Chapter 128:I Married a Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating

: Dragon Cub (6)

For a period of time after having the little dragon cub, one person, one dragon and one Tweet were in a state of high tension.

Mr. Long even pushed everything away. Except for the necessary hunting time, all the remaining time was spent at home with Mu Wanwan to take the cubs!

The early autumn was still a bit hot and dry. To Mu Wanwan, who was already a Tier 5 powerhouse, and Mr. Long, who had already broken through to Tier 7, these temperatures were nothing.

Even for the little princess Tiantian, who has the strength of the second- order late stage just after birth, and the little dragon cub Jiaojiao, who is a little weaker than her sister, it is nothing.

On the contrary, this big brother Mengmeng, not only has grown for so many years, but is only a little bit higher than Mu Wanwan’s knees, his strength has also increased very slowly after Nirvana, and has not broken through the second order, and there are a lot of hairs. This temperature is for him. , It's a bit hot.

For the big goose, the considerate Mr. Long arranged a barrier for the cubs' room and adjusted the room to a very comfortable temperature.

Tiantian, who has been born for more than two months, is wearing a soft skirt sent by Jiuqin, sitting on the blanket and lovingly rubbing her elder brother's fur.

The other little goose is only more than one meter long and can’t be transformed, and loves her brother’s neck...


Because they are loved by their younger brothers and sisters, during this period of time, they turned over in a fat-twisted state, showing their cuteness and laboriously, not to mention that the two little dragon cubs seem to be small, but they are quite heavy.

Especially Tiantian, which is obviously half-dragon-shaped, but heavier than younger brother and elder brother. It was fine when the shell was just broken. During this period, I don’t know what Mr. Long has given her. It’s getting heavier and heavier. It's almost tall, but heavier than the older brother and younger brother.

Tiantian has big golden eyes, her eyelashes are curved and warped, and she looks like Mu Wanwan, two small dragon horns on her head, a pair of soft plush ears, and she is still dragging long pure hairs behind her. The golden tail developed quickly, and it was already much taller than the eldest brother, and a few teeth grew out.

She is not like Mengmeng, who can speak after a long time, and now she can say some intermittent sentences.

When the little angel spoke on the first day, Mu Wanwan was almost unable to hold her, Tiantian clutched her sleeves, and her big eyes looked at Mr. Long, who was silently standing aside, and she became pink and tender. Little mouth.

Mu Wanwan felt a little sour in her heart for a moment when she suspected she was about to talk. Could it be that Tiantian's first sentence was called daddy?

Mr. Long's phoenix eyes flashed, and his expectant ears shook out, and Mu Wanwan saw him clenched his fists in embarrassment.

As a result, Tiantian took a look at Daddy, then stretched out her tender little hand, and pointed to the big white hair ball sitting on the side, "Brother, brother!"

Mu Wanwan, who was a bit like lemon, said: "..."

Mr. Long, shaking his ears excitedly and quickly closing his ears: "..."

Suddenly cue's hair tweeted: "?"

Jiaojiao, who was addicted to rolling on the ground: "Oh!"

Mr. Long was sad at once, but he didn't tell his daughter. He just waited until the cubs were asleep at night, and put his head aggrieved on the neck of Muwan, and asked if Tiantian didn't like him.

Mu Wanwan could only follow Mr. Long’s hair, rubbed his ears, which were not so soft compared to the little cubs, and comforted him, “Tiantian still likes you very much. Look, Tiantian didn’t even ask me. Mother."

Xiaojiao's wife reluctantly accepted the answer and squeezed Mr. Wan.

But within a few days, Tiantian chirped several times on Mu Wanwan's face and called her mother.

A certain dragon was sad again, and Mr. Wan once again comforted him. It was probably because his daughter had been playing with Mengmeng with her, and encouraged Mr. Long, who is usually at a loss in front of the cubs, to play more with her daughter.

As a result, Long worked hard for half a month, and Tiantian called his younger brother.

Mu Wanwan: "..."

Long really cried at night, and he was aggrieved to death. He kept wondering why he was not liked by his girl, and was bored for several days.

Mu Wanwan comforted him and said that Jiaojiao liked him very much anyway, but Long still didn't get comforted, because Jiaojiao obviously liked his mother better and had troubled her for a few nights.

Mr. Long had red eyes and analyzed for a long time, and Mu Wanwan had to follow along with the analysis...

Although Tiantian and Jiaojiao are only a few months old, their personalities are indeed quite obvious.

Sweet is relatively cold. Apart from being very close to her mother, the family’s favorite is Mengmeng. She usually looks like a fairy to her brother and daddy. She smiles occasionally with her small face is really super cute. !

On the contrary, there is no way to transform Jiaojiao, and her pair of white ears are slightly softer than her sister's. The body is golden and white and mottled. It is a little milk dragon that fits the name "Jiaojiao". Completely squeamish bag. His character is much stickier than his sister, and he especially likes to shed tears, and his heart is fragile. Although he has teeth, there is only one. He can't do without people. Unless he falls asleep, he must see people.

Jiaojiao can stop crying for one hour when she sees Tiantian, three hours without crying when she sees her brother, and half a day when she sees Mr. Long. If she can't see her mother for most of the day, the mountains will be flooded.

Mengmeng is okay, she is already an older child, and Mu Wanwan is sometimes too busy to help him, even though he still has short legs and small arms.

Looking at it this way, I don't know why Mr. Long, who is not liked by the dragon cubs, is really pitiful.

To say that he doesn't have much contact with the dragon cubs, it is not, after all, this dragon rarely goes out, and stays with them every day.

Mu Wanwan thought for a long time, and suddenly thought of something. She stared at Mr. Shanglong's dark eyes for a while at his long curled eyelashes, "Is it because of the ears?"

Long Wei was startled, and subconsciously touched his smooth forehead...

Tiantian and Jiaojiao both have dragon horns and ears, but Mr. Long doesn't usually expose the dragon horns and ears in front of the cubs. Is this really the reason?

So the next day, Mr. Long, who usually restrained himself in front of the cubs and wanted to maintain his father’s strong and mysterious image, stood a little nervously in the corner where he usually stood, with ears and ears that had never been exposed in front of the cubs. Longjiao did not deliberately cover up.

"...Huh?" Tiantian had just finished eating a fruit that her mother gave birth to. There was juice on her little hand, and her big eyes blinked, "wipe, wipe!"

When Jiaojiao heard her sister's words, she cleverly stretched out her short claws to grab the veil lying on one side.

The little dragon cub passed by the corner by accident, with wide eyes open, casually glanced at his normally quiet father.


Why is my father a bit different?


Jiaojiao's milk screamed, successfully attracting Tiantian's attention.

She dragged a little long golden tail, little by little, and walked to her brother's side with short legs, "Jiao, Jiaojiao."


Jiaojiao proficiently supported the ground with the two lower claws, raised her body and touched her sweet face.

Tiantian also kissed her brother's ugly scales, and then finally glanced at Mr. Long, whose lips were tightly pressed.

Tian Tian seemed to be startled by Mr. Long's appearance, her eyes widened a lot, she stood in front of him and looked at him with her neck up, her small mouth opened and closed, as if she was about to speak several times.

Mu Wanwan saw Mr. Long's big ears trembling and trembling, and he became nervous...

The little angel should call Mr. Long's father, otherwise she can't stand the dragon holding her and dropping the golden peas every night.

Tiantian took a deep breath, pointed her little finger at Mr. Long and put it down again. After holding it for a long time, his face turned red, "Daddy, Daddy..."

Mu Wanwan saw that the dragon seemed to be stiff, and only after a long time he bent down, holding a veil on one side, and carefully rubbing Tiantian's small hands, his eyes were red, and he was relieved.

Then she saw Tiantian, who had wiped her hands clean, climbed onto her father's shoulders and reached out to pull his ears.

Mu Wanwan: "..."

She seems to understand something, shouldn't Tiantian be a plush control? In order to feel the furry, I first learned to call my brother.

It is an exception to like myself very much. I like my brother because my brother is very hairy, and I like my brother because he has plush ears and a small plush tail. Speaking of which, she seems to like to play with her own tail...pointy...

Mu Wanwan's sweet little hobby was regarded as a little secret between the two, and she did not tell Mr. Dalong who was finally accepted by her daughter because of her furry ears.

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