Chapter 131:I Married a Disabled Tyrant After Transmigrating

: If life has reincarnation (3)

Jiaojiao cautiously hugged the big phoenix egg, which had long lost its breath of life, ignoring the cold ground, stumbled on her short legs, and fell into the arms of Mr. Long who was still covered in blood. .

"Father, daddy."

Lost the shelter of the scales, his delicate and delicate skin was stained with dirty blood, but he didn't scream as squeamishly as before. He just looked at Mr. Long with trusting eyes, trying hard to push the egg in his arms. Lift up.

"Save...oh... brother."

His face was full of tears, and there was a deep purple on his neck, which made him look very embarrassed.

Mr. Long stretched out his hand silently, with a little light in his fingertips, and lightly nodded the little dragon cub's forehead.

"Woo..." Jiaojiao only felt a gentle energy running down his forehead, alleviating the pain on his body, but it made Jiaojiao especially sleepy, and he drooped his eyelids.

Even if he was almost strangled to death by Mr. Long before, he still trusted him wholeheartedly.


He is no one else.

It's the dad Jiaojiao loves very much.

The little dragon cub fell asleep, his warm and soft body leaning against Mr. Long’s arms, two white tender little hands still holding "Brother" tightly, his nose wrinkled and wrinkled, obviously not suitable for the current rottenness of Mr. Long’s body taste.

Mr. Long lowered his eyes slightly, staring at the time airflow surrounding the little dragon cub's soft body, and the faint golden pupils were deeply confused and struggling.

He really missed it.

I really want to know, I want to know how he will live in the next life.


He didn't want to know.

He was afraid that he would be jealous, and could not help but want to kill this stray dragon cub and deprive "him" of his happiness.

The broken corner exudes a soft light. Did Mr. Long hold back, lowering his head, and lightly touching the broken corner to the delicate and fragile dragon's corner...

Almost instantly, the originally dark room lit up.

As Jiaojiao's blood relatives, with Jiaojiao completely trusting him and unsuspecting, Mr. Long seemed to have experienced all Jiaojiao's emotions and saw him, who was born less than a year ago...

The memory begins with the dragon egg, which is not too small anymore.

Jiaojiao was placed in a very warm room, and she could barely perceive the outside world through her shell.

Although I can't see it, but because of the blood connection, I can know that there is another dragon egg around him, about the same size as him.

Every day, three people come to see him and another dragon egg.

One is a dragon with a very powerful aura, which makes Jiaojiao a little scared and at the same time feels safe to stay by his side.

One is a woman with a gentle voice, her palms are very warm, Jiaojiao likes her most.

There is also something that occasionally becomes fluffy. Jiaojiao is very strange who claims to be his brother.

Gradually, the dragon egg got bigger and bigger, and Jiaojiao felt unable to stretch her limbs. He was so uncomfortable and wanted to come out.


The sound of breaking the shell sounded, Jiaojiao heard the tragic cry of "brother", and couldn't bear it. She used her small head to top it, and soon her eyes brightened.

Although he still couldn't open his eyes, he smelled something delicious.

Following instinct, Jiaojiao took a bite of her big fat neck and heard a miserable tweeted.

After Jiaojiao got older, he figured out the family relationship.

Jiaojiao is a very, very happy little dragon cub.

He has the strongest dad in the mainland, the gentlest mother in the world, a delicious (?) hairy brother, and a cute sister who protects himself very, very much.

Although Jiaojiao thought she looked the same as them at first, she had hands, legs and a pretty face!

But one afternoon, when I accidentally climbed into the house and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror of my mother.

The little dragon cub still couldn't help crying.

He is so ugly!

Seeing this memory, Mr. Long couldn't help but smile.

Isn’t the little dragon cub in the mirror ugly?

He looked almost exactly the same as when he was a child, with mottled scales, small dragon horns and white ears, mixed together, plus the small fifth claw hidden, it was really hard to see.


It's even harder to cry.

Mr. Long’s slightly hoarse laughter sounded very permeating in the rare shimmering room.

How long has he been in this "grave"? He doesn't remember, how long has it been since he laughed? He... doesn't remember too much.

However, the few people in Jiaojiao's memory did not laugh at him.

They kissed his ugly scales tenderly and patiently, and told him in the most straightforward way that he was beautiful and they loved him very much.

"Jiaojiao." Mu Wanwan's voice fell on Longzai's head, but Xiaolongzai was sad and unwilling to look up at her.

Mrs. "His" seemed to be a little helpless. She stretched out her hand and rubbed the ears of the little dragon cub. Mr. Long felt that her ears seemed to be itchy, as if the breeze was blowing.

"You see that your father is very handsome now, he used to be ugly." Mu Wanwan said, there was some kind of affection in his voice, "When my mother saw him for the first time, your father..."

The woman's voice paused, as if she was reminiscing, she said very slowly, very slowly, "His face is full of hideous scars, and his horns and tail are still broken, which is much uglier than Jiaojiao's current appearance. "

"And my mother secretly told Jiaojiao that when your father was young, he secretly hatched spirit eggs as dragon eggs! He also snatched your brother from the monster clan, and he likes crying more than you."

Her voice was very soft, but it traveled through time and fell to his ears.


"My mother still loves him very much, even if he always looks like that, my mother will not dislike him." The woman bent over and dropped a kiss on the charming little dragon's horn, and Mr. Long could see her hanging down on her temple. The black hair on the side said, "My mother loves Jiaojiao, too."

Mr. Long suddenly felt that his eye sockets were a little sore, leaning on the cold and dark corner, the pictures in Jiaojiao's memory in his eyes were flooded with sunshine, and it was a very, very happy afternoon.

Blood slowly overflowed from his lips, and Mr. Long stretched out his finger and touched his cheek.

Rugged and uneven, there are ugly marks everywhere.

He closed his eyes gently, and the corners of his lips were slightly bent uncontrollably.

At the end of his irreversible life, his body had long been decayed, but he seemed to smile a little relieved, even he himself didn't know what he was laughing at.

Jiaojiao's memory is short, but it is warm enough.

When the little dragon cub, who was asleep, woke up, he found that the room had changed.

Hey, it seems to be clean and bright.

He sat up and saw that Daddy, who smelled a little stinky before, was also very clean.

Dad sat beside him and stretched out his hand to him, "Jiaojiao, come here."

As soon as he spoke, Jiaojiao hurriedly crawled to Daddy's side with her limbs, and touched Mr. Long's big palm with her chubby little hand, "Daddy, Daddy."

"Huhu!" Jiaojiao vigorously blew the blood-stained hand of Mr. Chuanlong, "No, it doesn't hurt."

Mother said that if the fall hurts, Huhu won't hurt anymore.

Jiaojiao remember that Dad bleeds before, but is it better now?

Mr. Long poked Xiao Baozi's soft belly without expression, and then squeezed the delicate and tender face.

Jiaojiao buried her head in his arms, not wanting to be pinched.

Mr. Long chuckled softly, squeezed his little dragon's horns again, and tightened his eyebrows slightly as he watched the thinner air flow around him.

In two days at most, this little dragon cub who appeared suddenly will no longer be able to return to his own world.

Jiaojiao unexpectedly came to him because of the chaos of time and space. If he didn't send him back, then waiting for Jiaojiao's fate would be accompanied by him, who was about to die and decayed.

Even if he still had some pills and food, he would not survive at most five years.

After he died, even if he left a lot of treasures, just as delicate as he was when he was young, he might not be happy.

but he……

He didn't want to send him away.

"Does Jiaojiao like Daddy?" Mr. Long lowered his head and pressed the boy's forehead, wondering why he asked.


There is no doubt that the answer is affirmative. Jiaojiao also gave her a big kiss from her dad, which made him drool.

Mr. Long's heart was sour, he tightened his arms and hugged the dragon cub in his arms tightly.

Jiaojiao didn't know why, but she still hugged her old father's neck happily v!

When the novelty stepped on Daddy’s shoulders enough, Jiaojiao started looking for her brother and sister. The dead Phoenix egg was taken away by Mr. Long. Jiaojiao didn’t find it, but he seemed to be relieved. Then he came to look for his sister and mother.

This time he didn’t find him, he started crying. Mr. Long couldn’t coax him, his clothes were wet from crying, and finally Mr. Long had to lie that his mother was taking his sister and brother to prepare for Jiaojiao in another place. Surprise, will be back soon, Jiaojiao didn't keep crying.

In the evening, Jiaojiao was a little depressed and had a not-so-good dinner with Mr. Long. Jiaojiao was a little bit disgusted.

After dinner, Jiaojiao finally found the ball, and specially crushed the outer shell, and handed the light-colored pill to Mr. Long's mouth, "Eat, eat!"

Mr. Long's eyes flickered, and he swallowed the pill according to Dragon Cub's will.

The decayed body sensed this pure energy, warming his heart a little bit.

This is, his future wife, the refined medicine?

It's really warm.

When Mr. Long recovered, Jiaojiao had already fallen asleep in his arms, and the time airflow on his body became even thinner, like an elixir scattered in Mr. Long's body, gradually losing its efficacy.

With his eyes struggling, Mr. Long sat on the ice coffin with Jiaojiao in his arms, and the room dimmed again. In the silent night, there were only a pair of bright golden pupils that trembled violently. I don't know how long it took before Mr. Long made a decision.

He bent down and gently kissed Jiaojiao's forehead, "Jiaojiao."

The little dragon cub murmured and opened his eyes slowly, stabbed by the more intense light. He wanted to complain about his father's noise, but found that it was himself who was shining.

Jiaojiao opened her mouth wide and wanted to speak, but found that she couldn't make a sound. The dad in his vision looked a little scary, but the daddy's gaze toward him was gentle.

Jiaojiao saw some crystal liquid running down her father's eyes and hit Jiaojiao's face. He heard her father say, "Goodbye."

No, Jiaojiao didn't want to leave her father.

Jiaojiao struggled hard, stretched out her little hand to catch Mr. Long, but she was still farther and farther away from him.

Slowly, disappeared into Mr. Long's sight.

The house fell into the same dead silence as usual. Mr. Long's body completely couldn't bear it and began to collapse. He fell into the ice coffin, but his eyes could no longer restrain the tears of embarrassment.

He is so envious of himself in the next life.

Life gradually passed, Mr. Long lay in the ice coffin and made his only wish in this life...

He really wanted and wanted to meet her.

Want to...

The breath of life in the room disappeared, but there was something that flew over time and the world, like a star, and fell on Mu Wanwan, who was curled up in the orphanage with a low-grade fever, like a destiny in the dark.



When Jiaojiao was finally able to speak, Mr. Long seemed to have noticed early and returned with Mu Wanwan.

Mr. Long held the crying bare-bottomed dragon cub in his arms and kissed him on the cheek, "Jiaojiao."

"Jiao, Jiaojiao!" Tiantian and Mengmeng also came out, looking at the disfigured younger brother in a novel way.

Mu Wanwan wiped away the tears that had burst out after finding that his son had lost it, stepped forward, and squeezed the face of the little fat man, "Jiaojiao, where did you go, why did you transform yourself when you came back?"

"Ouuuuu mother!"

Mu Wanwan patted Jiaojiao's ass, "You look the same as your father when he was a kid,"

After she finished speaking, she felt as if she had missed her mouth. She glanced at Mr. Long, met his smiling eyes, silently moved her eyes away, and continued to tease the plush ears on her son's forehead.

Mr. Long tightly held the dragon cub in his arms and lowered his eyes slightly...

In the land of inheritance for three hundred years, he had already seen the last life who had never met his wife, the dragon that died silently and failed in life, at the end of life, waiting for their treasure.

(End of the book)

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