Chapter 641:Inevitable Road To Divinity

The primary target (5/8 - The End)

Chapter 640: The primary target (5/8 \- The End)

Xue Ren got Anastasie after a lot of struggle.

She settled herself far away from his family within his universe. What was the best surprise after their battle was taht Anastasie had found out Luxuria and even beaten her hard. She got the sin and used her powers to have some fun.

So Xue Ren satisfied Superbia's feelings later on.

Now, it was time to go for another throne. The death and life were the last ones... As someone who had the demon bloodline which was also the key, Xue Ren used his connections and death god's divinity in his grasp to find the throne.

It was not particularly hard after getting so many powers. The fragments to the throne got collected relatively easy, then Xue Ren formed the throne. The one to sit on the throne was Misha as she had the closest relationship and demon powers of the ancestor!

The last throne of life was the worst case.

Xue Ren had to contemplate for a while, then during his thoughts, the world tree of elven world reached out for the heavenly word's core. It was beaten, sealed and unusable yet the two connected could bring out some clues.

He connected those with his divinities, then location of the throne had been found out!

Strangely enough, the location of the throne was so deeply hidden in the corner of the universe that Xue Ren assumed someone had done something beforehand. Something serious that is. He strode toward the location and found out the reason.

"The real mother nature and goddess of life are sealed within the throne... They had forced themselves to such extent only to hide the throne?"

Maybe it was something against the overlords or unforeseeable future. Anyway, Xue Ren was looking forward for the throne. Their bodies and minds were already withn the throne similarly to the god of time, thus, Xue Ren just decided to let them sleep and use their powers.

The Sex God worked hard to do so, then the throne joined up his ranks. The one to sit on the throne of life was Aria, the elven queen! She took the hard task with brave expression, then the powers of the lady rose up!

Naturally, Xue Ren was happy with it and both of them had spent a lot of nice time afterward.


Xue Ren had to complete some task now.

The first one was to find the bodies of mothers whose clones are within every world's core! This task was what caused Xue Family to just go around the universe with Xue Ren's powers! He himself utilized his ruler powers and could more or less pin-point the locations.

Allowing others to complete this task, Xue Ren turned his attention to god of war.

Suprisingly, he wasn't in his main world, but one of the 'common' ones. Xue Ren used his ruler powers to secretly enter and the sight of god of war with common family stupefied him. He looked at the family of four in a daze.


This idea was rather a nice idea. Xue Ren himself took liking to it... It was a family free of the problems related to the strength, power and status... Everyone in the village was working hard as farmers and supported each other.

Their pure and sincere emotions caused Xue Ren to feel the jealousy! The kids were also happy and content with their lives, even though god of war hadn't used the treasures which could make them wealthy in one night.

They were just happy and normal family.

Soon enough, God Of War spotted Xue Ren. He went wide, then excused himself... He made sure that no one had seen him, but then, Xue Ren reassured he went here silently.

"You couldn't spot me after all this time, so don't worry."

"This has to be a secret."

"I know..."

The words of Xue Ren were filled with jealousy which erased the worry of his. It looks like Xue Ren might do the same thing in the future... And speaking of the future, Xue Ren spoke about his plans and that he might need the divinities of beast races including god of war.

The universal battle!

Though it was rude of Xue Ren after he had stolen a lot from the universe, Xue Ren promised a place for the god war alliance within his own! And it's not like they can not come back here after Xue Ren becomes the one who sits above everyone else!

Thus, God Of War accepted the offer.

The search for the mothers lasted for some time. Xue Ren's family had found them, and then, he personally helped the ladies to assimilate with their bodies. Now, all of them were gathered within Xue Ren's universe.

The curiosity took over Xue Ren and he visited the worlds after this change. They were weaker, far weaker and the results could be seen with the naked eye... This also led up for some battles in the medium worlds as well.

The higher worlds weren't spared from such treatment, but Xue Ren paid no heed.

He disappeared and began checking up on his gathered powers... Such powerful army and unique concepts! Everything was within his universe under his banner and command... This caused Xue Ren's heart to beat with contentment and excitement.

The Sex God floated above his islands while admiring the work of his and his ladies. It was their home, the one they had built together! The islands, waters and every part of nature let out their energies which were so bountiful it was pleasing to an eye and body!

However, Xue Ren's actions were always under Mayas' eye.

He had found the disturbance in the universe and used his greatest mirror to look at the situation over here! Xue Ren was his target, but with such progres, Mayas utilized all his treasures and powers to open the way to Xue Ren's universe!

The target that was at the end became the priority!

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