Chapter 640:Inevitable Road To Divinity

Sex Gods battle (4/8 - The End)

Chapter 639: Sex Gods battle (4/8 \- The End)

The location of throne of ruler was mysterious. Xue Ren just appeared using his powers and so he was in front of the throne. He took the seat, and felt the impressive energy flowing through his body.

His powers began rising.

The strongest state of the divinity is known to be 12 winged. However, there was an inevitable road for the ruler! The 14 winged shall be born right now! The power of the throne worked, then Xue Ren began feeling as if the universe which he has abandonded was within his palm.

It was strange feeling, but then he sneered and took the throne to his own universe.

All the efforts of the former rulers and even plots of other ones had been destroyed by this move. The throne appeared within Xue Ren's universe in the special place, then it was time to gather the rest. The throne of time was in sun goddess' hands, so what was left were a three thrones \- the space, death and life ones!

In order to reach the throne of space, Xue Ren had to meet the sex goddess! The woman who had a lot of elements and powers as well! Now, as the 14th winged, Xue Ren wasn't even scared and in fact, prepared for the wet show.

He grabbed the fragment from the darkness world, then the one which had been utilized by the elves for many years. Those fragments were exactly what Anastasie lacked, and so Xue Ren used his divine connextion.


"Boya~~ The ruler power flows within you... And now, I have gotten the space fragments."

"So, what is your goal now?"

"It is naturally to eat up you. We are both 'equals now'."

The Sex Goddess licked her lips. Her colorful hairs erratically swayed behind her as she strutted froward. Both sex gods were naked, their bodies tickled by the passing breeze! But what their bodies sought was the touch of their counterpart.

To which the sex goddess delivered first.

She trailed his chest, then pounced at Xue Ren who didn't even stagger while accepting her. He widened his arms, then once her chest touched his, Xue Ren wrapped his arms rightly around Anastasie.

This action brought a lot of pleasure already, her eyes glittering with lust. She threw her head back a little, then extended her tonuge. The saliva of the lady spilled out then, going down her chin to her bosom.

"What a confident grasp. Can I leave it?"

"You can, but only when I tell you to go on four so that I can fuck your ass from behind."

"Nice~~ Arouse me more, boya~~"

The lady scratched the sex god's chest with her own, then brought her lewd tongue forth. Her goal was to dominate Xue Ren with the lewd kissing, but the show of the confidence had lowered the battle power of the lady.

Was it because she had seen his weak self?

Anastasie thought so! She found his lust to be affectionate, then knowing the powers of good sex god, her body sought his cock so much it was hard to kiss! It had to be yet another reason! Once Xue Ren comes enough within her, Anastasie should be able to regain her strength and perfectly crave his body.

Thus, allowing Xue Ren to dominate her, the sex goddess hung herself on his neck, then felt his hands roaming across her body. His heavenly touch had never missed a little of her body on its path and once Xue Ren touched Sex Goddess' body, her body trembled and felt hot! This hotness stayed as hot as if during the touch meaning that Xue Ren was marking her whole body with everything he got.

Her smooth skin pushed him to enjoy her more roughly.

As Xue Ren grabbed her leg, he raised it up and having it close, his hands roamed through her thighs pinching and slapping from time to time. At the same time, his lips got planted on her voluptuous chest, sucking the chest as hard as he could.

"Ahh~~ Mmm~~ This is it... The lust of sex god... The lust that my body accepts... Boya~~"

Stimulating Xue Ren more, Anastasie felt her red pearl being twisted and wrenched by his greedy lips. She laughed, moaned, then continued to relish on that pleasure coming from his strong body. All while small tide already overflowed her insides.

The dizzle of her juices trickled down on her thigh!

"I got my divine avatar recently."

"Good job~~"

"I assume yours is the same. I am going to have you close while fighting the overlords!"

"Sure~~ We will fight them with divine avatars while inside, our bodies will be stuck closely in deep tight sex!"

Xue Ren found it impossible, but he liked the idea. He lowered himself then, putting the leg around his waist down. As soon as Anastasie's foot reached the ground, Xue Ren spread those and reached for her pussy.

It was overflowing, twitching for attention.

The amount of juices and the allure of its smell and sight just pulled Xue Ren forward. He planted a lot of kisses here, then snuck his tongue in. Her insides clamped down him instantly, then the tide rushed forth.

The overwhelming tide.

Then, he slurped all juices while seeking more and more. With the sex goddess sitting on his face, Xue Ren also checked on her second hole. As he thought, her divine energy was overflowing here and preparing it for the later pleasure.

Thus, he gave it an early touch and fingered her here.

In the meantime, more love juices drenched his face.

"Ahhhh! Your body is truly the best! Mmm! Give me your cock already! Make my whole body tremble and move for you! Ahnnn~~"

The lady craved so much for his body that she was at his whim! The sex god delivered then his cock thrusting it one go through her body! It felt tight yet he instantly reached the depths! Even so, Xue Ren groaned, clearly dazed by that pleasure.

Before he himself could notice, his waist began working. It was as if reciprocating was the only thing he could do while immersed within Anastasie's body! She herself already lost her common sexiness and just became total slut.

Her eyes rolled, tongue lolling out and saliva going around her face were indeed the assets of the lady in the utmost pleasure. On the sex goddess, it enchanced Xue Ren's fuel and he continously sprayed within her insides.

"Ohhh! Ohhhhhhhhh!"

Feeling his divine energy sucked as well, Xue Ren could only produce more. His hands were squeezing that peaks, then he even licked her tears full of pleasure that were tickling on her reddened cheeks.

Dominating Sex Goddess, Xue Ren came so much that his battle power got lowered. As for the lady beneath him, it was opposite. Rolling in the heaven of the pleasure for so much time, Anastasie could feel the pleasure of the best cock in the universe.

But her body was accepting and sucking him just like she had anticipated.

Meaning that it was her time to get the control over sex!


Like the beast, Anastasie wrapped her legs around Xue Ren's waist. This strength stopped Xue Ren and his wild thrust. He looked at the sex goddess, then his eyes a little widened. It was as if she was the one 'ruling now'.

Her wide smile pinned him thoroughly, then soon, she began moving her own waist, enjoying Xue Ren on her own! The lady's control somehow brought up another sensation, then her insides crawled and rubbed Xue Ren's shaft.

His explosions were no longer in his grasp as well as the divine energy of sex goddess coated Xue Ren's cock!

A lot of explosions erupted, then Sex Goddess stood up. All while Xue Ren was within her. She caressed her hard bean below, then Xue Ren's shaft. Of course, he was inside her, but half-way through!

As she lowered her ass, the slap rang out and the lady began riding Xue Ren! Completely pinned by the pleasure, Xue Ren could only add a little more stimulation and aim to win the control by teasing her body all over!

The battle of the sex gods just began and so they rolled all over the divine beds that were connected! Thus, the playground was wide and surely not lacking! They rolled in various positions, triggering a lot of pleasure spots and explosion!

"Hahaha~~ It's my turn now! Suck me on, Rennnnnnn~~"

"I am fairly sure that my time to move excels yours."

"Hmm~~ I don't think so... If anything, we haven't started the timer yet!"


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