Chapter 642:Inevitable Road To Divinity

Against Overlord - (6/8 - The End)

Chapter 641: Against Overlord \- (6/8 \- The End)

The pressure of the overlord could be felt by Xue Ren a few days later.

But it was only because Mayas was already close. Furthermore, he was using a lot of mirrors to mask his presence, so Xue Ren was truly lucky to spot him before he truly appeared within his universe!

It also shows Xue Ren's power of the 14th winged.

The Sex God naturally gathered everyone, made sure that they are aware as to who is coming, then the formations spread across his universe. It was time to deal with the strongest man who is one of two bosses.

There should be the dragon overlord too, but Xue Ren was sure that they are going to shelter themselves in their own universe. The white races began then penetrating through Xue Ren's universe.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It began with the constant explosions! The elemental formations burst forth with all their might to take down the white beasts. Those creatures were sent to be the scapegoat and check on Xue Ren's defenses.

"If that's the case, then we will use our creations."

All creations dove forward then! Those were naturally the creations born from the goddess of life bloodlien! With Aria on the throne, they had become like real living beings and were ready to fight for Xue Ren Family with everything they got.

Thus, the first confrontation began!

The white beasts fared well, but as the time passed, Xue Ren's creations proved to be the stronger. They were based on the races and with the elemental formations around, the creations just had to be stronger.

Then, the mirrors began popping out.

The mirrors let out their respective glows and basked the white creations in their grace. The counter-attack began, but it all ended pitiful! Unless the white races come here by themselves, the white beasts will continue to fall!

This is the might of Xue Ren and his ladies!

"Here you are."

Xue Ren muttered after his eyes found the overlord. He was looking young, his white skin blank as sheet. His white eyes were lacking any emotions and with the strongest mirrors floating around him, Mayas finally made his appearance.

Those white eyes turned into red ones soon and the powerful red glow came from the mirror which was next to him! The red glow destroyed Xue Ren's creations in an instant!

Then, Mayas' strongest forces began appearing from the crack. All white, all beautiful. The man and women were his family and their might was the same like Xue Ren's family! It was hard to tell who can win this, but this was just initial assumption!

Soon enough, both of them whispered.


And the sky became clear.

Only Xue Ren and Mayas were hovering atop.

The blood, flames, lightning and all other elements were dancing around the mirrors who could slow, intercept and even counter-attack against Xue Ren's family! But he wasn't worried about his women at all.

He believed in his family and in their last battle.

The battle before the secure and fluffy future.

"I hadn't expected you to become this strong. The universe of yours is unique, but you turned it into your own becoming the worthy target."

"You were always worthy target. But if everyone had stayed in their own universes, then I already would have been chilling with my women. It annoys me, you know?"


"So I will fucking kill you and devour your worlds. Everything you possess will submit to me and so I will finally sit on the secure seat!"

Xue Ren roared, then utilized his divine avatar! This meant that Sex Goddess has to appear next to his side! Their hairs turned into colorful one, then the powerful divine avatar of the sex god appeared!

It resembled Xue Ren, shining with a lot elements. His powers were dominating here and his shadow dimension just took over the sky! Then, Sex Goddess hugged Xue Ren tightly and utilized her own divine avatar.

This didn't summon a new avatar, but forced her power to blend with Xue Ren's divinity. The two sex gods had a lot of elements, and now, their powers blended and increased to the frightening levels.

At the same time, Xue Ren pushed the abilities of his divine avatar to the maximum! He forced the avatar to disperse and form each 'avatar' with respective elemental. Those avatars flew to his women who were fighting bravely against the white race.

What Xue Ren needed was the aura of those to have his powers strengthened. As for ladies, they clad themselves in those avatars, used their own and just blended their powers further. It was the strongest power their bodies could evoke!

No way they can lose!

"Focus on the aura. I will fight him."


Leaving Sex Goddess behind to fuel the divine avatars, Xue Ren strutted forward and looked at Mayas who was also basking in his own mirrors' lights. He went for his strongest form too meaning that this is truly the last battle.

Xue Ren narrowed his eyes, smilled bitterly, then flew forward.

The first mirror then appeared in front of him. He slashed this diagonally like butter and continued his march. The mirrors were mere appetizer of what has to come! Soon enough, Mayas' hand went through the red mirror pushing his hand with astonishing power.


"Another mere obstacle!"

Yet Xue Ren revealed his high speed. With the wings flapping on his back, Xue Ren literally forced Mayas to fight him in meele and closely! The overlord still managed to use his mirrors though. He had done it by turning their size to the one that just fit his hand.

"Mirror Overlord Reflection."

The technique basked Mayas within colorful glows, then he truly strode forward to engage into close, high speed battle. The clashes between the sword and his sturdy hand shook the whole universe!

It's not like Xue Ren can allow his universe and main world to disappear.

Thus, he pushed Mayas out of it and both of them landed in the unknown universe.

It was all fine as both of them were carrying the universes with themselves. Thus, the battle between white races and Xue Family still was ongoing.

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