Chapter 129:I Married a Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating

: If life has reincarnation (1)

Another half year passed.

Tiantian grows fast and eats the most. Even if her strength has broken through to Tier 3, she is almost as tall as Mu Wanwan's thigh, and she speaks very numbly. Jiaojiao still couldn't transform into a human form, and she had obviously grown up a bit.

Only Mengmeng, although he finally broke through to the second order, his figure is barely as tall as his sister.

Mr. Long finally understood how to please the girl, but Mu Wanwan found that his "cold and powerful" image in the hearts of the children did not seem to be overturned by the exposed dragon horns and ears.

Sometimes when Tiantian was naughty and had to eat his brother (?), Mu Wanwan couldn't move the cub, and he was leaning on Mr. Long.

He grasped Tiantian's collar with his big palm, as if pressing a mountain, Tiantian couldn't get rid of no matter how hard she struggled.

This was also the time when Mengmeng got close to Mr. Long, and the poor little Douding grabbed his old father's thigh, and looked at his sister with ** eyes pitifully.

Tiantian was self-willed a few times, so she bit her dad's hand, and it turned out...

Mu Wanwan wanted to laugh a little, Mr. Long didn't feel anything, but she cried with pain.

From then on, she remembered, and she was a little afraid of her old father.

Mu Wanwan had discussed with Mr. Long about the unhappy cute and the Jiaojiao who couldn't be transformed.

The dragon curled her lips slightly, but her dark eyes were worried that she could see clearly...

Although Mengmeng succeeded in nirvana, she had some sequelae in her body, and she had to grow up slowly to heal.

Jiaojiao, who was very similar to him before, was not like Tiantian. He was a five-clawed golden dragon from birth. Although his talent is good, he still needs to endure a lot of hardships to break through to where he is now.

Mu Wanwan kissed the corners of his lips to express comfort. They still have a long, long time to teach the three children, and then they exchanged ideas about their future education plans for the dragon cubs...

Tiantian is too strong to let her go on a crooked road! Mengmeng should make up for it and train his self-protection ability more. If he doesn't want to become stronger, they can also protect him for the rest of his life! Jiaojiao is too squeamish and needs to exercise.

Mr. Long hugged his wife's waist and returned a slightly domineering deep kiss, showing that he had received her comfort.

The days were very peaceful. On a somewhat cold rainy night, Mr. Long and Mu Wanwan put the cubs to sleep, and Mr. Long blushed and pulled his wife out.

Although they have been together for so many years, when he was in front of his wife, he was still the dragon cub who liked to act like a baby, and he wanted to spend a long time alone with his wife every day.

Mu Wanwan hesitated, thinking about going out for a walk and coming back, but did not refuse.

Jiaojiao and Tiantian slept soundly with Mengmeng who had become fat.

Maybe it was being pressed by two dragons at the same time, Mengmeng was a little uncomfortable, so she rolled over.

So Jiaojiao, who was lying on her elder brother, rolled pitifully to the ground.

The little dragon cub was still a little dazed, opened his bewildered eyes, shook his head, and woke up.

Tian Tian opened her eyes slightly, saw that it was her younger brother, and went to sleep again. Sleeping is considered to be her favorite thing besides furry and food.

Jiaojiao regained some energy, touched her claws on the ground, crawled a few steps out, and walked out of the room, habitually looking outside...

Usually mothers will make clothes for them at this time.

But this time, the room was a bit dark and my mother was not there.


Where did the mother go?

Jiaojiao was a little anxious, and looked around again, but her father was not there.

He put his hind paws on the ground and looked outside. It was raining outside, and it looked cold.

Will the mother and dad be in the yard?

Sometimes my mother would go to Lingtian to see the grass.

Thinking about this, my mind didn't know if there was a three-year-old petite baby who stretched out his front paws, scratched it for a long time, and finally opened the door.

But soon, he discovered that he couldn't get out by himself.

Will Mr. Long go out without setting up a barrier in the house?


So Longzai Jiaojiao looked outside, wanted to go out but couldn't get out, so she started to cry.

He cried for a while, and when he was tired, he fell asleep on the ground.

After he fell asleep, a pale white light gradually floated around him.

The spot of light surrounded Jiaojiao, and soon, Jiaojiao who was holding the door was gone.

After a while, she woke up with something fluffy and sweet on her hand. She walked out of the room with her short legs, saw the half-open door, but didn't see Jiaojiao, so she called out suspiciously, "Jiaojiao?"

Jiaojiao, who slept soundly, woke up soon.

He opened his eyes, but it seemed that he had come to a completely different place by accident.

It was dark everywhere. At home before, although the room was a bit dark, Jiaojiao never felt very cold and scared.

But now, with wide eyes open, looking at the dark and unfamiliar house, there was a thunderstorm outside, but the air was still full of indisputable blood. Jiaojiao was afraid of the strong ** smell he had never smelled before.


Tears had already rolled in her eyes, but Jiaojiao instinctively covered her big mouth.

Daddy is not there, mother is not there, brother and sister are not there, Jiaojiao is a man and can't cry casually.

It’s just a bit dark here, so he’s not afraid!


The sound of the wooden chair dragging the ground made a harsh sound, and Jiaojiao, who said she was not afraid, couldn't help shaking her whole body.

He shrank in the corner, watching a black shadow move not far away.

The speed of that "thing" was very slow, and a strong, unpleasant smell came from him.

Jiaojiao covered her big mouth. He waited and waited. After waiting for a long time, the "thing" finally stood up.

Jiaojiao felt a little numb in her claws, and he wanted to move, but a lightning flash suddenly flashed outside the window, and Jiaojiao could see the black shadow clearly.

He could see the fuzzy outline of the man clearly!

It seems terrible that he is all rotten.

This was Jiaojiao's first reaction.

Is the broken thing on his head a horn?

Is he, like himself, a dragon?

This is Jiaojiao's second reaction.

Another lightning flashed, and the monster-like thing slowly glanced towards his corner.

It was a suspicious look that made him terrified to a stranger, mixed with the killing intent that made him stand upside down, and seemed to come over casually.

Jiaojiao saw his face clearly, tears poured up uncontrollably, and fell down...

Excluding those terrible and ugly scars, it was a face he was so familiar with!

It's daddy.

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