Chapter 1:I Possessed the Sun God

: I am a **** in another world

"praise you!

"The great sun god:

"The origin of all life:

"The ruler of everything!"

A group of primitive people dressed in animal skins and painted with oil on their faces walked strangely in front of a stone pillar depicting the sun, dancing and praying.

Jiang Hao, who had just reacted, was dumbfounded when he saw the scene in front of him.

"Who am I?" "Where am I?" "What am I doing?"

As a member of China's billions of working dogs, not long ago, the department boss led the team to complete a large order. The boss waved his hand and rewarded the whole team for traveling to Dongying.

After arriving at Dongying, Jiang Hao's colleagues enthusiastically shouted that they would organize a group to go to Ginza to experience the nightlife, but Jiang Hao suddenly had a very small black whirlpool in front of him.

The whirlpool cannot be seen or touched by others, and will move with him, making him wonder if there is something wrong with his eyes.

He bid farewell to his colleague and hurriedly returned to the hotel. He closed the door and tentatively reached out and touched the black whirlpool. As a result, his eyes went dark and he appeared here.

The lush forest, the towering giant tree that can only be hugged by a few people, and the primitive people dancing with strange steps in front of them.

What's even more amazing is that he can understand the language spoken by these primitive people.

Am I going through? Jiang Hao opened his mouth a little bit.

Although he grew up by reading web articles, he often sees the word traversal, but when he traverses by himself, he is still a little nervous.

The primitive man who was dancing felt Jiang Hao's presence and immediately became excited.

"The great ** has come."

"Hurry up and bring sacrifices."

God? I? Jiang Hao was stunned. In a daze, he saw the primitive men pushing up a man with white robe, blond and blue eyes, and white gauze on his head.

The man realized something when he saw Shizhu, and struggling with horror, "Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, you can’t kill me, I am a baron, I have money, I have a lot of money, don’t kill me ."

The man struggled suddenly, not wanting the primitive man to hold his hand motionless like steel.

An old primitive man walked up to the man, raised an iron dagger, and slashed down at the man.

The red blood gurgled out like water, flowing on top of the stone pillar, staining the foundation stone of the stone pillar.

The primitive man's hands were released, and the man's eyes collapsed with dilated pupils. A dazed soul left his body and floated towards Jiang Hao.

It turns out that people really have souls!

Looking at the man's soul, Jiang Hao stretched out his right hand, half curious and half exploratory, trying to grasp the soul.

When his finger touched the man's soul, the bewildered man suddenly came to his senses.

The man's soul saw a round of black and red sun among the stone pillars. A figure in the sun reached out and grabbed himself, and screamed in horror, "The great Lord of Dawn Amon Aito is on top, and the evil ** wants to devour me Soul, please save your believers, I don’t want to be swallowed by false gods, I want to go to your kingdom."

At the same time he fought fiercely.

Jiang Hao retracted his hand in a panic, but the next moment, the man turned into a ray of red light and got into his body like a melted ice cube.

At the same time, the memory fragments suddenly jumped out, slowly appearing in his mind!

The hapless man killed as a sacrifice by primitive people was called Ian Albert, a baron in Ganzros, the kingdom of Bauhinia in the northern part of the mainland.

said he was a baron, but he had already fallen into dismay, except for an aristocratic hat and two wandering knight attendants attracted by him with the title of aristocratic knight.

Three days ago, an endless forest appeared out of nowhere next to Ganzros City. After exploring the forest, Archmage Tingen said that there were no monsters in this unexpected forest, and named the forest Endless Forest.

The absence of Warcraft means that the endless forest is an untapped treasure land.

So he took two knight attendants to the endless forest with the dream of finding gold/silver/gem mines to make a fortune, and encountered this primitive tribe one day ago.

Two knight attendants died on the spot, he was arrested as a sacrifice and sacrificed to the false gods.

A false god? It's me! With a move of Jiang Hao's heart, a memory fragment automatically emerged, and the relevant memory slowly appeared.

Countless primitive people crawled in front of the stone pillars to pray. Every once in a while, they would put all kinds of prey in front of the stone pillars to kill the blood sacrifice.

Thousands of years of blood sacrifice and the power of faith gathered on the stone pillar, and gradually, a sun ** was born.

If there are hundreds of years of faith and blood sacrifice, this sun ** will be able to give birth to his own consciousness.

But after Jiang Hao was brought over by the black hole, he took over the magpie's nest and seized the sun god. Now he has become the * called the sun * by primitive people.

I am a god... Jiang Hao is a little excited and a little panic. What is excited is that he is a god, even if it is a false god, he is standing at the top of everything extraordinary.

The panic is in the memory of Ian Albert, UU reading His gods produced by primitive blood sacrifices and beliefs are called false gods- they live on the main plane and do not have their own kingdom of God.

Regardless of whether it is the original seven gods that were born at the beginning of the world or the new gods who have been able to promote the kingdom of God for millions of years, their attitude towards false gods is very obvious.

As soon as it is discovered, strike immediately.

"The situation is quite bad, comparable to a mouse crossing the street. Once found, everyone shouts and beats." Jiang Hao shrank subconsciously.

shook his head, he decided to grow up in the endless forest first, and he would not become a true god, and he would never appear in the world's vision.

"But..." Jiang Hao looked up at the two fiery red suns, "I don't know if I can return to the Blue Star."

Compared with the other world, Blue Star is his home.

Just after thinking about it, a black whirlpool appeared in his consciousness.

"It's the whirlpool that brought me to another world."

Jiang Hao reached out his hand and touched the black whirlpool, his eyes suddenly went dark, and when he opened his eyes again, he found that he was back in the hotel.

"This is a black hole connecting the alien world and the blue star. Through it, I can freely travel between the blue star and the alien world." Jiang Hao was happy.

He took out his phone and took a picture of himself.

has a flat head and a white face, with a little white fluff on the side.

is what I look like.

"Am I turning back into a human?"

At the same time, he found that after he returned, the black vortex had moved from in front of him to his consciousness, and he could actually feel the existence of his consciousness.

His heart moved, and a black-red sun rose from behind him, giving this small room a dark red luster.

"Although it has changed back to a human being, the power of the sun ** in the other world is still there."

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