stopped at the door of the room and said, with some sympathy in her voice.

Thinking of the picture in his memory, Mu Wanwan nodded solemnly, shaking his hands and pushing open the door of the room.

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