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The traverser Wei Jiang raised four cubs, one is a chicken, one is a small red fish, one is a small blue grass, and the other is a group of white wolf cubs.
Wei Jiang, who mistakenly thought that he had crossed into the world of high- tech immortality cultivation, thought that these were four cute little monsters. In order to let the little monsters grow up healthily, he took them to the Starship Battle Tournament. The regulars on the list have countless fans.

Wei Jiang: O_O?

Fans think this must be a combination of five geniuses. They are prominent in reality, turning their hands into the clouds and covering their hands into the rain.

Wei Jiang: O_O? ? ?

A few years later, the four cubs have become real bosses, and he has also become a legend of the empire.
According to legend, he was ten feet tall, stepped on thunder and lightning, and wore golden light. He was like a god.

Wei Jiang: O_O? ? ? ? ?

Wei Jiang felt very wronged. He hoped that the boys would clarify, and then…
Second child·Xiao Huang: He is not ten feet tall, but it is true that he stepped on thunder and lightning.

The third child: Hongyu: He did not step on thunder and lightning, but it was true that he was wearing golden light.

Fourth, Xiaolan: He is not wearing golden light, but being like a god is real.
Wei·The more you describe the darker·Jiang:…

In the end, the fifth-year-old Luvian Xiaobai helped him make a clarification: he is not ten feet tall, he is not covered by thunder and lightning, and he is not a god, but he is unique in my life.

Wei Jiang:…

Wei Jiang: Yes.

*1v1, the retreat big devil attack X is gentle and harmless (?) But the control is affected, he.
*Only Lu Wei’an (Xiao Bai) has love for Wei Jiang, and other “people” regard Wei Jiang as his father or elder brother.
* When Wei Jiang picked up Lu Wei’an, the opponent was already an adult.
*Daily update.

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One sentence brief: After raising a cub, I dominated Interstellar.
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