Chapter 2:I Possessed the Sun God

: Ame-no-Middle Lord God

Jiang Hao showed a joyful smile on his face.

The ability of the sun * is still there, which means that he is also a * in Blue Star.

"I have lived in Blue Star for more than 20 years and have never seen extraordinary powers. This means that Blue Stars probably do not have extraordinary powers. Those clay statues worshipped in temples, shrines and churches are just dead objects. , I can create miracles to ** believers from those clay statues."

Becoming the only ** in a godless world, thinking about Jiang Hao makes him excited.

"According to United Nations statistics, as of 2018, the total global population of Bluestar has reached 7.594 billion. As for Alien, although I don’t know how big Alien is, from the perspective of the barren food production and urban population density of Alien. The population is definitely not as good as Blue Star. This means that as long as I turn all Blue Star people into my believers, my divine power alone can overwhelm the gods of other worlds, at least in number."

"But you have to plan carefully."

Jiang Hao tapped his fingers on the desktop unconsciously.

God, the most important thing is faith.

There is power only when someone believes.

The more people who believe in, the greater the power.

A false ** like him, as long as he believes enough, he can easily transform into a true god.

When the time comes to return to another world with the identity of a true god, he will not be afraid of becoming a mouse crossing the street.

The false * is a mouse crossing the street, but the true * is not.

Thinking about it, Jiang Hao's brain quickly started planning.

"If you brazenly perform miracles on Blue Star, it is easy to attract firepower and become a target of public criticism."

"Actually, I don't have to compete with those clay sculptures for believers."

Jiang Hao changed his mind, and the thoughts in his head became clearer.

"I can impersonate those clay sculptures and directly absorb their beliefs."

The gods can only absorb the beliefs directed at them, but they can pretend to be other gods to accept the beliefs.

In another world, Nathaniel, the king of the undead, spreads his faith in the snowy field as the * of the glacier, Yadunis, and encroaches on the authority of the glacier. If it weren't for the goddess of ice and snow that broke the * of the glacier in the battle of the gods In China, believers who believe in the * of the glacier will not find that Yadunis, the * of the glacier, who has believed in them for hundreds of years, is actually the vest of the king of the undead, Nathaniel.

This incident caused an uproar in another world.

"Blue Star’s belief pattern has taken shape long ago. All countries and ethnic groups have corresponding myths and legends. Suddenly a new ** emerges for them to believe in. Naturally, they are in a disadvantageous position, and the new gods exhibit miracles and are easily affected by humans. High-level targets, suppression, restriction, and temptation are afraid that they will follow one after another, making it difficult to respond.

Although Jiang Hao is in touch with gods, he is not a true god. He doesn't think he can run wild at Blue Star.

has lived in Blue Star for more than 20 years, and he knows the power of those countries.

arrogantly confronting those countries is purely an act of seeking death!

"But it is different to pretend to be those clay sculptures to accept beliefs. The gods in the mythology of this nation suddenly show miracles, and naturally there is affinity, and the gods are rooted in the mythology and integrated with the national culture. I want to limit It's hard."

"But these are just my thoughts, first try the water in Dongying and see the reaction."

Jiang Hao took a deep breath, and a black sun rose from behind.

With a thought in his mind, this black sun turned into a disc full of brown inscriptions tall and tall. Before the disc, Jiang Hao wore a white diadem, embroidered with gold rims, and a crown on his head. Under the crown was a snow-white head. The long hair was draped over the white clothes at will, and the pale golden slender fingers stretched out from the wide cuffs to hold the godwood.

Seeing his current image in the mirror, Jiang Hao nodded in satisfaction.

The * of the heavens, the head of the three gods of Takatenhara, although not the * of the East, but also the ancient gods in Japanese mythology that existed after the creation of the heavens, and believers are all over the East.

"The Arrival Ceremony is three days later, I hope everything goes well."


Arrived in the Garden Festival is one of the three major festivals in the East.

At the beginning of the Arrival Ceremony, dozens of young boys wearing gray and two-color large ‘long muscles’ played on wooden drums to open the way.

is followed by a line of hundreds of worshippers dressed in the court costumes of the Heian period of Nara.

They were pulling a three-story mountain chariot, on which dozens of painted plain musicians played ancient poems in praise of the gods with various instruments.

A phoenix statue was sitting on his knees, and two priests were sitting on their knees. They were wearing dark hunting clothes and Liwu hats, looking at the Dongying people underneath without squinting.

In the center of the phoenix, a child wearing a costume of the emperor with a porcelain mask on his face sits in front of his breast, like a high god, patrolling his own people.

Nearly one hundred thousand tourists followed the mountain scooter to form a long queue on the streets of Kyoto.

Jiang Hao was in the team at this time. He walked leisurely and followed the crowd in an ordinary dress.

The number of participants in the Arrival Ceremony exceeded his expectations, but for him, the more people the better.

Looking at the child sitting in the middle of the phoenix, Jiang Hao smiled slightly: "On behalf of the gods, it is you. UU reading www.uuká"

Tatsuya Makino, the tourism planning promotion department of Kyoto City, was being interviewed by a TV station in the crowd. This year he was in his 50s and smiled and said to the camera: "There are more than 200,000 people participating in the Arrival Festival this year. Everyone must come to Kyoto City. Feel the atmosphere of Heiankyo era!"

Fukasui Ideiko, who was in charge of the interview with the microphone, looked at the smiling Makino Tatsuya, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Although the number of tourists visiting Kyoto has dropped this year, you don’t need to advertise so hard.

And it’s useless to advertise. The Arrival Festival is huge, but it’s the same year after year. I’m tired of seeing it. Unless I can come up with new tricks, no amount of advertising can stop the declining number of tourists.

Shen Shui Ideizi thought in her heart, but with a smile on her face and a half-hearted expression. She is a TV reporter and not an employee of the tourism planning and promotion department. The number of tourists in Kyoto City does not matter to her.

She was about to ask the next question according to the script.

A riot suddenly attracted her attention.

"What's the matter?" Shen Shui Izuizi followed the movement and looked over.

I only saw the child sitting in the middle of the phoenix suddenly standing up, with a black wood in his hand for some time.

"How is this going?"

"What happened?"

"Why did the child on Feng Nian stand up?"

One by one, the Dongying people who participated in the Arrival Ceremony watched Fengyan and talked a lot.

The priest sitting on the phoenix can't sit still anymore, they reach out to push the child back.

"Pity, sit down."

"This is a big festival, don't move around"

But the next moment, the priest who touched the pity with two hands was bounced out by an invisible force.

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