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Bai Xiyue opened her eyes to see a high-end restaurant with an elegant ambience and panoramic view.

System: You’re currently on a date. The person opposite you is your boyfriend No. 1, but No. 2 and No. 3 are about to arrive on the battleground. Please refrain from triggering a shuraba!

The F*ck???
Bai Xiyue: What happens if it’s triggered?

System: Blackening, imprisonment, [bleep], dismemberment, do you understand?

Bai Xiyue took a deep breath then escaped to the bathroom after performing a convoluted operation to avoid No. 2 and No. 3.

System: Your task is to break up with the four targets without triggering their blackening condition.

Bai Xiyue: Four? And the other one?

System: The crossdresser next door.

Bai Xiyue looked at the toilet door panel and began to lose her head.

Trying to break up every day

What is it like to pedal N boats?

A Yandere happy ending can’t be done

Dramatic battle for survival

Note: Shuraba (Scene of Carnage/Mayhem)- a Japanese term used to describe a scenario where an individual gets caught up in a volatile situation involving multiple love interests.

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