Chapter 130:I Married a Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating

: If life has reincarnation (2)


Even though that face was terrifying and even though his eyes were fierce, Jiaojiao still recognized it. The "dragon" in front of him was his father.

The same breath, the same familiarity.

All the fears surrounding Jiaojiao that had made Jiaojiao scared had disappeared.

Daddy won't hurt Jiaojiao, it's dark here, Jiaojiao is a bit cold.

The little golden and white dragon cub slowly crawled out of the dark corner, moving in his direction little by little.

Mr. Long could see the not-so-good-looking dragon cub crawling up beside him, looking at him trustingly with tearful eyes, stretched out his short front paws, and grabbed him without fear. Hem of sleeves.


Jiaojiao cold.

I don't know why the dragon cub who appeared in the enchantment was so milky.

Hold him like a baby.

His eyes were full of numbness like death, and he was almost immobile. The dying Mr. Long raised his toes impatiently and kicked out the dragon cub who didn't know why he appeared in the barrier.

This foot was not very heavy, but it still caused blood to overflow from his lips. He straightened his back and sat back on the side of the ice coffin he had built for himself, which seemed to be able to rest well.

Revenge, almost overturned the entire continent, now he is nearing the end of his life.

The pain accumulated over the centuries, plus the almost irreversible curse caused by several failures of the Land of Inheritance, bit his life bit by bit.

Before his dignity was exhausted, he expended almost half of his energy to construct the strongest barrier on the continent.

Everyone thought he wanted to struggle to the death and practice in retreat.

But only he himself knew that this was just a tomb he built for himself.

He will fail to die here, just like his failed life.

He didn't care why this dragon cub suddenly appeared here, and why it looked so much like him when he was young, he didn't care if he was obviously a dragon cub wearing clothes.

He only felt that this dragon cub was so noisy.

... When Jiaojiao was kicked and rolled on the ground a few times, the whole dragon cub was dumbfounded.

He got up, looked at Mr. Long's direction, and couldn't help crying again.

Why did Dad kick Jiaojiao? Daddy has to apologize, otherwise Jiaojiao won't talk to Daddy anymore.

The little dragon cub crawled to Mr. Long's side with sobs, and hooked his clothes with his front paws.

Mr. Long lifted his dark phoenix eyes slightly, and threw him aside with effort.


Jiaojiao only rolled on the ground two or three times this time, and then got up from the ground again.

He shook his head, and his little furry ears trembled.

Is Dad playing games with him? But Jiaojiao didn't like this kind of game. She rolled on the ground and was dirty, and her mother didn't like it.

Jiaojiao was still a little angry, and he decided to reason with her father who suddenly became fierce and did not speak.

So Mr. Long's legs, who had no strength, were entangled by the little dragon cub again.

Jiaojiao blinked, before she could speak, she felt a pain in her neck.

He was caught by his daddy's neck.

Mr. Long's eyes fell hollowly on the dragon cub who appeared suddenly, his skinny fingers gradually tightening.

Jiaojiao has difficulty breathing, and her body hurts a lot. He is really wronged, "Woo...oo!"

Daddy, Daddy.

Jiaojiao's voice was intermittently light and terrifying, but in this quiet room, it was so clear.

Mr. Long's eyes flashed, and his fingers opened.

Jiaojiao fell to the ground with a sound of "pachi".

The dragon cub was completely aggrieved, sobbing and crying, breathless, accusing him of his behavior.

Dad and daddy have changed. They play Jiaojiao and Jiaojiao. Jiaojiao wants to sue her mother, her brother and sister, so that everyone ignores her daddy...


Why call him daddy?

In his life, except for the three years in a coma, he was stuffed with a cheap lady who had not lived for seven days. He had never had a wife or had been intimate with anyone. How could he have children like this?

Mr. Long tilted his head slightly, and his heart twitched undetectably when he met the Jiaojiao watery but still trusting sight.

He almost strangled him just now, why is he still looking at him like this?

Not afraid of him?

"Cough..." There was pain in the decayed body. The scar on Mr. Long's forehead seemed to come alive, spreading little by little, spreading his entire face in his painful groan, winding and ticking down thickly. Black dirty blood splashed on Jiaojiao's still immature scales.


It hurts!

Jiaojiao immediately dodged a few steps back, shook her head to shake away the tears in her eyes, and saw the dragon whose whole body was soaked in the smelly blood except for a pair of familiar golden eyes, subconsciously called Made a sound.




Daddy is bleeding.

A lot...a lot of blood.

Jiaojiao yelled her mother several times, but only a dark silence responded to him.


Jiaojiao started crying again. He crawled to the side of Mr. Long who could not move. His claws grabbed Mr. Long’s sleeves and raised his head. Like countless times, his father had done to him, as affectionate and comforting. His face.

The bright red blood dripped from the place where Jiaojiao was dripped by the dirty blood, and landed on Mr. Long's mottled cheeks, with a shock that he couldn't ignore.

The blood is connected, and the blood that belongs to him is strong, Mr. Long almost immediately reacted, this ugly dragon cub is really his child.

how can that be?


Daddy, it hurts.

Mr. Long coughed out a mouthful of blood, raised his hand and threw Jiaojiao out.

Only this time, Jiaojiao landed on a seat covered with a soft blanket, and his movements were very gentle.

He was accustomed to such old injuries, and even wanted to wait for death, but this time he was aroused by the sudden appearance of the dragon cub.

How could he have a child? If the little dragon that appeared suddenly was really his child, who was the blood in the other half of the dragon cub's body?

Jiaojiao rolled around painfully, and after slowing down, she realized that the little clothes her mother had made for him were soiled.

Jiaojiao will comfort her father later, because her body is dirty, so he can't get his clothes dirty.

The clean-loving dragon endured the pain, stretched out his front paws numbly, unbuttoned Mu Wanwan's specially set button that could be unlocked by him, bent into a strange posture, and took off his clothes.

Then, Jiaojiao noticed a small jade badge stitched into her pocket by Mu Wan.

what is this?

Jiaojiao stretched out her claws to grab it, and ran into another small round translucent bead.

Jiaojiao doesn't know the jade brand, but she knows this bead.

This is Jiaojiao's toy!

As long as he tried to crush it with his teeth, there would be a sweet pill in it, which was specially made by his mother, and it would be very comfortable after taking it, and there would be no disease.

But now Dad is injured, he needs to feed him.

Jiaojiao grabbed the two things in the two claws, and then wanted to climb in the direction of daddy, but it was a little difficult for him to support his body with only the two claws, but he wanted to walk but crooked and difficult. After moving, he fell off the chair, and the jade medal and the ball rolled off in two directions.

The ball rolled into the corner, and the jade card was pushed by the Jiaojiao Xiaolong's horn, and fell to Mr. Long's feet.

"..." The blood-stained fingertips pinched the jade card, but Mr. Long felt that the divine consciousness left on the jade card was extremely familiar.

This is his spiritual consciousness.

Unknown emotions surged from his heart, and he trembled slightly, pressing his lips tightly, sending a trace of spiritual power.

A faint white light lit up, and a familiar figure appeared in front of him, black hair and white clothes, phoenix eyes and golden pupils...

It is "him" without any scars.

That "he" saluted himself respectfully and said a lot of things that he would never say.

That "he" said that this ugly little dragon cub is the child of "he" and his wife, and their baby Jiaojiao. If Jiaojiao is lost, "he" is the first strong man in the mainland who has transcended the seventh rank. , Will definitely come and pick him back.

The implication is that people who meet Jiaojiao can treat him well, otherwise they will die miserably.

This is surprisingly similar to myself.

Or, if he has children...

The "he" in the picture has a serious and terrifying expression, but soon, it seems that he has seen something extremely cherished, his eyes softened, and he even showed a clear smile on his cheeks, and his cheeks have been regarded as a secret little pear. Uzumaki also laughed.

That's silly.

Mr. Long thought, and then he heard an unfamiliar female voice, calling "he", "husband."

The heart tightened, and the picture in front of him disappeared, but he did not know what happened. It seemed to be from the soul, and he said softly, "Banwan?"

He had some pain in his head, but Jiaojiao on the other end heard her mother's name and responded happily.

Holding her aching head, Jiaojiao wanted to quickly pick up the ball that fell under the table.

But his claws are too short to reach.

If only he had hands like his sister.

Jiaojiao thought enviously. He rolled a few more times, and suddenly felt that his sight seemed to change a little, his ** was on the ground, still a bit cold.

Jiaojiao stretched out her white paws, took a look in front of her eyes, and then lay down on the ground again, reaching out to pick up the ball.

He caught it a few times, and finally caught it, but why didn't this ball feel right?

Why is it so big?

Jiaojiao picked up the slightly smooth thing, only to realize that it was quite large, a little dark...


Jiaojiao blinked, staring at the dirty egg, and gradually fell into a sluggishness.

Mr. Long had already guessed something faintly. He struggled to support his body and stood up, taking out the few remaining pills from the mustard space and regaining some strength.

Mr. Long's spiritual consciousness slowly swept over the bare-bottomed little dragon cub that suddenly transformed...

He looks almost the same as he was when he was a child, except that his facial features were softer, and his whole body was surrounded by a weak and disordered air current that he didn't notice at the beginning.

He does not belong to him in this life, he is his child in the next life.

The little dragon cub foolishly hugged the dead phoenix egg that he once picked up because of his nature.


With a hoarse voice, he wanted to call the dragon cub's name, but he met a pair of horrified, tearful eyes.

Jiaojiao hugged the phoenix egg that had lost any vitality, crying out of breath, "Brother, brother."

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