Chapter 5:I Possessed the Sun God

: I also want to worship the Great God

Fushimi Inari Shrine.

The priest Ito knelt down on the tatami, and slowly told the priest in front of him what had happened at the Arashiyama Festival and his desire to enshrine the ** of heaven at Fushimi Inari Shrine.

"It is the great ** of heaven that has descended." Sakon Asakura, the priest in Fushimi Inari Shrine, heard the words of the priest Ito, and made a sound of shock and exclamation.

He saw the miracle that happened at the Kyoto Arrived Festival, even in Fushimi Inari Shrine. It’s just that the distance was too far to see the miracle really, and now he understands it after listening to the story of the priest Ito. In the end what happened.

"...As for what you said to enshrine the great God of Heaven in the shrine, this is a bit difficult." Asakura Sakon hesitated.

Fushimi Inari Shrine has always enshrined the Yukun God of Uga since ancient times, and if the Lord God of Fengtian was moved in, I was afraid that it would cause an uproar and screams of opposition.

Of course, with Asakura Sakon's position in the shrine, it is okay to suppress dissent.

But, since the Lord God of Heaven's Royal Real exists, then Yujia's Royal Soul Great God is also very likely to exist.

Moving the * of heaven into the shrine will offend the * of the soul of Uga. If the * of heaven is unwilling to accept their service after the * of heaven is moved into the shrine, the fun will be great.

God is not a generous life.

In myths and legends, there are many people who are ecstatic and dying after offending God.

"Master Asakura, this matter is related to the future status of our shrine, please consider it carefully." The priest Ito suppressed his anxiety, his voice calm.

Before the miracle, the status of the shrine was determined by wealth. Not to mention the worship of Uka’s imperial soul, even if it is worshipping one of the unknown gods among the eight million gods of Takatenhara, as long as the shrine’s incense is prosperous, the wealth is strong, and the gods The status within Taoism can still suppress the three major shrines.

But after the miracle, the status of the shrine must be determined by the status of the enshrined deity. The enshrined deity is not good, and the incense is useless in its peak.

Although the great ** of Yukun is a great god, it is not even the top five in Shintoism. Amaterasu Imperial Palace, Susano O, Izanaki, Izanami, Suzuo Wuzun, Moon Night See the Great God, Which one is not above Yujia's Royal Soul Great God?

If the gods other than Shintoism are counted in, with the status of Yujia's soul god, I am afraid that it will not even be in the top 20.

Enshrining such a great god, the priest Ito can foresee the decline of Fushimi Inari Shrine in the future.

As he grew up in a shrine, he certainly does not want the shrine to decline, and the only way to save the shrine is to enshrine the great God of Heaven.

"Let me think about it again, go down first." Said Asakura Sakon

"Yes." The priest Ito retreated helplessly.

After the priest Ito retired, Asakura Sakon immediately took out his cell phone and called in his two sons, Yukumura Asakura and Sohide Asakura, and said straightforwardly: "You have seen the miracle that happened in Kyoto, right, the priest thought. I want Fushimi Inari Shrine to enshrine the great God of Heaven, but I plan to reject him."

"For more than a thousand years, our Fushimi Inari Shrine has enshrined Uka's Royal Soul, and in the future, it will still be Uka's Royal Soul."

"But the great God of Heaven cannot be served without anyone. Who of you wants to abandon the priesthood in Fushimi Inari Shrine and open another shrine to worship the great God of Heaven?"

Eggs are stable only when they are placed in two baskets.

Hold the thighs, hold two before walking steadily.

"I am willing." Asakura Sohide spoke first.

My father obviously intends to bet on both sides. The new shrine will definitely be supported by Fushimi Inari Shrine, so don’t worry about incense.

Besides, priests and priests are also different.

is also a priest, the priest who serves Yujia's Royal Soul God has a high status as a priest who serves the Heavenly Lord God.

Asakura Yukimura was about to speak, but was preempted by his younger brother, so he had to look at his younger brother with a bitter expression on his face.

I also want to worship the great God of Heaven.

I also want to be the priest of the No. 1 God.

"Well, Lord Pity is a servant of the God of Heaven, she is resting at our shrine, waiting for you to take care of Mr. Pity, you must be satisfied with Mrs. Pity." Asakura Sakon nodded in satisfaction to his son, but satisfied There was a little loss in the middle.

My son is still too few.

It would be nice if there were two more sons.

After all, there were also Gaohuangchan Lingzun and Shenhuangchan Lingzun who were born at the same time as the Lord God of Heaven’s Royal Lord. These two ancient gods also need people to serve.

Watching his son withdraw, Asakura Sakon’s wrinkled face showed a smile like a chrysanthemum.

He murmured, "Although I have few sons, there are many members of the Asakura family."

"Those ancient gods who have existed since the beginning of the world but no one served. Other people don't serve you because they are all heretics."

"But our Asakura family is different."

"Our Asakura family has always been your most loyal servant. UU reading"

"We didn't serve before because our family background was not enough. Now that our family background is enough, of course we will do our best to serve you."

"No matter who you are, as long as you are a great ** that already exists in Henggu, our Asakura family will serve you, build a large shrine for you, and will vigorously promote your existence, so that more people will come to worship you."

Eggs, put them in two baskets, how can they be safely put in countless baskets.

Hold your thighs, hold two, how can you hold countless ones to walk safely.


The miracles that took place at the Kyoto City Arrived Festival were spread to all parts of Blue Star via the Internet.

More than 200,000 people claimed to have seen miracles online.

But because there was no picture and no truth, these people were questioned, and the two sides fought each other online.

There are a lot of 200,000 people, but compared to the hundreds of millions of users on the Internet, it is still a minority.

Gradually, the people who claimed to have seen the miracle fell into a disadvantage, and they were ridiculed as soon as they posted a post.

But when the TV station's report was edited and moved to the Internet, the wind turned around.

Countless people changed their positions after watching the edited video.

"This is a movie clip, which company produces it, I will definitely go to the cinema to support it when it is released."

"This video is too real. It doesn't look like a special effect. Is it true that a miracle happened in Kyoto?"

"The expression in the eyes of the Lord God in the Imperial Palace of Heaven is too indescribable. I have the urge to kneel down and worship immediately across the screen of my phone. I was in WC at the time."

"You can kneel down, maybe after you kneel down, you can get the gold rewarded by the great god/funny."

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