Chapter 6:I Possessed the Sun God

: Obon

The online controversy Jiang Hao is all in his eyes, and he doesn't care about the doubts.

These years, fake news is everywhere, and the credibility of TV reporters is severely lacking. Even if they broadcast videos, people who have not personally experienced it will still have doubts about the ‘miracle’ after seeing the video.

After all, the science on the Blue Star is denying the existence of God. Most people who have received scientific education don’t believe that God really exists, even those who hold the idea of ​​“I would rather believe it is not trustworthy but not believe it”. The idea here is also "God does not exist" mostly.

To destroy their three views, it is still very difficult to rely on a video.

"But when the miracles bloom everywhere, I am not afraid that the people on the blue star will not refresh the three views."

"Next, it's Heijokyo."

"Oon Bon Festival, Hyakki Night Walk!"


Pingcheng Jingdong.

The magnificent temple is hidden in the dark, and men and women wearing traditional oriental costumes sang and danced at the Fire Light Download to celebrate the undead of their ancestors walking out of the Yellow Springs and coming to this world.

Outside row upon row of houses, white lanterns are hung up high.

According to legend, at this time of the year, Huangquan is intertwined with the world, and the dead will walk on Huangquan Biliangzaka to come to this world.

At this time, the white lanterns are hung up, so that the ancestors can find their homes under the guidance of the lights.

In front of a low wooden house, the two white lanterns hanging in front of the wooden house did not know when they went out. An old man calmly stepped over the white lantern and stood at the door.

The old man wore a white robe. At first glance, he looked like a wealthy businessman in the Edo period. His head was bare, and he was like an old monk in a temple. He raised his scrawny fingers and placed them in front of the door, making rhythmic sounds.


Tanimura Ritsuko heard the voice and walked out of the room. She was taken aback when she saw the old man, and asked in a low voice: "Are you?"

The corners of the old man’s lips curled up slightly, and his brown-spotted palm touched Ritsuko Tanimura’s wrist, “I’m your grandfather.”

After Tanimura Ritsuko was touched by the old man, her head became dizzy, and she followed his words in a daze and continued, "It's grandpa,"

She didn't know the old man at first, but now she looks more and more familiar with the old man, like someone who hasn't been masked for a long time. Suddenly, she didn't respond to the meeting, but slowly remembered who he was.

Tanimura Ritsuko led the old man into the house, and the old man seemed to have returned to his own home.

He stabs at the table, eating sushi and sipping tea. From time to time, he commented on the advantages and disadvantages of these foods. Ritsuko Tanimura seemed to be like his grandfather, waiting for the elderly.

Until Kyosuke Tanimura returned home, he watched his sister serving an old man who didn’t know the origin, and said in surprise, "Rutko, who is this guest?"

"He's grandpa." Ritsuko Tanimura thought in a daze: Why doesn't my brother even know Grandpa?

"Grandpa? Didn't our grandpa die prematurely?"

When Kyosuke Tanimura said, Ritsuko Tanimura woke up suddenly.

Yes, grandpa died a long time ago, how could he be grandpa?

Tanimura Ritsuko turned to look at the old man who was eating and drinking leisurely at the table, and the more he looked, the more strange he became, and he didn't have the familiar feeling at the beginning.

When I thought that she was familiar with him just now, and that he was his grandfather, Ritsuko Tanimura's heart trembled. This situation reminded her of a monster in myths and legends-a slick ghost.

It is said that the slick ghost is a monster transformed from an octopus in the sea. He often sneaks into human homes to eat and drink, and the humans who sneak into the home often can't help thinking that he is the owner of the family, and will not drive him away. Will be warmly entertained.

The only thing that reassures Tanimura Ritsuko is that the slick ghost is a very kind monster, it will not harm others except for sneaking into human homes to eat and drink.

"Who are you?" Tanimura realized that something was wrong, and he asked fiercely.

"I am your grandpa."

The old man waved his sleeve.

The heads of the brothers and sisters of Kyosuke Tanimura and Ritsuko Tanimura were dizzy, and they completely forgot their vigilance and ferocity just now.

They yelled in unison: "Grandpa!"

and then waited on the slicker.

When the brothers and sisters of Kyosuke Tanimura and Ritsuko Tanimura were deceived by slippery ghosts, legendary monsters also appeared in other parts of the eastern part of Heishikyo.

A group of children jumped forward on the street in groups.

Someone glanced curiously, his scalp numb in surprise.

Where are these children? Their hair grows up to the nose, and a single eye is exposed at the separated ends of the hair, which is different from normal human eyes on both sides of the upper part of the nose. Their single eye grows in the center of the eyebrows, either horizontally or vertically.

"Mountain boy..." The people along the way recognized the mountain boy and immediately turned around and covered his eyes.

According to the legend, the mountain boys are monsters that haunt the mountains. When the day of the night of the Hundred Ghosts comes, the mountain boys will descend from the mountain in groups and pass through the human city. UU reading arrives in the deep. In the river, become a kappa.

Although Shantong is a monster who has no malice towards humans, he can only play pranks and never take the initiative to hurt people.

But if humans don’t turn around and cover their eyes immediately after seeing it, they will get sick somehow, so Shantong is one of the most unpopular monsters.

Outside a tall building, a tall woman wearing a traditional kimono with Shimada hair bun on her head walked into the building with a white face.

As soon as she came in, she attracted the attention of everyone in the building. Whether it was a man or a woman, they stopped to pay attention to her when they glanced over her.

It's not that she is too beautiful, but that she is too tall.

In Dongying, whose per capita height is only 1.56 meters, the figure of 1.78 meters is already considered tall.

But this woman is at least 2.5 meters tall.

What is even more peculiar is that her legs are at least two meters in height of 2.5 meters.

Everyone likes the girl with long legs, but if this leg is longer than a human, it will be a strange thing to like it.

The tall woman stopped at the elevator door. After waiting for the elevator door to open, she bent down and glanced inward. With a twist of the white- painted eyebrows, the white powder fell sloppily.

But she didn't care at all, "This elevator is so short, how can I take it?"

"You can take the stairs." Someone among the people who stopped took the tall girl's words.

"You all take the elevator, why do you want me to take the stairs, do you discriminate against my height?" The tall woman was angry.

Without waiting for someone to reply, the tall woman stretched out her hand and stuck it on the elevator.

In an instant, flames swept across.

Under the fire, the tall woman laughed wildly.

"Everyone who discriminates against my height will die."

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