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My name is Toru Kurosawa and I am 25 years old.
I have another name, Toruya Karasuma, because there is a mysterious old man in the family, and for some inconvenient reasons, I personally don’t like to use this name.
Now I just returned to Japan from Italy, and my first stop decided to visit the industry I was planning to retire, a cafe I bought before I left the country. The name seems to be Poirot?
Even though when I was 18, I went to Italy to study abroad for seven years because of my rebellion, and was called back by an inexplicable phone call to inherit the family business, it did not change my dream of running a coffee shop!
Think about it, you don’t have to wake up early and wake up naturally every day, sit in your own coffee shop and drink a delicious latte, and you can study recipes when you have nothing to do. What a wonderful life!
As for groups and organizations?
The manager’s salary is so high, don’t you want to do it if you don’t manage the group well for me?
Who would want to accept an organization that has been turned into a sieve by undercover agents!
Stepping into Poirot, he looked at a certain blond, dark-skinned person who seemed familiar to me to say hello. I pondered: Will the salted fish life I want come true?
Brother help! I am surrounded by red squares!
Reading Instructions / Demining:
1. The first person of the copy, the third person of the text
2. The protagonist is neither pure black nor red. It can be understood as neutral and black. He has a wine name but has hardly participated in organizational activities.
2021.11.19 Added mine clearance: Qin Ye has private settings related to the protagonist. Other members of the organization also have private settings. There may also be magical changes to the winery-related settings, and the winery will eventually be resolved and will not be changed. But not all personnel will be resolved. Mind not to enter.
3. Some characters may be ooc
4. The male protagonist in the last sentence of the copy
5. Comprehensive world, any changes in details are all self-designed, don’t go into details
6. The protagonist has already entered the retirement period in Italy, so he is inclined to the daily trend. The author strives to improve his writing (holding his head, I really think about the plot seriously)

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