Chapter 3:I Possessed the Sun God

: My lord Amaterasu is the ruler of Gao Tianyuan

Two priests flew down from Feng Nian.

The commotion at the Arrival Ceremony was even greater.

People in the distance can't see what's happening on Feng Nian, but people in the vicinity can see it.

It was clear that two priests just touched the child and was flew out.

"Is what I just saw is true?"

"Is this a new trick made by Dongying people?"

The pity who wears a porcelain mask stands beside Feng Nian, stepping on the air, step by step, walking down under everyone's panic and worried eyes.

All worried eyes turned into shock.

"He stepped down on the air?"

"This is fake, right."

"Where is Via, I didn't find Via."

The petite wearing a porcelain mask didn't care about the commotion of the adults. She stuck the black wood on the ground, and the hard concrete road was like tofu in his hands.

The black wood plunged into the ground, and something incredible happened.

The wood on the ground grew suddenly, and in the blink of an eye it grew into a lush tree.

The big tree is seven or eight meters high, and even a few strong men can't hold it. Zhang Yubi and Zhulian rope hang on the tree, full of the smell of Fu'an.

Everyone on the scene almost forgot to breathe when they saw this scene.

If walking down from the phoenix on the air can be explained, then a piece of black wood will grow into a tree taller than several stories in a few seconds after being inserted on the ground, it can only be said to be an incredible miracle. .

The small fingers touched the tree of Mikami, and the pity spoke slowly.

"The wood of the gods, what's the use if you don’t see the main god:

"The flower of the jade branch, but the vulgar thing blooms the yellow spring:

"From the beginning of Mingjing, there was a plateau in vain:

"The ** of this life, the ethereal theory is true:"

"this is……."

The priest who flew down from the phoenix bridge ignored his pain, and looked at Yushenmu with his mouth wide open. "Is this the ritual for summoning Amaterasu recorded in the "Queen of Magical Skills" written by the Queen Himiho?"

Queen Himiho was the lord of Eimatai during the Yayoi period of the East. There is no record in the official history of the East, but there are related historical records in Shintoism and the neighboring China and the universe.

Hei Mihu is known as the incarnation of the great ** of Amaterasu. When he was born, the sun came out from Gaotianyuan to illuminate the earth, and when he died, the sun hid in Amaterasu, leaving the earth without light.

After the death of the queen, there was a "Shen Gong Queen Book", which was rumored to record the method of communicating with Amaterasu.

But this book has long been lost, and only part of the content is reproduced in the shrine.

If he hadn't been particularly interested in Himiko, and read the "Queen of Magical Skills" in the shrine, he would not know what the ceremony represented.

"But isn't this a myth and legend? Is the myth and legend true? There really are gods?"

"Ise priest, do you know what this is?" The priest who was bounced off with Ise priest heard his voice and looked back.

"Prince Ito, if I remember correctly, this is the ritual for summoning Amaterasu from Takatenhara in the "Queen of Magical Techniques"."

Ise priest's heart throbbed, and his body couldn't stop shaking.

Toyo Shintoism has many branches, and the deities of the main shrines are different, and the main deity of their Ise Jingu is the Amaterasu.

If the scene before him is true, Amaterasu should really be summoned.

The most profitable is definitely their Ise Jingu.

Apart from anything else, relying on Amaterasu’s position in Takatenbara, their Ise Jingu can integrate all the shrines in Toei Shintoism.

Mikami, who was touched by the pity, shook, and the lush green leaves fell in the air.

Layers of almost transparent ripples agitated out, pushing the onlookers to leave a large open space.

Inside the ripples, a strange sight slowly appeared.

The clear blue sky is crystal-like, the vast fields are green with green grass, and herds of cows, donkeys and horses are galloping freely in the fields.

In the distance, the rolling sea of ​​trees occupies all the field of vision. In the sea of ​​trees, there are countless precious birds and beasts. The winding creeks and lakes flow in the wilderness, together with a few misty clouds, like A blue gem.

The magnificent palace of the gods stands on top of precious stones.

High above, see all sentient beings.

Seeing these strange sights, those who participated in this arrival ceremony were stunned. Tourists may only find this sight to be extremely beautiful, and they don’t understand what this strange sight really means, but they, the natives of Kyoto, know it. , This is clearly Gao Tianyuan recorded in "Gu Shi Ji? Old Ci".

"Gu Shi Ji? Old Ci" records that the gods opened up the world in Gaotianyuan, and after that, the gods lived on the Gaotianyuan and ruled all beings.

"Everyone, let me, I'm a TV reporter, please let me." Fukasui Ideizi led the cameraman to the front.

Originally came here for the interview to complete the mission in the station, but unexpectedly there was a big news.

Is it true that our Dongying myths and legends?

As a reporter, she saw a lot of fake miracles. Many so-called miracles were edited by TV stations for the purpose of making news.

But these are different in front of me.

Whether it is the sight of Mikami that grows within a few seconds or the sight of Takatenhara, it has refreshed her knowledge.

She is 100% sure, this is not a miracle of high-tech forgery, UU Reading www. This is a real miracle.

"Gao Tianyuan, it really is my lord Amaterasu who is coming."

At this time, the priest of Ise was already very excited by himself.

Seeing this miraculous scene, he has begun to believe that myths and legends are true.

Otherwise, how to explain the scene before me.

"Is it really Amaterasu? Why can't it be Uga's Royal Soul?" The priest Ito muttered quietly while looking at Takatenhara.

There is not only the Amaterasu God in Takatenhara, but also the Uka's Royal Soul God enshrined by them at Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Although Ise priest is older, his ears are still sensitive. He heard the voice of Ito priest behind him, and he hushed, "Ito priest, our lord Amaterasu is the master of Takatenhara."

Although your Yujia's Yuhun Great God is also a great ** in Gao Tianyuan, how can He Te compare with Amaterasu when it comes to status?

The hands of priest Ito placed under the long sleeves slowly gathered, his expression worried.

Shintoism has many branches, and all major shrines and shrines have their own deities. If it is really Amaterasu who descends from Takatenhara, the status of Fushimi Inari Shrine in Shintoism will only fall drastically.

"about there."

Jiang Hao noticed that the fire was almost over, and decided to start the next step.

Among the ripples, Takatenhara suddenly changed.

In the magnificent palace of the gods, a man wearing a white diadem, embroidered with gold rims and a crown on his head came on a ride on the gods. His slender pale gold fingers held the gods, and behind him was a ** with a brown mantra written on it. plate.

When I saw the appearance of this great god, I don't know how many people present shouted out his name at the same time.

"The Lord of Heaven!"

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