Chapter 4:I Possessed the Sun God

: Why not Amaterasu Imperial Palace

The Lord of Heaven!

The entire city of Kyoto, even those who did not participate in this Arrival Festival, after seeing the ethereal figure of this great god, invariably held their breath.

According to the "Gu Shi Ji" record, at the beginning of the universe, the ** of heaven was first formed in Gao Tianyuan. He ordered the water under the sky to gather together to expose the dry land.

Seeing that the earth has not completely solidified, He gave Izanaki and Izanami Ammanuma Spears to transform the ground, creating the original island Yunokiro Island, which means'self-solidification' island.

After that, the Lord God of Heaven’s Royal Lord lived in the palace of the gods of Gaotianyuan, and ordered the gods to work together to create the world.

"It turned out to be the great God of Heaven." The priest Ito raised his head and muttered, his eyes humbled involuntarily.

The * of heaven is not a * worshipped by Shintoism.

There are three major shrines and five major shrines, none of which is dedicated to the ** of heaven.

But in Dongying, anyone who has a little bit of culture will know the existence of the Lord God in the Imperial Palace of Heaven.

Its status is equivalent to Pan Gu in the Chinese mythology, Yatum in the Egyptian mythology, and Uranus in the Olympus mythology.

Although there is no shrine to worship, its status is far above the main festival.

How could he be the Lord God of the Imperial Palace of Heaven, my lord Amaterasu Grand Imperial Palace, my lord Amaterasu God is the ruler of Gao Tianyuan.

Ise priest's mouth opened and closed, and there was incredible light in his eyes.

Mingming...It is clear that my lord Amaterasu is the master of Gao Tianyuan.

Mingming... That is clearly the ritual for summoning the Amaterasu Imperial Palace in the Book of the Queen of Magic Skills.

Why is the Lord God of Heavenly Sovereign summoned in the end?

The * of heaven, who was sitting high above the * of god, slowly stood up, and a pair of silver-white eyes swept across Kyoto from the sky.

For an instant, both those who participated in the Arrival Ceremony or those who did not participate in the Arrival Ceremony felt that they were swept by a pair of indifferent gazes that looked upon all beings like ants.

The hairs stand up, the knees bend involuntarily, and the spine supporting the body is suppressed by invisible force.

God’s grace is like the sea, God’s might is like hell...

Just when everyone thought they were about to kneel down, the ** of the heavens in the high sky field retracted his gaze, and left in a ride on the god.

With the departure of the Lord God in the Imperial Palace of Heaven, the ripples reflecting the strange scene of Gao Tianyuan gradually disappeared.

Under everyone's gaze, the lush Mikami became illusory.

It is like an illusory bubble, a gust of wind blows and shakes with the wind, as if it will burst at any time.

"Heaven... has the Lord God left?"

"What's the matter with this tree, is it going to disappear?"

"Mikami, also known as the era tree, can cross the boundaries of time and space and graft multiple eras. Now it is not going to disappear, but has escaped into other eras, leaving only a projection in our era."

"Is there really a god?"

"I didn't believe that God really exists before, but now I believe it."


All three views have been refreshed.

Who used to tell them that God really exists, and who can they vomit? Now who wants to tell them that God does not exist, they can vomit the other person's face.

said that there is no god, to explain what happened just now.

Jiang Hao watched the movement caused by the descending of the Lord of Heaven, and closed his eyes.

Because just now, when the Lord of the Heavenly Lord appeared from the "Gao Tian Yuan", he felt a majestic belief.

"The idea of ​​pretending to be a clay sculpture to absorb faith is indeed feasible."

Jiang Hao was full of enthusiasm. He performed miracles at the Arrival Ceremony. The purpose was to test whether it is feasible to pretend to be gods in the myths and legends of various countries to accept beliefs. Now the test results are very good.

"More than 100,000 people contributed their faith in a miracle."

"Although there are many people who can contribute faith, the power of faith contributed by a single person is very small. The total amount of faith contributed by more than 100,000 people is two or three times higher than the faith contributed by primitive people in a large-scale sacrifice."

Faith came from the void and transformed into divine power in Jiang Hao's body.

After these divine powers are generated, part of them circulates in Jiang Hao's body, transforms his body, maintains physical functions, and part of it is stored.

He almost used up his accumulation to create this miracle, but after the miracle, his divine power was enriched again.

"But this is also normal. After all, most people on Blue Stars have an attitude towards Gods that they prefer to believe in others. They regard God as the sustenance of the soul. There is nothing to believe in, let alone pious."

"What I have to do is make the Blue Star humans believe that God really exists. As for the rest, naturally someone will take the initiative to do it for me."

When he thought about it, the pity who presided over the miracle on his face suddenly fainted on the ground, and the crowd suddenly rioted.

The two priests also reacted.

They both tried their best to squeeze in.

There are a lot of people here. If it is normal, it would be very difficult for two priests to squeeze in. UU reading

But after experiencing the miracle just now, whether tourists or non-tourists saw the priests, they voluntarily withdrew. Their gazes at the priests brought respect that they could hardly detect.

In myths and legends, priests are the bridge between gods and people, and every priest is the spokesperson of the gods of Gao Tianyuan in Dongying.

Ise priest squeezed over and stretched out his hand to hold Reiko, and shouted anxiously, "Reiko, what's wrong with you, wake up soon."

In the past, Reiko was just a reserve of power in Ise Jingu. Even if she participated in hosting the Arrival Festival, she only added a note to her resume. Maybe when she grows up, she can easily pass the assessment and become a member of the thousands of witches. .

But now, unless the Lord God of the Lord of Heaven personally comes down to say that the pity has nothing to do with him, or the position of the Lord in Shintoism will surely skyrocket, from a small shrine maiden to a great priest serving the Lord of Heaven.

"Ise priest, Lord Reiko must have exhausted his divine power because he summoned the great God of Heaven to bless the believers. I suggest that Lord Reiko go to the shrine to rest immediately. We Fushimi Inari Shrine is the closest to here, and the environment is beautiful. The facilities are complete, and it is most suitable for Master Liaozi to rest."

Ito priest said sincerely.

Regardless of her former status, she will be called an adult after today.

Beautiful environment and complete facilities? We at Ise Jingu are much worse than yours at Fushimi Inari Shrine? The priest Ise curled his lips in his heart, but he picked up the pity in his actions, "Trouble Ito-kun."

In terms of environment, Ise Jingu is the leader in Shintoism, but Ise Jingu is too far away in Tokyo.

Hearing what Ise said, Ito nodded earnestly, "Reiko-sama can stay at our Fushimi Inari Shrine, it is our honor to Fushimi Inari Shrine."

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