Chapter 127:I Married a Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating

: Dragon Cub (5)

Because he accidentally discovered the signs of a dragon cub, Mr. Long fell into an unprecedented panic. He was half pressing Mu Wanwan, and immediately turned his body sideways, his body stiffened.

Compared to the sticky and sticky name holding her not long ago, now the whole dragon is quiet and terrible, but the long arms still lightly embrace her, Mu Wanwan can feel it coming from him, almost stiff. Trembling.

She wanted to laugh a little, but she couldn't.

Divine Sense looked at two small beings in the body, and the whole person's mind was a little blank. She didn't expect that they would have two cubs so quickly, or two. Didn't it mean that it is difficult for a person with strong talent to have offspring?

When the baby came out, how to raise it? Neither she nor Long had any experience in raising a baby. When she found Mengmeng, he had already passed the period when she just broke the shell.

Including Mengmeng's re-incubation this time, it is also a big dumpling.

How do you feed the little dragon cub?

Mu Wanwan thought about it more and more, until the damp and hot touch fell on her neck.

A slightly rough palm slowly lifted up her sweaty forehead and gently straightened those hair strands.

Mu Wanwan looked at the dragon. He opened his tearful golden eyes and kissed her cheek again and again, with tears on his eyelashes.

He pressed his lips tightly, as if speechless.

He seemed to be more nervous than her.

Mu Wanwan suddenly felt better, and put his arm around Mr. Long's neck and kissed the corner of his lips.

The dragon seemed to tremble slightly with his lips, staring at her for a long time, but he didn't say a word.

Mu Wanwan waited patiently until he heard him press her lips with embarrassing crying, "Woo...Madam..."

Mu Wanwan: "..."

She hasn't cried yet!

Because of the accidental little dragon cub, after experiencing a brief shock, Mr. Long said that he didn't want to let Mu Wanwan go to the Demon Realm.

That's right, originally they said yes, the next stop is to go to the Demon World to stroll around.

Mu Wanwan was not particularly resistant to this. She also felt that she should be raised well. Although she had become a mother in advance because of Mengmeng's existence, she had no experience in giving birth to babies, let alone giving birth to dragon cubs. The experience is still a bit nervous.

Long was more nervous than she, and returned home with Mu Wanwan and Mengmeng.

After both Mu Wanwan and Mengmeng fell asleep that day, they urgently summoned the Dragon officials who hadn't seen them for a long time.

"My lord, do you mean that the queen has?"

After Mr. Long half-implied and half-anxiously asked, Xiao Zilong was the first to react and asked weakly.

"Yeah." Mr. Long felt a little unsure, "What do I need to pay attention to?"

Little Zilong who has worked hard for five or six years without letting the subject conceive a baby: "..."

The black dragons who have no target yet: "..."

After a moment of silence, Xiao Zilong bit his head and said, "According to the experience of fathers and brothers in the previous clan, it seems that we need to eat more and take a good rest?"

Looking at the expressions of his subordinates, Mr. Long probably understood that they didn't know anymore, and without wasting time, he went to the Yaozu non-stop.

Jiu Qing, who has just confirmed the relationship with Wujin, said with great joy: I wish him and Wanwan have a baby, but she has no experience in giving birth. Mr. Long can ask Uncle Chen and Aunt Hua and them.

Aunt Hua and Uncle Chen are also happy about this, but unfortunately they are not going to have children, so they have no relevant experience. It is best to ask Mr. Long to go to the Xianqingge to find out if there is any information.

So Mr. Long spent a lot of spirit stones to buy a bunch of materials from Leng An and brought them home.

After thinking about it, I ran a small continent and bought a lot of supplements to go home.

So when Mu Wanwan woke up, she faced a pile of food that she couldn't even call her name, and a certain dragon buried in a book that was struggling to read.

"Madam." Mr. Long immediately noticed that she was awake, "How do you feel? Will it be uncomfortable?"

Mu Wanwan stared at the book "How to Take Care of Human Race Wife" in his hand, and was silent for a moment. He wanted to tell the dragon in front of him that she is no longer a human race. After the reincarnation of Mu Ling, she should be strictly a wooden Demon.

But Mu Wanwan finally said, "It feels pretty good."

Long was obviously relieved, picked up Mengmeng in Mu Wanwan's arms, and motioned Mu Wanwan to eat more with his eyes, "Dragon brings Yuer practiced."

Mu Wanwan: "...good."

In fact, she is not hungry now.

After a month or two of being so nervous, Mu Wanwan, who was a little uncomfortable, did not show any signs of discomfort. Even the two small lives in her body only grew up a little bit, and the distance between them was very short. It’s still far.

And Mr. Long, who was very restrained and didn't care about his wife, finally finished reading the book he brought back.

While adding up some knowledge, I'm not overly nervous anymore.

Because it often takes a long time for the baby of the dragon clan to form, and it takes a long time for the baby to hatch after becoming a dragon egg.

During the period from the formation of the cubs to the birth of the dragon egg, apart from ensuring adequate nutrition, there is not much taboo, and even the spiritual power of the father will make them grow better.

As a result, Mr. Long, who seemed to understand something, did not continue to restrain his instinct, and even seemed to have found a reason to stick to his wife!

After half a year, the small life in Mu Wanwan still hadn't taken shape, and she had nothing to do, and one person and one dragon was completely relieved.

First went to the Demon Realm to live for two and a half years, and then stayed in the Demon Race for half a year.

In the fifth year after their wedding, Jiu Qing and Wujin got married.

Mu Wanwan looked at her with a bright smile and soft eyes with Jiu Qing, and her heart was full of blessings and emotions.

In the tenth year after their wedding, the baby of Uncle Zong and Aunt Yun was born, a very cute little orc.

The pair of orcs thought that they would never have children in their lifetime, but they never thought that maybe some miracles would happen after they were completely let go.

In the fifteenth year after their wedding, Mengmeng was finally able to transform into a human form.

"Mother." Xiaodou Ding, who is not knee-high, has not yet fully grown teeth, holding Mu Wanwan's legs and acting like a baby.

Behind him stood Mr. Long, with his jet-black eyebrows condensed in anger, and gritted his teeth at Mengmeng who was hiding behind Mu Wan, "You have cavities."

Mu Wanwan bent down when she heard the words, and saw the cute girl with pigtails and the little pink robe bought by his old father, her mouth flat in grievance.

Time passed quickly, in the year when Jiu Qing's babies were already five years old.

Perhaps it was a somewhat hot spring night when the dragon cub in Mu Wanwan finally took shape.

After a while, Mu Wanwan looked at the two round dragon eggs in front of him with some shame, and was held by Mr. Long for several times.

It was an early fall in the year when Mengmeng finally got her knees high.

Mu Wanwan made clothes for Mr. Long and Mengmeng in the yard, and Mr. Long went out to find food.

In the room with two dragon eggs, only Mengmeng was there.

Mengmeng, who grew slowly and slowly, looked at the two dragon eggs that had grown a lot bigger with expectant eyes, stood up and kissed the dragon eggs on the left, and then called out, "Jiaojiao!"

Then tweeted on the dragon egg on the right, and yelled again, "Sweet!"

With little selfishness, looking forward to the birth of her two younger sisters (?), what Mengmeng does every day before taking a nap.

But soon, Mengmeng became a little sleepy. He drooped his eyelids and was about to fall asleep, but just when he was about to fall asleep...


There was a slight sound, and the dragon egg on the right seemed to move.


Mengmeng immediately called out to Mu Wanwan, and Mr. Long, who was thousands of miles away, also sensed something, and began to rush back in a hurry.

But the dragon cub broke its shell too fast. As soon as Mu Wanwan arrived at the door of the room, she found that Mengmeng had turned into a big white hairball sometime, pressed on the ground, a little with plush ears and small horns. The little baby girl with a long tail is pressing on him, chewing on his cute neck with a toothless mouth.

But she obviously couldn't eat it, and gnawed her mouth.

Mu Wanwan: "..."


Mengmeng didn't dare to move at all, he was a little afraid that he would hurt his sister who was entangled with him.

Looking at the child who couldn't open his eyes, even not so good-looking.

There was an unknown feeling in Mu Wanwan's heart. She felt that her tears were about to come down, and quickly stepped forward to lift the girl from Mengmeng, and covered the little princess with a layer of softness she had prepared. Na Zi, wipe off the slime still on her dragon's horns.

The space behind him fluctuated, and Mr. Long came to Mu Wanwan almost instantly, looking at the dumpling in her arms, his eyes were half red.


Almost within a few seconds after Mr. Long came back, another dragon egg cracked, and Mengmeng was pressed to the ground as soon as she got up from the ground.

This time it was a golden and white dragon, with a big mouth with only one small tooth, and biting it on Mengmeng's neck fiercely.


It really hurts this time, Fat Chiu cried out accusingly.

My sister has no teeth, and he doesn't feel anything when biting. My brother has teeth, and it hurts to bite. Why do my brothers and sisters like to eat my brother!

Mu Wanwan, who was still immersed in the joy of having a daughter: "..."

She had just had a little princess, and she had both children in a blink of an eye.

Mr. Long, who just kissed the little angel's forehead, was full of joy: "..."

This golden and white little dragon cub Jiaojiao looks exactly like him when he was a child.

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