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Ideal Entertainment

Drunk Long Song

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It’s a very young age! You Fenghuang Entertainment Group’s favorite baby Chu Qiu was tricked by the Fenghuang boss!

1L: Come on! Set fire to that Qi Tianrui! Damn life winner! ! !

2L: See autumn roll, blow my autumn crazy! Acting online! The face value explodes! The leg is one meter eight! Super cute character! Encountered fans blush faster than fans! Not at all ambiguous!

3L: Big brother, wake up! Qi Tianrui got you Qiu!

4L: Chu Qiu and Qi Tianrui came out to the public!

5L: The balloon party is fearless! It’s going to rain! Autumn is going to marry! I’m going to prepare the money!

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·Double life, sweet essay in entertainment circle, easy and no abuse HE.
·The ideal entertainment industry, everything is to radiate the sour smell of love.
·Bring sugar-loving wife and crazy attack with you x Shy, shy, micro-social disorder

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