Chapter 639:Inevitable Road To Divinity

Xue Ren and Sho Yue’s R-18 (3/8 - The End)

Chapter 638: Xue Ren and Sho Yue's R-18 (3/8 \- The End)

The introduction was swift.

Because Xue Ren deed was seen by Sho Yue's parents, they just nodded to his words while feeling lucky for their daughter. Then, Sho Yue and Xue Ren spent a lot of time in her home lands. Afterward, Xue Ren took them into his world without anyone realizing it.

It was time for the night after reunion!

"I love you so much! Our meeting in that colorful forest was fated and the best thing that happened to me!"

Sho Yue whispered while kissing her man.

She got a proper hold of his body, then glued while licking every part of his chest. Her tongue trailed his nipples, went in circles, then just drenched his chest in the saliva like affectionate kitty. The lady's tail was wiggling around happily, so it wast truly like that.

Her human form with the tail and tigress ears was the best.

Xue Ren caressed her ears as he had an easy reach, then both of them kept whispering a lot of love words while reminiscing about the start of their journey. The stories had to stop for a little, however. The fiery kiss began after all!


And what followed the kiss was Xue Ren reaching for her tail. He pulled, mercilessly treated yet Sho Yue took it as delight. Then, in the middle of the kiss, Xue Ren smacked her ass cheeks planting a lot of red handprints.

All to Sho Yue's delight.

His cock was slowly rising too. This was clearly felt by the lady who was gluing to her man. She even slid her body up and forth to accelerate the process! This caused Xue Ren to just slap her ass more, then his hands grapsed that buttocks tightly. He shook the delightful flesh causing Sho Yue to let his lips go.

She gasped and looked at him mesmeringly with her golden eyes.

"Treat me more roughly, Ren~~ You and your fetishes had given me way too much ideas and now look what have I turned into!"

"My bad? But I do like it."

The voluptuous ass rippled from the rough treatment, then Sho Yue twisted her body on Xue Ren's cock. It was still hidden, but was near perfection! Her body moved as much sexily as she could to make Xue Ren just take out that beast.

After her ass got painted red, Xue Ren rolled on the bed, then pulled out the beast. He brought his cock closer to the hot ass that was stuck out thanks to Sho Yue going onto her four. Her ass wiggled, then Xue Ren slid it in between her ass cheeks.

It was truly meaty and delightful ass.

"I will ride hard now~~"

"You should just put in, but all to your delight~~ Mmm~~"

Enjoying his slaps caused by the crotch hitting her ass, Sho Yue hummed and buried her head within the pillow. Her ass rippled, shook and pleasured Xue Ren with its elastic flesh and smooth skin.

Xue Ren trailed the red marks, then in a surprise, shoved his cock into Sho Yue's juicy pussy. Her eyes went wide and she let out the ear-splitting moan that awakened her parents. Soon, her pussy convulsed with love and properly worked on Xue Ren's shaft.

All while he was thrusting back and forth.

"11th winged... cock... is going to break me... AHhh!"

"Hmm? Oh, Sho Yue, Sho Yue... Already losing your mind?"

"It's been a while, this is it! And from what you told me, I am last! Fuck you and better work for me!"

"Haha! Turning into offensive to hide your vulnerability. HAhaha!"


Xue Ren enjoyed the garden of his lady! She was so sensitive it was cute, his cock exploding bountifuly within her. The hot stuff gushed out, then he slipped out. His white seed followed his cock and the bed got stained.

Yet Xue Ren didn't care. He pointed his spear at the second garden and buried himself even more within her ass. His crotch hit her ass, then the slamming began!

"Ohh! Hhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh!"

The loveable, yes, loveable moans filled the room! He enjoyed those along with Sho Yue's nonstop rippling body, then countless explosions filled Sho Yue's garden! The lady had to hide her face in the pillow, her moans were just that slutty!

And it was fine for Xue Ren to just change between one garden and another.

His powers were that useful.

Afterwards, Xue Ren and Sho Yue laid close. He sat on the pillow, while the lady rested on his thigh. Her tongue was cleaning the cock from all the white seed that had yet to stop coming. She shifted that weapon to her side, then with her tightly grasp, her tongur whipped and worked as much as she could.

But it was hard. Her mind had visited the heavens of pleasure so much it was just hard to move. Yet once Xue Ren put his cock close to her face, Sho Yue got the portion of energy to move her tongue and move her hand to support that hard work.

"I will go for the thrones now."

"Then... the two bosses... and we will start the family? The family that can not be beaten by anyone?"


"Ah, it needs a lot of plans... The kids can not stay victorious or they will become arrogant."

"Haha~~ Leave those thoughts for the future."

"Mmm, I will just suck on your cock."

The lady's elegant and mesmerizing aura couldn't be sullied by her lips on the weapon! She licked efficiently, then Xue Ren and Sho Yue went to sleep with their bodies glued to each other. Their sweat and sticky sensation didn't disturb them, but just helped them to descend to the dreamland.

As the new day arrived and sun rose up, Xue Ren took Sho Yue with himself to meet the god of war. He had to somehow get the axe divinities! It was no problem by forcing them to pass the divine power!

He had given them some stuff to not tarnish the name of god of war.

Then, it was time to find the thrones.

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